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  • Dear Mr. Maverick:

    I would like to participate more fully in this forum, but am having no luck uploading charts from Astrodienst. When I perform a "save as" function on a chart I have cast at Astrodienst, I get an "export" box. Furthermore, the computer will not let me save the file as a gif or jpg, but wants to stick the suffix "Web archive" on the end of the image. I have tried to follow the instructions supplied on uploading charts to the forum, but I had not once been successful in this. Could the problem be that I am a Mac user or do not subscribe to Astrodienst? I would greatly appreciate your advice.

    Thank you,

    Hey! Who's that guy in that picture, with the navy clothes, and mad expression? Weird...but interesting pic...:D
    North node in 4th Aquarius, Unconventional home arrangements. Loads of gadgetry, state of the art technologies and eccentric family members such as astrologers. Need to see the whole chart. I have uranus conjunct North node in 4th so similar
    :aries: Happy, happy, very happy birthday my dear friend! I remember meeting you here when you were what, fifteen or sixteen? Wow, go have a drink and plenty of fun.

    Big Hugs,
    Well, I natally have Venus in Gemini in the 12 th with Venus opposite Uranus, Venus opposite Jupiter, as far interpretations go I've read in plenty of books the classic interpretations which isn't really uplifting lol hehehe, you know self undoing through relationships, secret relationships, so I dunno, I wish they were some positive energies coming from this placement, and personally my relationships do not tend to be secretive, although I do admit that Iam kind of shy when it comes to relationships and PDA's it's very awkward for me. The Venus/Uranus opposition sort of makes me want to join with these really offbeat eccentric types or the relationships tend to have a eccentric offbeat type to it. Does any one else here have Venus in the 12 th house, how do is it often felt it's energy?
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