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    Facebook profile

    I want to know if i read this horary right. My question is - will this person look at my facebook profile in the future? The person is moon in my 3rd house of social media. I've always seen this to mean that they are, mostly because whenever im lurking on someone else's page i find myself in...
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    How can I stop needing validation from people, and improve my self esteem?

    Astrology aside, hypnotherapy worked great for me. She also released to much masculine energy in me with acupressure.
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    Random Health Advice

    Re: How to lose weight You mean bushflower essences? Hahaha :). Yes im doing great!! It will only work for you if your weight gain is due to trauma and trying to protect yourself. It might give you more energy. I must say my diabetes is totally gone. I also got hypnotherapy which has given me...
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    Career of not giving

    Hi all, Is it possible to have a career where you are not a 'giver' and are more receptive? I've always been a giver and i gotta say im at the point now (probably progressed sun conjunct asc) where i just cant keep giving anymore. I dont have it in me anymore. I'm all given out. The give in me...
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    Honestly, all these years later i can truly say that it doesnt matter what your venus placement is, nor the aspects. I just recently had acupressure which released my overused masculine energy and allowed the feminine energy to shine through. My feminine energy (venus) was damaged and it shows...
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    Attracting Narcissists in a person's natal chart

    See. Another example of lots of planets in the 12th house. The 12th house shows a lot of what's hidden, making it hard to be assertive or know where you stand. There's also a lot of sneaky hidden enemies and therefore easy to get abused. And also 12th house is the house of prisons and...
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    This is true. Even if you stand up to them, you're pretty much ****** if they can click their fingers and get others holding your arms and legs and attack you for them. Bullies surround themselves with supporters and followers who will do anything they say or ask out of fear.
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    It sounds like these bullies weren't very good at bullying which is why you were successful. But there are lots out there who will always find a way to keep you as the focus for ppl to hate. Eg; if i used your example with my MIL she would immediately play the victim, convince everyone (her...
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    FYI standing your ground doesnt work with abusers, if by standing your ground you mean standing up to them.
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    I agree with this. Im going to use my MIL's chart again as an example. Her chart clearly shows that men (mars and sun in pisces) are absolutely thrilled and allured by her charms (she is venus in pisces). She puts on the fake charm as an act whenever she wants a man to do something that will...
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    My tendency to want to possess men was brought to my attention by a psychic. And he is right. Although i see it more as wanting to have a deep committed connection where we are both only interested in each other. And i like being clingy and smothering. If i cross the line with obsessiveness i...
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    But if pluto is in an angular house it IS physical.
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    Oh come on. Saturn aspects are shorter and nowhere near as abusive. Just lessons.
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    YASSSSS!!!!! That's it. Well done. And yes, you can see in her chart she doesnt think much of the men in her life and she's a nasty pasty to women too.
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    Im someone with pluto 10 degrees away from my sun and i must say i can be obsessive and stubborn, but i still do not bully.