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11-11-2007, 08:54 PM
I like the two latest articles of Kathryn very much on http://collaboratingwithfate.blogspot.com/

11-11-2007, 09:24 PM
none of my children are vaccinated. I won't subscribe to the ******** of 'fear based' propaganda.

All my kids have excellent immunity and have had various childhood illnesses.

I have read all of these books. The best books on vaccinations are written by an australian writer called Vera .... (forgot the name!)

11-12-2007, 02:38 AM
I work in the medical field and have mixed feelings about vaccinations. I used to get the flu vaccine every year, four years in a row. One year I did not get the vaccine and I became so ill!! Since then I have never had the vaccine and I have been working in the hospital for over a year now and have never come down with anything. There is a girl that I work with and she gets the vaccine every year and has been out sick for several days with flu like illnesses over and over and she has been working in the hospital the same amount of time I have. I think that our immune systems need to battle certain things out in order to build up the immunity against these bugs. Same thoughts with antibiotics, you take too many then when you really need them they dont work or you succomb to the drug resistant bugs that can kill, like MRSA that is being passed around schools where our children are dying. I believe the same thing about the flu shots, I think I will wait until I really need it, like if a really bad strain is out or when I get older and I need help due to a failing immune system.
If you have problems with your immune system by all means go ahead and get vaccinated, but if you dont then wait so your system can build itself up all on its own, naturally!
Bringing astrology to the mix I think that those with air influences might want to focus on themselves this time of year. As the air signs especially Gemini, as this sign rules the lungs, and nervous systems. Right now with the change of seasons asthma is a huge problem for these folks (I see those that come in with asthma attacks are more air signs). Also if you are a cappy or aquarius you might want to think about the changing weather and how it affects your joints if you have arthritic problems.