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01-29-2014, 12:51 PM
'.Saturn's traditional rulership of Aquarius colours this sign with detachment, objectivity and restraint.

Rational and humane,
Aquarius in its positive expression,
is the archetype for civility, tact, reasoned logic, moderate behaviour and all-round good manners.
Traditional sources designate it a 'sanguine sign',
underwritten by healthy attributes of grace, charm, attractiveness,
and no leanings towards crude, violent unpleasant extremes.

Tending towards a position of balance,
Aquarians are generally popular, polite, sociable members of society, a harmonising influence upon groups,
bringing cool reason to heated debates ,
steering away from personal and emotional trysts
to communal and intellectual problems that concern and unite us all.....' Deborah Houlding

'...The Aquarian is often berated for being emotionally 'cool'.
Ancient sources alluded to this element of frigidity
by categorising the sign as 'slightly barren' in matters of fertility,
and drawing pre-pubescent youth or sexless beings into its symbolic expression.
Recent astrologers have made much of 'brotherhood of man' issues
to suggest the sign is relevant in portraying homosexuality,
noting the Ganymede myth is the first insinuation to homosexual love in Greek literature.
The suggestion is poorly supported by traditional astrological texts
- a modern contortion of a more reliable Aquarian principle -
that innocence, purity, idealistic love, discretion and moderation
are valued above release of unrestrained passion and unbridled desire....' Deborah Houlding

'.boundaries of gender, race, religion mean little to an Aquarian,
who instinctively responds to intellectual compatibility,
searching for soul mates where minds can meet.
Inclination towards logic and progressive ideas
gives Aquarians potential to excel in teaching, media, philosophy, science, law.
Aquarius is often the mark of the scientific innovator,
though there is no lack of respect for the stability of tradition.
Even the most pioneering Aquarian requires a structured framework
to support the development of their ideas
and draws cohesion from established principles :smile:
Aquarius demonstrates balanced appreciation between old and new,
a rare paradoxical virtue
allowing them to easily span social and intellectual divisions. .' Deborah Houlding

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