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Neptune Rising
01-04-2008, 08:40 PM
Hi, I thought I'd share my experience with an eclipsed Planet/Asteroid.

I had a solar eclipse on natal Juno in March 2007. Juno at 29 degrees Pisces.
I started a new job on the same day as the eclipse. Its been fascinating to watch how the planets transits to the Juno point have an effect. I wanted to see how and what would trigger outer experiences.

The transiting Sun had little noticable effect. Mars and Pluto have the strongest effect.

When transiting Mars (28 Gemini) squared my natal Juno, I had very noticable troubles at work. Tr Mars is now squaring it again in retro, and tr Pluto (29 degrees Sag) is squaring it too. I think the Pluto has very much an ending effect with his square. With tr Mars and Pluto squaring Juno, my job has well and truly come to and end, with me ending it. Its defnately not the path I want to be on. Maybe Mars with his action is bringing out the effect of Pluto.

The inner effect is also interesting. When I started the job, I was terrified of these 3 male bosses. There is Pluto square Sun or Mars in my natal synastry with each of the bosses. I feel like I've gone through so much that now they have no power over me whatsoever (except for my final wage). Power games.

I held a lot of resentment for them up until December, then my attitude changed. Somehow I've almost completely forgiven the whole situation, me and them. Now that forgiveness has come, the job seems to be disolving, like I have no more need to be there. They also feel I have no more committment for the job. The job felt karmic from the start. So maybe transiting Mars and Pluto T-squaring my natal eclipsed Juno, Ive got my power back. And also forgiveness with the Pisces Juno., but no more Piscean self sacrificing.

Its also had a similar effect in my relationships. Having a balance of forgiveness and power, or at least working on recognising when the balance is out.


01-19-2008, 03:51 AM
Hi Neptune Rising,
Maybe you can help me analyise my special moment that also happened on the Solar Eclipse Mar 2007.
It was also a special moment for me ,My birthday !!!! March 18 1969 & this one 28d 06' in Pisces here in OZ hit my Natal pisces sun 27d 31' & my natal Pisces moon 28d 56'...the eclipse hit right smack bang in the middle. The solar eclipse trined my Neptune & Sextiled Ceres. Juno Conjunct my Asc, transiting venus was in my 7th also conjunct My Natal Venus which nataly also conjuncts saturn. My Ex- the father of my kids started coming back into our lives, we have been seperated for 5 years ( been very hard for me ). Is this why he came back ? Do you have any idea what this means for me. Its the only significant thing that happened around that time & the rest of the year. Can you analyise this further for me. My chart details are on my personal page if you want to have a look at my chart.
love & light

Neptune Rising
01-22-2008, 10:49 PM
Hi Bobbi

Sorry its taken a while to respond.

Well, Im not that good at predictive astrology, im only ok in hindsight. I nkow that you have to consider all the planets that the Sun aspected during the eclipse. I brought up your chart and noticed on that day last year, transiting Pluto was in exact square to your natal Moon!

That must be quite transformative! Emotional transformation. Its also in strong square with your natal Sun, and its moving towards exact square with your natal north node. I know Pluto and the nodes are karmic, north node is something do to with your life path and a square from Pluto could be showing you some sort of challenges to do with this. These natal planets are all in your 6th house - to do with service to yourself and others/health. I would guess the eclipse there and Pluto squaring everything is bringing a big highlight towards issues to do with emotions/service, your self/sun/service, and your life path.

I also see the transiting Sun/Moon were also trining Neptune/illusions and spirituality.

Transiting Pluto was also trining your natal Venus with a Venus return. I dont know much about returns im afraid. But I would imagine he is part of the lesson from Pluto, or some lesson about love and transformation.

I hope someone else can add something more.


01-23-2008, 07:10 AM
Thanks Neptune Rising, Yep talk about transforming change, that effect back last year is just starting to play out now, my ex has been back all year so to speak, but things are a changing, much is going on in this department, but its alittle to early to tell what it all really means, yep its a huge thing & promise to keep you filled in as time progresses.
love Bobbi