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07-11-2014, 12:54 PM
Hello, my friends:

Yesterday I was with a quite unusual client, that of the type that asks very specific questions and is interested in getting answers to those, instead of hearing a full delineation.

I will post some of the questions the client asked and I would like very much to know how you would answer to the person on the fly (i.e., what techniques you would use to each case). My answers are below the questions. At the end, this will be a post to learn about delineation. So we can compare methods, don't read my answers before giving yours!

Best Regards

Questions of the client:

1) For the last three months my life has been a mess. I had real arguments with my mom and my brothers, I lost my car in an accident, my relationship came to an end and my health was terrible, I went to the hospital and almost died. I sense this happened when I was in city X, but now that I came to city Y things started to get better. Is this something related to the place or is it something in my chart?

2) Is there anything I can do to change the above situation?

3) I am facing a situation in which I have to choose between two options of career: to continue teaching or to start working with a cab/taxi. What should I choose?

4) If I choose for the cab/taxi venue, they have offered me a representative position at the syndicate. Should I accept it and will it be good for me?

5) My relationship just came to an end. Is there any indication that I will meet a new person still this year?


1) I don't believe it is a city matter, since at birthday the person was in only one of the places, of course, and this is the place that will be valid for a Solar Return, for example. Therefore, I started to see what was the natal delineation of Mars and Saturn and if the person was living under their rule by Firdaria or Profection. I also checked transits.

2) I believe that awareness is the only key to change something we have in the map. Otherwise, there is nothing else to do.

3) At the moment the client asked this I opened a chart and treated the matter as an horary question.

4) I checked for the natal 10th house, the 10th profected house and what planets were transiting or aspecting the 10th.

5) I analyzed the ruler of the 5th (dating) and 7th (marriage) and I saw when they would be "activated" in Firdaria (either by period or subperiod) or in Profections, by being the lord of the year.