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02-05-2014, 05:47 AM
For proponents of whole sign houses, how do you incorporate the MC into your interpretations? I am always hearing about the Midheaven as the tenth, but what about the MC degree?

dr. farr
02-05-2014, 06:23 AM
Well, I go with what Valens said about this (2nd century AD): the MC floats among the top houses (9th,10th,11th, in extreme latitudes even to the 12th) and, according to Valens, when the MC posits a house other than the 10th, then that house must do "double duty", meaning that that house must have its own domicile significations PLUS, in addition,the significations of the MC.
Same happens with the IC in whole sign-it too floats among the lower houses, and when the IC posits a house other than the 4th, then that house must do double duty, ie it has its own domicile significations PLUS the significations of the IC.
...and that's how its done: double duty, double significations for the house (other than the 10th for MC, or 4th for IC) where the MC (and IC) IS.

(Note: beginning sometime in the 6th century, increasing numbers of astrologers began using the trisection-of-arc method for domification, ie, the Porphyry quadrant house format, in preference to whole sign, for the very reason that when using quadrant house division the MC/IC are "forced"-by the mathematical model used-to always be at the 10th and 4th house-where "they are supposed to be"-according to ideal theory; so Olympiodorus informs us; by the 9th century, whole sign had disappeared, supplanted entirely by a modification of Porphyry called "Alchbitius"-although some continued with the Porphyry method; Alchabitius itself was later challenged by the Campanus quadrant format, both being supplanted later by Regiomontanus, and finally, beginning in the 17th century, Placidus became-and remains-the predominant house system in Western astrology)