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Eclipses affect us the following way: when the Sun rules the Horoscope (Leo rising), Sun eclipses are more important. When the Moon rules the horoscope (Cancer rising) Moon eclipses are more important. Unfavorable action from the eclipse occurs when the eclipse squares or opposes a planet, ascendant or Midheaven either in the Natal or Progressed chart. You can expect dramatic consequences when the eclipse activates any point in the horoscope within 2 degrees of a planet. This latest New Moon Solar Eclipse was 17 degrees Aquarius.

I always say it's wise to refrain from making difficult decisions, going on long trips or changing your hair style 3 days before or 5 days after an eclipse. Wait for the dust to settle!

Hope things improve soon.

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Wow...I feel like this person you're talking about is my cosmic brother in a weird way...complete with the Venus/Uranus conjunction (mine is in Libra in the 11th opposing my North Node Part of Fortune and Chiron)...the Moon in Aquarius (mine resides in the 4th house at 13 deg) and yes...I even have Mars in Leo close to this person at 19 degrees (in the 10th in my case).

Eclipse shakiness aside...I read your thoughts about the Venus/Uranus conjunction and wanted to respond. As someone who has lived with that aspect my entire life...I'd just like to say that Venus/Uranus conjunct or an Aquarian Moon isn't a cakewalk for the native.

It isn't about "letting go of old behavior patterns". What you're talking about is altering a person's nature. It's changing a person's very essence.

I have been married and divorced twice. Both times I felt it was the best thing to let them go and find whatever it was they wanted...in someone else. I didn't feel they were up to the task of loving me. Now that may sound horrible...but the end result in both cases has been the two of them finding more suitable relationships that resulted in marriage for each of them.

I know I'm a different person than your friend...and our placement appears to be different...but the same...but if it soothes that analytical Scorpio part of you to know the motivation...I just thought I'd share my observations with you.

First and foremost...you must realize it's not that you are not a lovable, wonderful person. It's not that you aren't charming or attractive. Those are not reasons this didn't work out. A person with that nasty **** Venus/Uranus conj and that Aquarian Moon...well we do love...and we love deeply...but often it seems there is a genuine NEED to love and be loved...unconditionally. The agape sort of love becomes a transcendental goal.

The things that draw men to me...are the things they learn to hate about me. It's the detachment...the outwardly cold nature...it's the intense love and compassion I have for my friends...and for total strangers in need.

It seems sort of bizarre...but I am outwardly incapable of expressing some things...things...that I feel very deeply. I can articulate them...but I don't like getting bogged down and feeling picked apart and judged...when in my mind...I feel that all people are working through this existence...and who the hell am I to judge them...and "put them in a box"...just to make myself feel better and more equipped to handle their truths?

The very people that I love most often feel they are being pushed away...when that isn't the case at all. It's just that it's so hard to see someone you're close to suffer...and you can't help them in a way that seems to be fulfilling...to either of you. And then...what's worse...is thinking the other person feels some obligation in returning the favor. Suddenly an act of kindness or concern becomes this awkward thing. The Aquarian Moon native normally doesn't do anything with the hope of you reciprocating and returning the favor. If that is the case...it sort of cheapens the whole situation.

It's so much easier to give food to a stranger...to help a stranger with their bags or help someone in need. Why? Because it is a completely selfless act that helps the native feel a sense of earthly transcendence and connection with the greater good. It's a humanitarian sense of well-being. It just feels better to feed a hungry person or raise money for charity for sick children or the homeless...than it is to pick up your socks off the floor to make another person happy.

It's nice when people do things for us...don't get me wrong...but it's always SO MUCH BETTER...when the act of kindness doesn't feel like someone is repaying a debt or obligation.

Venus/Uranus conjunct seeks freedom to express yourself and love unfettered. Does that mean we can't be faithful? I have been faithful when the relationship has felt "right" to me. My personal opinion is that the native can be faithful and quite satisfied with another person...but it's not about morality...it's about feeling that relationships with others aren't as ideal or that another person couldn't possibly understand you as well as the partner you have found to share your life with.

I think the key is finding someone who allows the native to be free to think and say things without retribution or emotional persecution.

The very minute you try to control a person like us...that's the very second that it all gets a bit hazy and we start shutting down...or...begin to look elsewhere for something that we just can't seem to find.

I haven't seen your complete chart or this person you're talking about...just the things you listed...which really made me want to write you.

Also...another thing that I should have mentioned...when you're dealing with a person like us...sometimes if we understand your motivation in whatever it is that you're doing...it makes it much easier for us to help make the relationship work better. If you're being jealous or clingy...or overly inquisitive or seem hurt by something we've done or been suspected of doing...if you can explain it...and make it make sense...we are way more susceptible to helping you work through it all.

Just be glad you're not dealing with the Venus/Uranus square or opposition...that's when things can get REALLY tricky.

Good luck and many blessings to you.


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You have done the best thing. You've done what was healthy for you. Don't be surprised though...if the loss of you kicks in...and he tries to weasel back into your life. It could happen.

There is definitely a difference between the Aquarius Moon men and women...and the Venus/Uranus thing can be tiresome as hell. I wish you much luck and lots of love in 2008!


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Thank you :)

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