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Would someone be able to tell me when the Moon is considered void of course? Is it 27%?

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Would someone be able to tell me when the Moon is considered void of course? Is it 27%?
QUOTE from article at http://www.skyscript.co.uk/voc.html VOID OF COURSE MOON REFERENCES

'….The references below show some of the diverse terms and definitions applied to the Moon (and other planets)
when out of aspect or failing to make an application :smile:

Dorotheus (approx. 1st cent. AD)
"If you find the Moon void of all the planets, none of them aspects it, and none is in the ascendant or aspecting the ascendant, then this native is void of good in livelihood, possesses pain and hardship in the pursuit of what he needs."
- Carmen Astrologicum, 1.12.7....'


'...Antiochus (2nd cent.)
"There is void-coursing of the Moon whenever it is not applying to any planet, not bodily and not by figure [aspect]."

- Thesaurus, 1.39

Firmicus (4th cent.)
"If the Moon is so located that she is moving toward nothing, is in aspect to no planet, and there is no benefic planet on the angles, this will make paupers destitute of all necessities, without means of daily life ..., especially if the Moon, "running through a vacuum", which the Greeks call cenodromon (empty course), is in opposition or square aspect to Mars or Saturn on the first or third day, or if malefic planets are on the angles....'


'...For when the Moon is Void of Course she involves the early years in wretched misfortunes. But after she has for a time troubled the body and mind and ruined their youth with many crimes ... then she bestows good fortune equal to the mishaps of youth.

But if the Moon, moving through a vacuum, comes into aspect with Mars or Saturn ... the natives will be miserable paupers, barely covered by ragged clothing, guardians of tombs; or they will be punished by perpetual imprisonment."....'

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The article continues: :smile:


"If the waxing or full Moon is moving away from Saturn toward nothing but is running through a vacuum, she causes loss of inheritance, estranges the natives from parents, or makes them orphans in early youth. They will be sluggish and involved in long journeys [and so on for the Moon moving away from the rest of the planets]"
- Mathesis, VIII.XV


Abu Ma'shar (9th cent.)
"It is 'void of course' if a planet separates from application with a planet in conjunction or aspect, and does not apply to a planet as long as it is in its sign.

It is 'wild' if it is a planet which no planet aspects at all; and this happens most frequently with the Moon. "

- The Abbreviation of the Introduction to Astrology Chap. 3, v21-22. [The same text shows that Abu Ma'shar was using planetary orbs very close to those listed by Dariot and Lilly (see chap. 2, v.11).]


Al Biruni (11th cent.)
"VOID OF COURSE. If while within a sign a planet does not enter into conjunction with another, although in aspect to other planets, it is said to be void of course, and is regarded as having separated from conjunction whether in that sign or not. (This name is given to it because the field is empty and it moves without any companion.)

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...continuation :smile:

FERAL. When a planet is in a sign and no other planet has been in aspect with it from the time of its entry to that of its exit, it is said to be feral in its course. This is practically impossible with the superior planets and the Sun, and can rarely occur, but with the Moon it is necessarily the case and frequently occurs ... Some people say that when the Moon is feral, this is a substitute for conjunction with the planets in whose terms it happens to be within the sign, but this opinion is trivial and quite unsupported."

- The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology v.504 & 505


Ibn Ezra (12th cent.)
"Isolation sets in when a planet separates from its satellite 15 degrees either in conjunction or in a sextile aspect, and does not enter into conjunction with any other planet as long as it is in this sign, and no planet enters into complete aspect with it as long as it stays there, regardless which aspect it may be.

The feral position is when a planet is in a sign and no other planet enters into aspect with it as long as it is there, and it does not depart from any planet. That can only happen to the Moon because of the speed of its motion."

- The Beginning of Wisdom Ch. VII


Bonatus (13th cent.)
"The 10th [way in which the Moon can be afflicted] is when she is void of course, that is, not joined to any planet by body or aspect, or in that condition when they call her Feral or Desart, that is, in a place where she has not any dignity. [Con. 5]

The Nineteenth Consideration is, to behold the Moon if she be "void of course", for then it signifies an impediment to the thing in question: it will not come to a good end, nor be accomplished; but the querent shall be forced to desist with shame and loss.

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The 62nd is to consider whether the Moon be Void of Course, for that signifies that the thing enquired after shall scarce ever come to a good end, or not without much labour, sorrow or trouble unless the Lord of the Ascendant or significator of the thing shall be in very good condition, and then it may be hindered, but not wholly frustrated - yet tis a good time then for drinking, bathing, feasting etc., and to use ointments to take away hair, especially if she be in Scorpio.


The 64th is to consider, whether the Moon be in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces; for it signifies good in the business although she be joined to the infortunes and not to the fortunes; nor does she being void of course, prejudice so much in those places as elsewhere provided she be not combust, for then they will advantage her little or nothing. "

- The Considerations of Guido Bonatus :smile:


Johannes Schöner (15th cent.)
"When a planet is separated from any other planet by conjunction or aspect, and is not joined to another by body or aspect, for as long as that planet is in the same sign, it is called void of course. However, this ought to be understood according the orbs and rays of the planets. Take for example the following: If there is the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, and after her separation from Jupiter there is no planet in Sagittarius to which she can be joined by the moiety of orb or of the ray of any planet which she can aspect, in that case the Moon is said to be void of course until she leaves Sagittarius and is joined to any planet in body or in aspect. But we do not observe this only in the Moon. Another example, Saturn 9 Aries, Jupiter 10 Gemini, Mars 17 Gemini, Sun 20 Aries, Venus 5 Pisces, Mercury 24 Aries, Moon 26 Taurus. There the Moon is aspected by nothing in 26 Taurus, nor is anything joined to her, while she is in Taurus, wherefore she will be reckoned void of course."

