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    Will he leave me for her?

    Hi, There certainly has been some flirtiness on his part. However, this is just a passing phase. Notice that Venus (the other person) is in Mercury's dignity, so she likes him. However, both the Moon and Mercury are in Venus' detriment.
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    Has anyone asked how long they’ll live?

    I honestly believe that the Universe knows what to reveal and when. It is intricately tied into one's own growth path when one is ready to go in a certain direction. The human being (most) might not know that and desire the wrong path instead out of a certain momentary motivation. We are very...
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    Who will win the US 2020 Presidential Race? Trump or Biden?

    Master Tsai, Have you looked at America's chart through the lens of Chinese Astrology? That could give a lot of clue as to who of the two might win, and, more importantly, serve as the President over the next 4 yrs.
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    Has anyone asked how long they’ll live?

    Anybody can "engage" with Astrology, but such a serious Q, if asked out of frivolity or boredom, would get the querent a frivolous answer as well.
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    Has anyone asked how long they’ll live?

    I think what is really important with such Q's is that the person has a real reason to ask it, like has a disease, etc, which would then, even without explicitly mentioning a time period have that already in the Q itself. There are people that will ask that out of frivolity or just to get...
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    Should I quit my job?

    Hi, Moon squaring a weak Jup is reflective of your weariness. Is the job somehow linked to what you are studying or to the internship? Or are you working at the uni?
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    What's ailing my cat?

    The treatment/meds does not belong to the cat. They are general, so for the treatment, we do not need to turn the chart.
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    What's ailing my cat?

    If we take Moon to be the co ruler of the subject = cat, or reflecting the situation, then Moon in sextile to the Sun (treatment) shows that cat will recover and that in a relatively short time.
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    What's ailing my cat?

    I have Merc rx natally, so I don't feel very affected by an rx Merc. With me, from what I have noticed, is my Uranus in the 3rd house and in a trine to my 3rd ruler, Venus in Pisces
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    What's ailing my cat?

    Thanks and I meant in my previous post - "this is a *September* chart (not Nov). This is what happens when you have been hammering away on your keyboard for 12 straight hours. Can't focus.
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    What's ailing my cat?

    That indeed is correct. I just didn't check the degree on Merc - given Merc is stationary right now. However, this is a Sept chart. So thankfully given Mars was not VOC, the cat got better/has been getting better.
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    What's ailing my cat?

    Hello The cat is Mars and present in Aries, in its own house. Mars is VOC not making any further aspects, so it seems the condition, as is, will continue at least over the next 3 days to weeks, off and on, from the date of creation of the chart. The Moon is not only in its fall, but also at...
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    Do I have malabsorption?

    SOrry about comming on this so late. Yes, excess certainly can also be a factor. Protein excess can cause a no. of issues, so certainly check that bit out for yourself.
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    Elon Musk says he will have chip implants in our brain to listen to music!

    Perhaps you should watch less movies and then you might get less excited about yet another purposeful way to "interfere" with the normal human anatomy. Since you do use the logic of "many things' already that interfere... we should have learnt from the drastic repercussions of those...