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    Prospects of civil services(IAS)

    Please anyone please help !
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    Many problems - No job, Divorce case, Child taken away by wife

    You should be careful about your health as your chart indicates some heart problems also. You are right now in Buddha mahadasha ketu antardasha since 2nd May 2013. This will last till April 2014. After that things will improve. Period till april 2014 is tough. Have faith in God and visit Hanuman...
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    Yogas in my kundali plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Please give your birth details//
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    Prospects of civil services(IAS)

    I'm an engineer by education. I'm preparing for civil services and other Govt jobs Please tell me about my prospects. 31 august 1990 10:40 AM Lucknow(Uttar Pradesh) India