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04-13-2008, 06:38 PM
will i give birth to

04-14-2008, 05:25 PM

I'm not sure if what you wanted was a horary reading, but I thought I'll give it a try. I'm new at this, so would welcome any suggestions from others. I did a horary chart for you and I took the time posted, my time 4:38 am 14 april Melbourne Australia (that's where I live:) ). Sorry couldn't attach the chart though, you can produce one in astro.com

Anyways, the ascendant was in 27 degress in Pisces (27 Pis 23) which unfortunately means that the chart is invalid. The lateness of the ascendant could mean that its too late to ask this question either beacuse you have asked this question earlier somewhere else and the chart then doesn't produce a readable outcome the second time. Or it could also mean that you know the answer already and the question no longer is relevant.
The birth of a question is very important in horary charts, so as soon as a question arises in your mind you need to write the time and date when this occured so you can later produce a chart when you have time.

So going back to the chart, if I were to try and read it anyway, I see that the ascendant ruler is Jupiter in 10th house, and as your question is about a baby I look at 5th house (Leo) ruler, which is the Sun. Leo does rule 5th house, so thats a plus, but the aspect between the sun and jupiter is a square, which isn't good. There is a challenge here, there's about 3 degrees between the sun and jupiter for the aspect to be perfect, does it mean 3 days or 3 weeks, I'm not sure. Your significator is in cardinal sign angular house, that means 3 days but Sun is in cardinal sign succeedent house, which means weeks. So I'll say within 3 weeks there will be some news but the news might not be what you expected, as a square is a difficult aspect.

bUT we also look at Moon which is in 5th house, indicating your very strong desire to have a baby. The next aspect it makes is to Venus in your 1 st house, its a beneficial planet, there is 3 degreee difference between the moon and venus, again 3 days to 3 weeks, so somehting definitely is going to happen within that time, as the aspect is a trine, it could be good news. Hopefully you'll find out you're pregnant, but as we saw earlier there is a challenge here too, but hopefully everything will go well. The next aspect is to Mercury, a trine 15 degress apart, days or weeks, so some message some news will be brought to you in this matter, as it is a trine it could be good. Last aspect moon has before it leaves Leo is to Sun, ruler of your 5th house, thats good, its a trine, 18 degrees apart, 18 weeks or 18 months not sure. Sun is in cardinal sign succeedent house then its weeks, so in maybe 18 weeks something very good. So I'm not sure now what all this means. Does this mean that you'll have some good news about pregnany in 3 days to 3 weeks but you will have some difficulty, or you'll do a pregnancy test but maybe unfortunately the news will not be what you hoped for then, but in the end in 18 weeks you'll succeed?

Also in your first house there's Venus, which is beneficial for you but it is quite afflicted so again some challenge here and mercury, indicating some speed to the question and a document linked to it?! Hmmm

anyway that's what I've come up with, to conclude again:
The ascendant is in late dregrees, so the chart is invalid, I would suggest for you to do another chart, but not at the moment - wait a little, as astrologists recommend asking same question 3 months apart, otherwise you'll only get invalid charts.

It looks like you'll get some news soon but there is a challenge and the outcome at that time not favourable. But later in about 5 months you'll get good news, hopefully pregnancy! So the answer to your question: will u give birth in feb 2009, no, but probably later in 2009. By my calculations if you find out you're pregnant in 18 weeks then you'll give birth april-may 09?

I wish you all the best . Good luck. Please write back and tell us how things evolve./

04-15-2008, 07:46 AM
Hi again,

The chart you've attached is your natal chart, which isn't a horary chart. Horary chart answers specific questions, like the one you asked -will I have a baby in feb 09, or like will the guy I like call me within a month etc. The minute such a question arises in your mind you can produce a horary chart for the exact time the question poped into your mind. And then you look at the first house, which is your significator, represents you, and if the question is about a baby you look at the 5th house, as fifth house rules children, fun, love and creativity (or if it is about your job/ career you look at 10th house, or if about your love relationship you look at 7th house of partnerships but also 5th house which is also about love!). Then you look at the aspects between the significators of the two houses (your first house and the house of the question). And if the aspect is a negative one or there is no aspect then the answer is a negative one. But you can also look at the moon as it is a co ruler, or your co-significator, especially if the ruler of the first house is retrograde. So what you then look at is what aspect the moon is making to see what is going to happen next in regards to the question. The last aspect the moon makes usually indicates what the outcome of the question is.

