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  • Bruh, hit the view convo at the bottom right. I turned my VM's on.

    @Slytherin88 - Your chart is like my good friends, almost exactly. He was born the day after you.
    You don't remember?


    I am home now, so we can chat for a little bit. But then I have to leave because I'm going to watch an orchestra concert this evening.
    I'm posting on your wall. You know why? Because I can, and as a white brother you will allow it, brother.
    Lol no... It's a club that raises awareness and promotes rights regarding social issues. So like standing up for people and educating people on gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, mentality, self image, education...

    And I'm home now.
    I will be done with school 2 hours from posting this message. But I have this club that I'm going to after school... I won't be home for a while.
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