View Full Version : Help! Two important eclipses in one year

05-24-2008, 12:40 PM
Dear Members,

I recently found out I have the following eclipses in my chart in only one year! They both have to do with house 7, as my Mars is there. You will find a triwheel attached to this post: inner (my natal), middle (solar total), outer (partial lunar).

Solar total eclipse 22-jul-2009. 29.26 Cancer, conjunct Nt. Mars. Magn. 1.08, dur 6.65 minutes. Saros no 136. South Node Eclipse.
Partial lunar eclipse 31-dec-2009, 10.14 Cancer, opposite Nt. Asc. Saros no 115.Please help, I have little experience making sense of eclipses.


I also might note my secundary New Moon is falling on March 9th in that same year.