If you want to learn more about all this there are some wonderful websites that I've found to be helpful. cafeastrology.com (sorry this forum doesn't allow me to post with URLS so can't make a link here, as I've posted less than 3 posts so far) a great website with so much info on astrology, you can learn about the planets, the aspects and it will also give you a free reading of your natal chart, compatibility etc. Also great site that I like is skyviewzone.com, and then click on learn astrology,here you can learn about aspects and signs and planets., and house rulerships etc. About horary reading here is a good site moonvalleyastrologer.com
and also skyscript.co.uk/horary_intro.html

If you haven't checked this website astrologyweekly.com (where we are right now), I would recommend you to do it too. I started learning about astrology a few months back when I was going through some difficulties myself, and I've been quite amazed at the wealth of information and accuracy, I've become a bit obsessed with astrology I must say, I hope you won't. :) Horary is something that's very new to me, but interesting.
I hope you'll find these websites useful in finding out the answers you need and deepening your knowledge.
Good luck!


04-15-2008, 01:31 PM

You are experiencing the opposite of what happens to me when i'm late for my period and l panic that l am pregnant.
The more l panic the later l am, even though l am not pregnant!

Seriously, have massages, have fun sex, stop thinking about getting pregnant for 6 months. Hang out with a friend's baby regularly. It's amazing how this can get you pregnant :D

You are actually stopping yourself from getting pregnant right now cos no sperm will conceive an egg when there is so much stress on your body.


Good luck ;)

04-19-2008, 05:46 AM
Hi there,
I know it can be a bit confusing. But there's a lot to astrology than people think. I used to only read my horoscope for the week or my sun sign personality horoscope, but it didn't always make sense to me. I'm a capricorn with moon and ascendant in pisces, now that I've learned more about astrology it makes sense to me, I've learned more about myself through astrology and have accepted that I'm sensitive, imaginative and emotional so more of a pisces than a capricorn in many ways.:rolleyes:

The planetary postions at the time of your birth indicates what potential you are born with, your personality, character, what you value, how you communicate, your future career, your relationships. All of this you can learn from planetary aspects, house positions, the signs they are in etc. Different houses are ruled by different signs. For example, Aries (mars)rules the first house, also called the ascendant or rising sign. The first house is about your assertiveness, how people see you, how you present yourself to the world, the 'mask' you wear. You said you have taurus on your ascendant, so you can read the horoscope for taurus as well as cancer, and it will give you more details about yourself, because thats how you present yourself to the world or how people see you. As taurus is ruled by Venus, you can check where venus is in your natal chart to see what motivates you. Like my ascendant ruler Neptune is in tenth house, so my career is very important to me, and that's so true, my future career is all I have in my head right now!

The planets themseves have different 'characters'. Moon is all about your emotional nature, venus is sensual, a planet of love and relationships, mars is about sex drive assertiveness, motivation and so on. So where your natal planets are, what aspects they make, house signs etc is all important and gives you a bigger picture of who you are, and where you are going.
The transits are due to the fact that planets keep on moving and when they make an aspect to your natal planet that triggers something within us, a particular part of our life is getting a 'push', a renewal and also it depends on if it is a square, a trine , sextile, opposition or conjunction, or some other minor aspect. For example, pluto is a planet of transformation, major change and intensity. Right now it is in Capricorn and in a few years its going to be conjunct my natal sun and natal mars, square my natal pluto, so I can read up on what this all means for me and prepare. This is really good I think for my career. You see? I can't stop talking about my career, haha. Right now pluto is in my tenth house so again, maybe that's why I'm so motivated to make some changes in my career.

Now to the horary chart question you had. I'm attaching the chart that I made for you. I used the time I got your question as the 'astrologer', my time 4:38 am on 14 april and I used my location. As I said earlier horary chart is not the same as your natal chart, horary chart is generated for a specific question at the exact time the question poped into your mind. So whenever you have a question on your mind, remember the time the question arouse in your mind so you can later find answers to the question, using the exact time. If you ask a horary question and want an astrologer to answer it, the time they receive your question is then used, unless you give them your time and location.

