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  • Chat's there, it's just there are some more rules - from the site owner:
    The new Chat system has been installed and is ready for action!

    Please note the following:

    - You need to have at least 50 posts and be registered for over a year to be able to see & use the Chat
    (alternatively you can purchase a subscription package)

    - The 'Who's Online' list will only show someone who is already in your Contacts & Friends list

    - You will be logged into Chat as soon as you login to vBulletin. No confusing extra logins.

    - Forum profiles are available by clicking on the user's name while chatting.

    - All major browsers are supported including Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari, Opera 9+ and Chrome

    Your request is still not valid
    Keep trolling around and you still be in the ban list... Send me a pm if want to get back
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