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    Is he worth it?

    I'm sorry I didn't realize it would do that. :( I was just trying to see how situations turned out after a while as a lot of times the answers may not be clear for a few months and it feels like people forget to let the forum know what actually ended up happening. I didn't realize it would...
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    Is he worth it?

    Any updates?
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    Are they really engaged/serious?

    You sound like you are in a much better space than where you were! I just wanted to say congratulations on graduate school :smile::smile::smile:!! I hope to go myself one day, but am debating on the $ I have to spend to get a degree in a field that does not pay very much :unsure:... You sound...
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    Is he going to break up with me?

    I'm just a beginner with horary, but I feel you should look inside yourself and make a decision to go after happiness instead of just giving in and resigning yourself to unhappiness. Life is too short...:sad:
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    Am I making the right decision?

    Did you marry him? I'm trying to learn horary and am interested in the outcomes after looking at the original charts. :joyful:
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    Is he going to break up with me?

    What happened? Did things officially end with him? :unsure:
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    Will we have a relationship again?

    Thank you for posting on the outcome. It is helpful for people just beginning to learn horary! (Sorry it didn't last though):sad:
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    Should I approach this company?

    What ended up happening? Did you get the job/are they a good company to work for?
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    Joined recently, interested in astrology!

    Hello! I joined recently and have been interested in astrology for a while, but want to learn more, especially as it relates to my relationships with others :joyful: