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    Jupiter Generations

    Hi StelliumNoise, I don't see that at all. Of course, I don't go about asking people, "Hey, you there on the scaffolding, where's your Jupiter?" Even modern astrologers refer to Jupiter as a personal planet, and not like the outer bodies.
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    Profecting charts

    Hi LemonMoon, That depends on who the time ruler is. Saturn rejoices in H12, so that would be a good thing. You are also looking at your solar revolution, right? A profected chart is not a stand-alone chart like a natal chart. The profection has to be read with the solar revolution and natal...
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    If Saturn gives good bone structure, why do I have scoliosis

    Hi clip11, First, Saturn is not square Ascendant. He is clearly several degrees away. Second, even if Saturn would actually square Ascendant, squares do not imply "straight as an arrow." Third, there are two celestial components to the human body: a celestial body that rules parts of the body...
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    Cancer Sun Mercury mars vs Cancer Sun Mercury Venus

    Hi dianab, Those aren't placements. A "placement" must include house, or no description is possible. The other requirements for a description are whether the chart is a day chart or night chart, and whether those celestial bodies are direct or retrograde and their aspects. A diurnal Leo Mars...
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    Will Trump become the first US Dictator?

    Hi leomoon, It's not a valid chart. Under horary rules, you don't have the right to ask questions of that nature. Read Rhetorius, Dorotheus, Cardan, Bonati, Mashallah, ibn Ezra, Sahl, Gadbury, Clavis and Lily for prohibitions on the use of horary.
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    Will Trump become the first US Dictator?

    Hi leomoon, Do you deny the US attempted to interfere in the Russian 2012 Election in which US agencies and personnel were expelled? Do you deny the Obama Administration illegally overthrew the government of Ukraine? Do you deny the Obama Administration illegally overthrew the legally elected...
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    USA Nov. 2020 Presidential Election, the Democrat Party Contenders

    Hi piercethevale, That is a patently false statement. The person was jailed because a judge ordered that person to appear in court on a certain date at a certain time and gave them notice 30 days in advance. That person effectively told the judge to get bent by failing or refusing to appear...
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    Saturn return for people repressed in their youth.

    Hi The19thLaw, To which Saturn are you referring? Probably nothing. Saturn returns are not necessary. It is sufficient to observe transiting Saturn with profections. That may have little to do with Saturn. Is it a day chart or night chart? What body rules the Ascendant, and in what...
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    Saturn opposes sun and squared by Uranus, trouble ahead?

    Hi The19thLaw, To what exactly are you referring? Transits? Directions? Returns? Profections? A natal chart? What houses? What signs? Where are the other bodies? Is it a day chart? Night chart?
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    Mars transit to Canada's natal Moon

    Hi HarmonE, Neither your chart nor your analysis fits. Moon is in Gemini, so Mars has long since separated. Even if Mars was in Sagittarius opposing Moon, the H3/H9 axis rejects your premise. The chart is also a night chart, with Mars exalted in Capricorn and angular he would not be so...
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    My midheaven in Libra does not fit me?

    Hi Bunraku, [deleted attacking comment - Moderator] The Asc/Dsc/MC/IMC and pivot points (or stakes) are two different concepts. Over time, those two concepts became conflated (merged) into one concept due to texts being mistranslated and/or misinterpreted and then it was accelerated and...
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    My midheaven in Libra does not fit me?

    Hi Zora, All true and it doesn't matter if it is a day chart or night chart. Well, I suppose there is a difference. Saturn in H5 by day makes hugely successful people and Saturn in H5 by night makes very successful people. So, yeah, a tiny difference. It's even better if Sun or Jupiter are...
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    Aspects for TALL people

    Hi sixfootsiren81, You did a lot of work for nothing. When you come to understand the nature of the bodies, you'll understand that Jupiter can inflate anything (unless his sign restricts or neutralizes it or he's retrograde). Not only will Jupiter inflate your height, he'll inflate your girth...
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    My midheaven in Libra does not fit me?

    Hi Adelexx, Are you sure about that? Where exactly is your MC? Well, let's look.... H12. What is H12? Well, it's many things, among them animals, especially large ones like herd animals. You have a night chart and Venus is nocturnal, free of malefics, but in an applying opposition...
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    Credibility of astrology

    Hi aquarianbd, Sure, I can post a link: