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    sun conjunct pluto and suicide

    Hi, My Sun is conjunct Pluto and Mercury; Sun in 12th and Pluto in 1st house, at 1 degree exactly. Scorpio rising. Saturn in 1st house too. I have never even slightly considered suicide. Out of the question concept to me...I love my life, and I love myself--and even if I for some reason didn't...
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    North Node Conjunct Algol?

    I don't think this apology is necessary! I should be thanking you for adding to the subject! I am very interested in these fixed stars, and what they really mean for people. The explanations about them are so dramatic, they sound almost like descriptions of the evil witch in a fairy tale...and...
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    North Node Conjunct Algol?

    Thank you very much for your thorough answers...I see your point about taking what we read about these fixed stars as more symbolic literature than absolute truth (sort of like when reading about the characters they are named after in the Greek myths..) Although it is good to hear I'm not...
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    For other Scorpios -- What sign do you prefer to date (get involved with)?

    I'm a Libra sun with Scorpio ascendant and strong Scorpio in my chart. I tend to feel more like a Scorpio than a Libra. Personally I really think I must like Tauruses and Libras the most. When I was single I ended up with a Libra 9 times out of 10. Most all of my past and present friends had or...
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    Moon in Cancer

    Hi, I'm fairly new to astrology but I suppose I know enough to discuss moon signs :) I think any astrological marking has what we perceive as positive and negative for the Cancer seems to me that it creates a very emotionally fertile character; this moon is exquisitely...
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    North Node Conjunct Algol?

    Hi--I'm new here... Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the Fixed Star Algol? I have only been studying astrology a little while and just learned that Algol is conjunct my North Node at 29 degrees Taurus 18 mins... Does this mean that my north node energies are blocked, weakened? Or...