View Full Version : Current transits good for major dietary change?

02-23-2008, 10:08 PM
Here's my birthdata:
June 21, 1947 11:51PM Providence, RI USA

Although I have been health-conscious for many years(that natal 6th-house stellium with Saturn, Pluto and the Moon conjunct there!), recently I have felt compelled to shift my diet to a largely raw vegetarian one, and step up my fitness program. Are the transits going on favorable to that succeeding? Right now, I am loving the feeling of eating much more raw dark greens, fruit, other raw veggies, and only a small amount of lighter proteins. It feels completely right on my body, and I have plenty of energy to exercise too(I'm at my gym on a solid 3x a week weight-training program, plus 4x a week of good cardio exercise) .Currently I'm eating two meals a day all-raw, plus a couple of raw snacks and one healthy cooked meal, that one largely vegetarian. This is part of my transition to a fresher diet(may end up very high-raw - will see how this goes). Oh, I've dropped out wheat and most dairy too - instant relief from sluggishness! I'm aiming to drop the very few pounds that I gained after menopause(6-8 pounds).
So, with my birth info, and the bit of background given, does the prognosis look good for me? Thanks!