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05-19-2015, 07:38 AM
I'm asking you guys to tell me how is your experience with planetary dignities and debilities, specifically rulership and exaltation.

Before going into details I have to say I'm going to use the Placidus system and the western zodiacal positions and ocassionally the whole-sign house system.

Rulership is said to be stronger than exaltation by traditional astrologers. Of course now, some modern astrologers don't go by the strict rules. They say that dignity and debilitiy in a planet isn't as important as other things and it cannot be measured in numbers.

However, I seem to be confused since I just read this:

"[..]Similarly, just as signs of exaltation are said to elevate the planetary influences to their highest level"


Does this mean exaltation isn't as strong but the energy of the planet is more noticeable? After all, 'exaltation' means exaggeration.

What's your experience with the subject? And by the by, which one would you regard to be more noticeable, fall or detriment?


In my natal chart I have my Sun and Venus very strong. Traditionally speaking, my :venus: has a dignity of 8 points. My :sun: on the other hand has an essential dignity equal to 8 points aswell.

However, accidentally speaking, my Venus is in the 10th house, direct, occidental, fast.. etc.

Before going further, I'd like to say that I always take a lot of factors into consideration when I analyze planetary dignities and debilities. There, I said it.

My Venus has a total of three aspects. First, it's opposed a Scorpio Mars in rulership, but the orb of the degree is 621', and traditionally speaking again, the maximum orb for a Venus/Mars aspect is 8. So it is not very powerful, not mentioning it's separative. Now I said how I interpret things by looking at the bigger picture, so that's why I'm gonna ask myself the following matters:

-How good would it be to have a Venus in Scorpio or Mars in Taurus?

What I mean by this is that Venus is in rulership and Mars is aswell, making the aspect expectable judging by the nature of the planets. These planets are total opposites, which makes it not such a bad aspect, don't you agree? Let me know what you think about this. For example, you wouldn't like a Mars conjunct Venus. They're better off distant from one another. Also the fact that they're in their homes or houses (signs) and with such a powerful dominion of that territory, it suggests that they're not being heavily damaged. I don't know exactly where, but I definitely read once that a difficult aspect between two planets causes much more good if they're in a place of comfort, and causes worse consequences in a place of discomfort. It's like in real life. Let's put it into basic, medieval terms: You would rather prefer to face somebody at home than in someone's house or somewhere where you don't belong, right?

Secondly, my Venus is squaring Uranus. This is the strongest aspect since its orb is 131', making it a close aspect, although Uranus is in rulership aswell and it's separative. It's the same for this aspect (the whole rulership with bad aspects thing)

And finally, my Venus has a sextile with Mercury. This aspect has an orb of 336' and finally (once again), it's applying. Now, I've always liked this aspect because my Mercury is in Pisces. Think about it.

How much would a Venus like to be in Pisces or otherwise receive a harmonic aspect from it?

I think that a lot. Furthermore, Mercury is stationary, giving it a perhaps karmic significance or a more powerful one. My Mercury is in its detriment and fall, yes, but it is stationary which saves it slightly from being entirely useless or not in a position of power. Also it's in the cusp of the 9th house, giving it the most powerful position of the entire house. Now, since Mercury is receiving Venus' aspect from TAURUS then it's bestowed upon him the power to be more practical, stubborn and logical.

All in all, I've definitely noticed the Venus in my life through creativity. My job just has to be about something creative. I just love it entirely. I notice it as a comfortable, steady, and nice energy in my life. My Venus also is in its own triplicity.

Meanwhile my Sun in the 9th house, cadent, although it's in exaltation and in its own triplicity AND face, making its power equal to Venus's, using essential dignity terms. My Sun has a total of 6 aspects (although one is very weak IMO).

Now here's the catch: My Sun is conjunct to Jupiter (the greater benefic) in an orb of 024' separative, making it very powerful, adding to its accidental dignity. In terms of accidental dignities, being in the 10th house adds onto a planet a total of 5 points, and a partile conjunction to a benefic does aswell!

It's clear that this aspect is the strongest in my chart.

My Sun then has a trine to Pluto with an orb of 113' separating. Very powerful aswell. I think that outer planets heavily influence the expression of a personal planet's energy.

I have Sun sextile Uranus and Part of Fortune (4 and 5 respectively) which I think to be important aswell. The PoF moves even faster than the Moon itself. It's the fastest moving point in the zodiac, making it very personal. This grants upon the Sun a very benefic effect and an ease of expression. Although it's being received from Aquarius, its detriment, making it not as comfortable is it would normally be.

Then my Sun has a quincunx to Mars (041') separating which I consider it to be powerful, but then again, it's not a ptolemaic aspect. This hinders the outwardness of my Aries Sun, since my Mars is in Scorpio and retrograde.

And finally, even though I don't consider the next aspect too valid, I have Sun opposition Moon (10 and separative). Traditionally speaking it IS valid, since the allowed orb for Sun-Moon aspects is up to 1445'. I did the Pullen Astrolog thing on astro.com and I checked a list of the most powerful aspects in my chart to the least. The 3rd least powerful was this one. Not to mention my Moon is conjunct the IC giving it a very powerful position in the zodiac, but then it is in the 4th house, not the 3rd house, giving the opposition less power.

All of this without mentioning the whole-signs house system, in which my Sun is in the 10th and my Venus is in the 11th, giving the Sun a lot more of power.

And finally I have to say that my Sun feels like an inevitable part of me. Something I just CAN'T escape. It's an exaggerated energy in my life and maybe a little too much. Venus feels more steady. What's your experience with this? Feel free to comment!

05-19-2015, 03:25 PM
which house is your POF in?

Having trouble getting relevant info from text wall,

You say jupiter, sun and venus are all in the tenth?

I did read your whole post, but its a lot to take in.

Could you post your chart?

05-21-2015, 05:23 AM
which house is your POF in?

Having trouble getting relevant info from text wall,

You say jupiter, sun and venus are all in the tenth?

I did read your whole post, but its a lot to take in.

Could you post your chart?

Oh okay thanks for replying.

No, my Venus, Sun and Jupiter are not in the 10th house. It depends upon the house system you use. If you like to use whole-signs then I have Sun-Jup in the 10th and Saturn and Venus in the 11th. In the placidus system I have Sun-Jup in the 9th and Saturn and Venus in the 10th.

My Part of Fortune is located at the 7th house (placidus) or 8th house (whole-signs) in Aquarius, which by the way is conjunct Neptune, but I do not have a Sun-Jup sextile to Neptune.

Thanks for all your feedback. I will proceed to post my chart:





05-21-2015, 07:00 PM
I think placidus is good for birth charts.

Looking at your chart it seems like you might work in a foreign country
Ruler of 6th and 10th in 9th

The south node is in 7th so your marriage will be a learning experience, probably not pleasant
Neptune is in 7th so expect to be mislead

Uranus in its own sign in 7th and POF in 7th, you will probably be ok in the end