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03-07-2014, 09:44 AM

I was about to start my new business (registering it, launching the website etc) when I found out Mercury is in retrograde! I heard its the worst time to start a business!

Should I wait until it is gone, would there be a particularly good time to launch it ASAP? It is aimed at giving business's a much cheaper website and marketing package.

Its just I've had lots of bad luck with work ( animal care) and need to do something different, I'm currently homeless and have worked hard to get my business idea to this point and don't need anymore bad luck.

I read on some websites that the retrograde ends after 11th March, and other websites have said it ended in February ... so I'm not sure what to think?

I have attached my birth chart too ( an amateur astrology friend said it was totally in conflict and contradiction and she couldn't make head nor tail out of it, other than I have lots to learn!)


I know nothing about astrology, other than it works (like I know my car works but not how!!) But am willing to learn.

Thanks for any advice, help or links on when to start my business, or business and astrology in general or my chart and what it says about my work life,

Also, will Jupiter being close at present have an effect on starting my business now?

Thanks again, I look forward to any advice, information or links on the above subject.


03-07-2014, 10:26 AM
For a traditional astrology student like myself, I consider Mercury to have gone direct after Feb 28/Mar 1. Modern astrology considers the "shadow period" of a retrograde planet to have the same effect as when a planet is retrograde. It is up to you to make up your own opinion.

(Just speaking of my experience: recently I made a medium sized purchase. I timed the purchase to be on Mercury's day and hour. The result was that I was charged a surplus of $20 of my own currency. Shadow period's effect? I don't know.)

For electing a good time to start a particular activity, traditional astrology students and experts would use electional astrology. However, unless you can contact an expert on this matter, your results will not be reliable, so use at your own risk. I suggest asking a horary question instead, on whether you should start your business now or not. Please go to the horary section of this website for that, or contact an expert on the matter (experts in horary include Christopher Warnock, and probably Deborah Houlding).

Briefly taking a look at your birth chart (note: I am a NOVICE in traditional hellenistic astrology, please do not take my predictions to be absolute truths), I'd say that I'm worried about the Mercury-Mars conjunction in your 10th sign. Maternus in his book Mathesis often warns about this combination, as it makes criminals who are experts in deception. However, your chart is diurnal, and Mercury and Mars are not well placed. Rather than speaking of your character, I think that combination rather means that you might face dangers of lawsuits and court sentence in your career...and your business might be a big trigger for that since the risk is higher.

(On a side note, it looks like you are somewhat unlucky in love as well. It seems like the women (I feel that you're a guy) you date tend to be either sexually frigid or overly promiscuous.)

Again, I am a novice, so do not take my interpretations too seriously.

03-07-2014, 11:19 AM
Thanks very much, its very interesting what you said, and I will repost in the horary section!

Yes I am a guy, and strangely enough, yes all my girl friends have Or been more of an open relationship, where we lived apart and we were openly free to date however in between our time together.

As for business and the law, I had many many friends ( over 20 years ago) that went to jail, overdosed or have even be murdered and am probably lucky to get away with 20 years of bad luck, illness and injury and general ill treatment by 'superiors' in the animal care industry - and not be jailed or dead!

My business idea is highly So I feel that there is no reason why it shouldn't physically or 'cosmically' work well; although I know poverty has, in the past, saved me from addiction and danger and as a byproduct helped lots of animals in distress ( from wildlife to pets)

Given the choice I would quite happily be a hermit or live off the land, but land is at a ridiculous premium in U.K. so I dont have that luxury, but I still refuse to use dishonesty ( I was an 'honest' drug dealer) or greed rule my spirit!

Thanks again for your interesting ideas,