You can learn more about horary also on this forum, go to the horary astrology topic, its quite interesting to see how other people interpret the charts. That's how I've learned although I'm not that good at it. Its still new to me, but I've recently found it to be accurate, in relation to my love life right now. Ok got to go.
Happy learning!
Good luck with your wish, I hope it comes true very soon!

http://www.astro.com/tmpd/c47kfileehXzra-u1199792906/astro_w2gw_133_wantababy_in_new_jersey_baby_in_feb 09_hp.16410.2085.gif?2191

04-21-2008, 03:26 AM
Hi wanababy,

I'm not sure why Leo is a barren sign, I know I've read it somewhere, but it just doesn't make sense to me, as Leo is traditionally ruler of 5th house!!! And according to cafeastrology when Leo is ascendant on a Solar Return chart there is a possibility that the person, if its a woman of course, will get pregnant. A solar return chart is obviously different then horary. But I'm not sure about leo being barren sign.

In regards to your chart, Leo ruler is the Sun so you look up where it is, in 9th house. If there are aspects between your significator and ruler of the 5th. Jupiter is ruler of 5th, sagiterrius. There is a square between the two significators, sun and jupiter. Square is not good, could mean challenge, difficulty, delay. You have also Saturn in first house which is also saying that there will be delay in the matter. Good news is the two significators have already formed the square in the past and moving away from it, so the difficulty is the matter of recent past and next aspect will be a trine.

You should also look at the Moon and which aspects it is forming or going to form next. Usually the aspects that the Moon is going to form indicates events in the future, the aspects already formed are events that have occured recently, or in the past.There will be a trine between Venus and Moon, 3 degree difference. Venus is a beneficial planet and a trine is a good easy aspect, venus in 8th house, succedent house. Succedent indicates matters happening in weeks. If it were A cardinal-angular house (1st, 4th, 7th 10th, houses) events unfold within days. If a Cadent house, events unfold within months. In the chart Venus rules 10th and 3 rd houses, so something in regard to your career maybe which will be beneficial for you to get pregnant. If you have a stressful job maybe you'll get a better one soon. I think also the fact that moon is in 12 th house, shows some difficulty coping, 12 th house is usually regarded as house of sickness, some mental stressful situation. Which clearly seems to be the case here. So the message here is, try to relax, enjoy your life the best you can. The more you stress about this matter the more difficult it could be right now. But things might change soon for you, hopefully. In a few weeks you'll have less stress in your life/work and better chances of getting pregnant.
Good luck!

Some websites on horary, hope this helps.


04-28-2008, 01:30 PM
hello wantababy and rafaella

im no expert but i know some stuff about horay...

RAFAELLA.. when you charted it should have been in wantababys time and place, and the time she asked the question.
You can ask the question for her, but then i think you have to ignore the asc and go to the house linking wantababy (house7) that becomes her asc.

i did read this post but i didnt see this happen, sorry if it has and ive overlooked it.

WANTABABY.. just look at what time it was when u asked the quesstion and set a date for it in your time and place where u are. cast is like a birth chart, whitch it is.. a birth of a question.

now you are the asc, u find the planet it rules
get the 5th H and find the plannet it rules (these should aspect)
also the moon is your other significator

jupiter is babys to, i find it to mean the males sperm.. sorry tmi
fixed asc and 5th is good sign
and water and earth are fertile
look to the 9th H to see the end of the matter ( 4th from 5th)
www.skyscript.co.uk (http://www.skyscript.co.uk) has a good self horay pregnancy list for you to follow.

05-03-2008, 12:28 AM
hi wantababy
thought id take a stab at this chart, to the point i can anyway, hopefully someone else can shed more light here.

This is what i get..

you asc.. sun in 9th (aries24)
5th .... jupiter in 5th (21cap) ---- this is the 1st connection that should
(apply asc to 5th) only sun has already passed jup so thats not supose to be good. both plannets and rulers are not very fertile either.

so in horay 1 of the best ways to get a correct answer is to stick to the question and only the plannets houses it affects.
BUT HAVEING SAID THIS i just want to throw somethings out here to help me learn some more if you dont mind me doing this?

I see your partners ruler is saturn in your 1st house to mean his restricting you, and his 5th house of babys ruler is mercury where the sun has just pasted a conjunction.. that to me might mean the eptopic you just had?
or that the sun has just combusted mercury so same outcome i supose.
both your 5h rulers have aspected, just the moon has just pasted a stressfull aspect to your rulers. that could be the etopic..


SATURN is in your 1st H showing restrictions and /or delays
the 1st and 5th are aspecting, they are in not so fertile signs so i would say yes you will have a child but not after some changes take place, it has to do with fertility so id get that blackmores concieve well, do the charting and tests for ovulation and go for it, like we were talking about before those sites are great for help physically and mentally... they will tell you what do to do the girls there have only one tube also amonst other ailaments..

hope someone can shed some more light on this chart.