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  • Hi aquarius. I would love your assistance in two horary charts I've posted on relational issues. One if he'll contact me this week, and another if we'll get back together. Whenever and If you have time because the other times your predictions were always accurate. Thanks in advance :)
    Hi Aquarius 7000,

    I just wanted to give you an update on the horary chart I had asked you about in early September. A did reach out, yesterday 10/21/12, in fact. He reached out via email & said in his own words:

    "I just want to say that I am truly sorry for everything. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. My actions and behavior were in excusable and I am sorry. Please know thinking back on everything I am in complete disgust and embarrassed. I do not expect a response, but I want you to know how sorry I really am."

    I just wanted to post my update for you since you personally answered my horary chart so thanks again! I'll keep you posted ;)
    Just want to thank you for what seems like an awful lot of useful posts on this forum! =)
    Lost and Dollystargazer, thanks to you both for your friendly visitor messages. As I cannot find a way of leaving visitor messages on your personal pages, I am posting my thanks here. :)
    hey aquarius7000, thanks fo the reply...always get too happy to find a fellow aqua...jus here to say a big hiiii n many thanks...m so happy dat aquarians mk fo such gr8 astrologers....cheers!!!!!
    Hellooooooo Aqua! Long time no see! Good to see you around! How have you been? Things you mentioned about study abroad happened exactly as interpreted...guess where I am now? :)))
    Thank you my aquarian sister! :)

    Do you have any pictures I can see? Munich Was Amazing, 3 days of heavy gargling! and NO HANGOVER! :p

    The Germans have it figured out. :)

    What part of Europe are you in?

    Guys, thanks for your very friendly messages/PM's. I'm not on here that often anymore, so it might be some time before I respond. Nonetheless, I also think of you guys often and miss you, too. Best always. ;) AQ7
    Howya! :) I responded to your post.... I had to write it twice cause my poxy login in timed out!! GRRRRRR....

    Nice to meet you! :) Where are you from missus?
    Why thank you. I hope you enjoyed your birthday. =P
    "happy birthday, aquarius"
    said the exulting parrot.
    if you were a sagittarius
    i'd offer you a carrot.
    but as february gave birth
    to you, the moderator,
    may your bowels fill with mirth,
    a little bit later.
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