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02-02-2014, 07:11 PM
Hi All,

I have received a lot of private messages in the last couple of months, and since I do not have time to spend on answering them all, nor to reply on separate posts under my threads on this forum, I decided to open a new thread and reply to all because most of the questions were of the type: "where I can learn more about traditional astrology?"

Now, Zoller's Course is a par excellance course for the subject, but I don't know at this moment whether the legal issues with the same are fixed or not, nor whether Zoller is providing his own services to the course students.

I have an idea. If someone is really interested in learning traditional astrology (medieval, Hellenistic, Arabic, etc), but I mean really interested not only curious about it, I can make private e-mail correspondence tutoring [one on one] which will be based mostly on studying charts alongside theory in which I will explain the techniques to you. It may be very fun way of learning the subject and I think that I can teach you in about month or two to be able to thoroughly read and interpret a chart.

If you are interested, please write me on: