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    Asteroid - Orcus - Can someone who knows about this shed some light?

    I’m looking into/researching Orcus now as it’s transiting my South Node. In my natal chart it’s in Cancer, squaring my 8th House Moon. The most relevant thing I’ve read so far is this from “ revenge aimed at pedophiles, especially pedophiles who raped teenage girls.” This issue has...
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    anyone love Solar Arcs?

    Wow how did all this go? Did you have a passionate love affair?
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    anyone love Solar Arcs?

    When SA Moon was conjunct my MC in Sagittarius (with Jupiter in the 9th), I moved overseas
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    anyone love Solar Arcs?

    I would use the date of separation for research as that’s when your life actually changed. Always interesting to look at the chart of signing anything tho. Gives another layer to things
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    anyone love Solar Arcs?

    For those who still want to know. under Ebertin chart with midpoints pdf. It’s free.
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    anyone love Solar Arcs?

    I agree! I had the flip transit to you. Solar Arc Sun opposing natal Pluto. A dramatic few years. I love solar arcs tho, incredibly predictive
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    Thanks for your informative reply. I have 3 exact quindecile aspects in my chart (165 degrees), newly discovered so still in the process of figuring out what they mean 1.Pluto quindecile the North Node 2. Mars quindecile the Moon 3. Saturn quindecile the Moon Mars and Saturn are semi-sextile...
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    Pluto Inconjunct Venus

    While micromanaging life according to transits can become a real obsession/passion, monitoring ones own (and friends & family’s) astrological transits and observing patterns is really the best way to learn the art of interpretation. Things to consider for your Pluto inconjunct Venus transit are...
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    Uranus opposite moon transit question

    My experience of this was as a single person who met someone of a considerable age difference, very uranian as in different from anyone I’d usually date and I had been quite happily single & not looking to date. So very unexpected (Uranus). Big emotional highs and lows (I had Pluto squaring the...
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    PLUTO CONJUNCT SATURN TRANSIT 12th house-Scared of what is to come!

    Hi there. I’m about to have Pluto conjunct my 12th house Capricorn Saturn and have been reading generalised interpretations but this is the only post I’ve found about it specifically being in the 12th house. I know you posted this way back in 2011 but I was hoping for an update re how your...