View Full Version : Peregrine planets aren't necessarily bad

01-20-2016, 09:48 PM
I don't necessarily think that peregrine planets are bad. Planets in fall or detriment are in bad shape because the nature of the planet is contrary to the nature of the sign it is in. A peregrine planet doesn't necessarily conflict with the sign that it's in, it's simply different. Depending on receptions and aspects, I think that a peregrine planet could operate quite well if it is received and/or aspected by dignified planets. For example, lets say in a night chart you have mars at 15 degrees of sagittarius. Mars is received by jupiter in it's domicile and triplicity. Let's say jupiter is at 20 degrees of leo and mars is making an applying trine to jupiter. Jupiter has dignity by triplicity and by face. Since mars is being received by a dignified ruler and making an applying trine to it, i tend to be of the opinion that mars would be in pretty good shape as long as there were no bad aspects to it.