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    is he alright

    No, there isn't...and I actually wasn't expecting one nor, implying there should be one. And, I am reading the chart but clarifying the situation or questioning the querent isn't against the rules, yet, is it? Anyway, to the point. You, Xen, are detrimented being signfied by Jupiter. The Moon...
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    is he alright

    I guess what I am getting at is that you really have no way to find out if he is well or not which makes doing a horary questionable, at best. There is no way to validate the horary and no way for you to contact him to follow through on your feelings in any case.
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    time for intimacy??

    Absolutely. If the circumstances change and/or the horary has fulfilled it's councel, then it certainly is appropriate to ask another question about the same matter.
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    is he alright

    Wouldn't it be easier to call and ask?
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    Marriage: How to fix & why is this happening

    Just so I am clear about this; are you both getting along and just have a lot on your plates at this time (which is what I suspect looking at the horary) or, are you not getting along at all?
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    will he divorce his wife and marry me?

    No, he won't. I suggest you look for something more "available". The Moon is not only in the Via Combusta here but, it is also void. The Moon is also besieged meaning it really has no way out of this situation.
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    Help with 3 of pentacles

    I think the Tower trumps the other cards. So, the Three of Pentacles could be suggesting that you will be rebuilding and/or reordering your life with finesse and skill. In other words, it looks like the Tower blew apart and everyone left it, and at the moment you are weighing your options...
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    Will career as a recording artist benefit me? It has always been a big dream of mine

    OK, I am getting that something has really changed in your life. I say this because your significator, Saturn, has moved out of it's exaltation. It's changed signs and, the Moon here, is also about to change signs and isn't doing much right now. I think, what you really need to do, at this...
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    When Will my life get on track?

    Besides that, then did this thread become a discussion about Nodes?!? I find it disturbing that some people feel the need to inject their own techniques without actually integrating that into some useful delineation for the OP. It's like hit-and-run horary technique drive-by and it is really...
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    When Will my life get on track?

    Morph, there is no reference to the Nodes saving the Moon from being Void. Also, there is nothing that says the chart cannot, absolutely not, be read with a VOC moon. It is a consideration, only. Also, although Lilly describes what is said of the Nodes, he does not actively use them to...
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    Will career as a recording artist benefit me? It has always been a big dream of mine

    OK, so from what you are saying, you are pursuing this quite actively and already know that this path is benefiting you. You are already following your dream. The horary has a consideration, that being the early ASC which, generally warns the astrologer there is something about the situation...
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    Will career as a recording artist benefit me? It has always been a big dream of mine

    The horary has an early ASC which means the question is a bit premature. Have you been taking classes or pursued this interest in any formal way, yet?
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    When Will my life get on track?

    Personally, I would be careful of using the Nodes in such a fashion. Gerard of Cremonia did use this but only when it came to Geomancy. There is no reference to this being used specifically in Horary...anywhere. Nodes are also unique to Vedic astrology where, later they came to the West...
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    Opportunity For Reconciliation

    Technically, the Moon is void here; there are no more major aspects to the main celestial bodies in the chart (i.e. the planets). So, in short, the matter has pretty much already concluded. I say that because, Jupiter, who signifies the other person, is in the ASC, detrimented and retrograde...