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    Rectification Tips - Verifying Ascendant/Descendant/MC/IC angles

    Hi HonourAndDevotion If you were a full term natural birth and conceived in the same place you were born, the pre-natal epoch system says the most likely time is 8.16.30 am. You can use births and deaths in the family for rectification. I even use parents birthdates. I am not surprised you...
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    Sidereal or Tropcal? Placidus, or Equal.

    Almost the reverse Rian - sidereal astrology is based on constellations - which are just a man made arrangement of stars that was set up centuries ago. Chinese astrologers arrange the same stars in quite different constellations. Tropical astrology is derived from the orbit of the Earth around...
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    Personal Frustration with Orbs

    Until our first Saturn square Saturn around the age of 7, our unconscious is wide open to programming as our conscious, discriminating mind hasn't fully developed. This is the period when experiences for our life are programmed into our psyche. So aspects within that 6-7 degree orb are far...
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    So many of my planets are retrograde. Is that bad?

    My own research shows retrograde planets don't seem to affect anything adversely. One of the best Treasurers Australia has ever had, Paul Keating, has Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and Ceres all retrograde, with the Nodes stationary-direct. (18th January 1944...
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    Harmonic Astrology Studied

    The 8th harmonic picks up all the semisquares and sesiquadrates in the natal chart. In your 8th harmonic chart you have Mars-Uranus-Venus-Node and MC all in one big conjunction in Scorpio, which picks up your squares, semisquares and sesiquadrates between these planets in your natal chart...
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    Is the position of a planet in the Tropical Zodiac absolute?

    I am not quite sure what you mean, but the ecliptic is the path of the Earth's rotation around the Sun. However, as we are on planet Earth, it looks to us as though the Sun and planets are moving around the Earth. Planets will be in exactly the same place on the ecliptic whether they are...
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    "Astrological Genetics" exist?

    Of course! I have written quite a bit about it here: Family correlations are extensive and very finely tuned. Alice
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    Yod Aspect Pattern

    I understand Krewster and overall agree. It was just that this pattern had a midpoint to the focal planet and wasn't all that out of orb so I thought I would consider it on that basis. Still ... it is not a 'proper' YOD as the orb is too wide. The YOD is based on the 12th harmonic and the...
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    Yod Aspect Pattern

    As the orb allowed for a quincunx is 2 degrees, Venus is a bit out of orb. However, as Venus/Mars midpoints Pluto I would be inclined to allow it as a YOD. Pluto is an important dwarf planet for you as it also midpoints your Ascendant/MC and conjoins your Part of Fortune. As Pluto is in your...
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    Lilith, dark side of woman? What about sharing the house with ceres?

    I am not sure whether we are talking about: (a) the "Black Moon Lilith" which is the apogee of the orbit of the Moon (farthest point of the Moon from Earth), or (b) the asteroid Lilith (asteroid 1181) or (c) a hypothetical placement called Dark Moon Lilith which is a possible second...
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    Here are your duad charts Julie. With duad charts of twins we mainly use close to exact aspects. As you can see, there are several differences: * Lisa has Jupiter conjunct MC in Aries with ruler Mars in Aries as well and you have the MC in Taurus in a separating, out of sign conjunction with...
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    Tropical vs Sidereal observation

    As far as I can see, the Tropical Zodiac is the Earth's energy field - probably its electro-magnetic field, though its energy grid is likely to be part of this. Here is a picture of its magnetic field This is...
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    How important is vertex in a chart?

    I have written a very great deal about the Vertex axis here: I find it a very powerful factor in the natal chart and works like an angle. This sign itself describes the doorway to higher awareness - I have written quite a lot about this on the...
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    Planet in ruling Duad and Decan in another sign?

    Good Lord! I haven't visited SkyScript for a while so was unaware of these discussions - otherwise I would have joined in. It seems that most people aren't aware that the Tropical Zodiac is basically the energy field of the Earth, activated by the Sun as the Earth revolves around it. The path...
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    Planet in ruling Duad and Decan in another sign?

    As far as I know -at least in Australia - everyone is aware that astrology has been practiced for a very long time and revere our astrological ancestors. Most of us are very interested in the techniques they used and the way they applied astrology in their cultures. Many of us, including me...