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  • Hello, sorry to bother you, I read your old comment on this forum. Please tell me, if Venus becomes retrograde in the progressive map, does it mean that its external expression is now blocked? Thank you very much.
    Dear aquarius7000,

    I am new at Horary, and I'm looking for some expert comments on a chart - if you care to take a look.

    This is my chart:

    Thank you so much in advance,
    As per suggestion, a Tropical Chart of time/place when I thought of the Question is uploaded. Awaiting reply and guidance, Thank you!

    Horary Thread: "Jobless from 3.5 years, When I will get the job"
    Aquarius7000 On the question 'Does he miss me as well' isn't there an aspect between Venus and Mars..I see the relationship as a hidden clandestined one...would you correct me please with your different viewpoint? Sincerely Student of Astrology
    How do I add you as a friend Aquarius? I can not find the button.Would like to be friends with you.
    hi aquarius I sent you a PM, do you still come to this site? I hope you do, your insights are incredible...thank you...
    I really appreciate your reply to my previous post, but I was wondering if you could reread my chart, I accidentally posted the wrong one as an attachment (I posted one I had been using for reference)
    Hi Aquarius7000,
    thanks for responding to my post @ Read My Chart. I would like to ask, if I would end up marrying the person from abroad or? marry someone nearer?
    Sorry I couldn't send he chart but it is under the forums: Predictive astrology/transits/the last post which I made.
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