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    Where is 3 Kg. Gold?

    Dear Sir thanks for your suggestions ,I attached Time chart.
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    Need Urgent help...

    Dear in your birth chart Saturn and Mars in the house of luck by the Vedic astrology.Saturn is the lord of karma and Mars has power of karma,both making slowly parts in the related to bank insurance and finance or hospitals those are must for the livings,much tensions related to...
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    Where is 3 Kg. Gold?

    Shankar Singh and other three person like DN Singh the head of chest,Shankar Singh worker of chest,security guards was in the chest area,today wife of Shankar Singh Came to me for asking where is 3 Kg. stolen or missed gold,that misplaced from gold chest of Jaipur,anyone can help for the Shankar...
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    Venus with Mars

    Dear community members,If anyone could describe the nature of Venus and Mars in sixth house of a female, I will be grateful to him. [Moderator edit - thread moved here, as interpretation by the thread-poster is missing.]
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    Where is my parental wealth?

    FINDING LOST ARTICLES USING HORARY ASTROLOGY By Alphee Lavoie All techniques demonstrated in this article are done automatically in our Nostradamus Horary Program, including the location descriptions. FINDING LOST ARTICLES USING HORARY ASTROLOGY [ Post was edited, deleting complete...
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    Where is my parental wealth?

    In the family we are three brothers and one sister.We do not find where parental earned wealth exit ? Question Date - 2nd December 2008,Time 21:45:00,Place Jaipur Rajsthan India.
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    Jupiter in the 4th House: Insight appreciated

    Dear Fourth is present, 8th is past and 12th is future,Jupiter always makes relations with all three houses by Vedic Astrology,1st,3rd,5th,7th,and 9th positive place of Jupiter,first for place of birth,3rd for managing expressions,5th for educations,seventh for managing partners and making...
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    Mars, Saturn, Pluto 8th House in Scorpio

    These three planets are ruler of death by the physical and by the sense.Person who has this combinations,means has more abilities about hospital,engineering,and re repairing type jobs.These three planets if supported by Jupiter it mean person perfact in the job,and always make works for the...
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    Difficult situation

    When a planet starts in retrograde position,it means that planet changing own actual nature,Like Jupiter is religious planet,and after changing position like retrograde it means Jupiter starts activities like Venus,If Moon is applying to retrograde Jupiter,it means mind of Jupiter like Venus and...
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    Which Holy Soul maintaining my family ?

    Dear Friends, Today 21 May 2008 at 22:40,In Jaipur Rajsthan India,I was seeing a "A Hunting " program in Discovery Chanal, A thought created by my own soul,that who is maintaining my family and me,Like I am a job less person from last 10 Years.Some past activities are here:- * I am only 12th...
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    A question about significators

    Who can write this? Dear freinds, Today my friend recived a massege from anymous,sender indicated love matter,to wife of his second son,she back home from her father's house,on Dated 28th April 2008 morning,I open chart and find this type by chart,Lord of first house Mars in the ninth house,and...
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    Strong Saturn in Chart - A good thing?

    Dear, A round hard Stone in the water,it is the defination of this Saturn-Moon-and Mercury,actual possitions of Mercury in third house,and in the sixth house,these are parmanent houses of Mercury,the person who has Saturn in the seventh with Mercury,that person always speaks hard voice,and this...
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    IMportance of 8th house?

    If second house belongs to mouth,then 8th house belongs to mouth of life partner,if this house related to death it means kissing of life partner is the symbol of death,8th house always related to left side.When any bad effects start with 8th house,it means the left side start to destroy,like...
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    Astrology and Twins

    Mercury is the head of making twins,and when Mercury passed with Mars,by any type,twins birth is possible.
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    Missing Mother

    Dear, The lord of Vigro Mercury in the fifth house with the lord of 4th and 7th,Jupiter,Inthe 4th house,Sun is ruling that time,and this house related to big building,educational building,and this building maintain by head of the governmental department.perfactly the lord of this house is...