- Opusculum Astrologicum Part 2: Canon XXIII

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Dariot (16th cent.)
"Among the accidents that do happen unto the planets among themselves, the first is when any of them is void without course or motion, which is said to be when one planet separating himself from another doth not apply to any other during the time that he tarryeth in that sign, and then he is said to have his course and motion void."

- A Brief and Most Easie Introduction to the Astrologicall Judgement of the Starres Chap. 9.

The definition most are familiar with is that of William Lilly :smile:

Lilly (17th cent.)
"A planet is Void of Course, when he is separated from a planet, nor doth forthwith, during his being in that sign, apply to any other: This is most usually in the Moon; In judgements do you carefully observe whether she be Void of Course yea or no; you shall seldom see a business go handsomely forward when she is so (p.112).

Generally consider the state of the Moon, for if she be Void of Course there's no great hopes of the question propounded, that it shall be effected, yet if she be in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces, your fear may be the less, for then she is not so much impedited by being Void of Course (p.299).

If the Moon be Void of Course, unless the significators apply strongly, there's seldom any bargain concluded or commodity at that time bought, and yet both parties wrangle and have some meetings to no purpose (p.377)."
- Christian Astrology

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Thank you :biggrin:

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Excellent contribution Jup... and thanks to Deborah Houlding for putting it all in one place.

The simple description of a Void of Course Moon is that it does not complete any major (Ptolemaic) aspect to any planet for as long as it remains within the sign it now occupies. It can be in any degree of the sign.

Suppose Sun at 7 Aries, Mercury at 11 Aries, Venus at 4 Taurus, Mars at 22 Gemini, Jupiter at 19 Sagittarius, Saturn at 23 Gemini...with Moon at 16 Taurus. She has separated from her conjunction to Venus, and no other major aspect will occur before she leaves Taurus. If you use the three modern planets the same principle applies.

Probably most modern authors say that the void of course Moon is not applicable to natal astrology, is not used in natal art. They claim it has no effect. However, we see that several of the ancient authors say that it brings poverty and misery when present in a natal chart. My own natal chart has a void of course Moon, with no benefic at the Ascendant. I am now accepting charitable donations. I agree with the ancients.

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This is most useful thank you - I notice patterns where I feel sheer frustration in the sense that I want to do something yet I feel tied up, depleted and low - I then realise the Moon is void of course.. I read that it is considered void as soon as it hits 27%.

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I took 27% to mean 27 degrees. If 27% has to do with solilunar phase, the phase has nothing to do with a void of course Moon.

Degrees is not the criterium. Whether or not it makes a major aspect before it leaves the sign it is in is what you are looking for.

In horary astrology it can be taken to mean "nothing will happen." The quesited will not come to fruition. It indicates a lack of pertinent dynamic, a static condition not much subject to change. It is one of the "considerations before judgment" in horary astrology and when present shows that the chart is "not fit to be read." It is not something you would want in election charts.

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Thank you , this is most helpful.

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There's more useful information titled 'WHAT THE VOID OF COURSE MOON IS' at http://www.lunarium.co.uk/articles/void-of-course.jsp :smile:

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AQUARIUS PAPERS FREE ONLINE ASTROLOGY CLASS - 'WHAT IS A VOID OF COURSE MOON AND IS IT IMPORTANT? http://www.aquariuspapers.com/astrology/2013/03/astrology-class-what-is-a-void-of-course-moon-and-is-it-important.html :smile:

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So where exactly the moon is now.

The Moon moves through each sign in a little bit more than 2 days. So by the time I read this, it may or may not be VOC.

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So where exactly the moon is now.
An Ephemeris contains all the information required to assess the moon's current location so here's a link to an online ephemeris page for this year - 2013 - scroll down to view specific months http://www.astro.com/swisseph/ae/2000/ae_2013.pdf :smile:

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The Moon's speed through the zodiacal signs is variable, depending on the alignment of orbital planes and perigees and all that stuff.

Her mean speed is 13*10' per day. If she is moving slower than that at birth she is said to be "slow of course." If faster, then she is "swift of course." Her speed is an important factor in horary astrology, and is significant in natal. At her slowest Moon moves about 11*50' during a 24-hour period; at her swiftest in the neighborhood of 14*45'.

If she is found to be near one of these two extremes of velocity, it is significant. She is on one side or the other of a turning point, a point of change. Swift implies quickness, an energetic approach, a going out, and many other similar ideas. The Moon rules things like reaction and response, the emotional state, assimilation, our ability and inclination to change --and change itself.... By synthesizing the meanings of "swift" and the meaning of "Moon", we might say of a person with this condition "quick responses" or "energetic assimilation." At the other extreme we have the slow of course Moon. The process of interpretation is the same. Being at these turning points, the importance of lunar velocity is emphasized and Moon when so posited should be given special attention. The velocity of the Moon -- whether it is slow or swift of course -- coupled with the relationship of Mercury to the Sun tells us much about the mentality of the native. It's good to know the velocity of the Moon in any chart.

But void of course has nothing to do with swift or slow of course. The Moon has a Void of Course period in every month. It is the period during which the Moon will perfect no further aspects before leaving the sign she is in, until the moment of leaving that sign.