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07-27-2007, 02:34 AM
I have a very uncommon disease. It`s 1 in 10000 persons that happens.
It is called diabetes of water or diabetes class 3. Actually is not a real diabetes, but ancient doctors called it that way because it has 2 of the three sinthoms of the diabetes: drinking too much water, and going to the bathroom to urinate all the time.
What happened to me? from one day to another, i started to drink everything, I was always thirsty, and always wanted to go to the bathroom. My parents were lost, they thought I drink water because of a diet or something! But I really wanted to drink!!! The last study I made, doctors discovered that I was capable to drink 13 litres of water per day and urinate 14 litters. something not only unhuman, but also washed all my body nutrients. Image that, I woke up every half an hour to drink or pee. Terrible.

finnaly, by a magnetic resonance, they discovered this "diabetes".
The disease is originated in de hypofisis, an organ of the brain, which generated desmopresin, a hormone that goes to the kidneys and tells them to absorb the water. the hypofisis didin`t generate it, so without desmopresin my kidneys never worked.
I found the cure, but it`s a chronicle disease so it lasts forever, to have tree pills of a very expensive drug that replaces desmopresin.

Mayb it`s not going to be a problem for me to have that pill forever. But the REAL problem for me, is about the ORIGIN of the disease, and now is when I need astrology and your help.

the possible origins:

the first one was traumatic:
when for example you hit your head and the hypofisis is degenerated. It ussually has intranasal easy-surgery.
the second one is tumorous:
cancer, in your brain next to the hypofisis or in kidneys. difficult surgery, almost no probabilities to get back of it.
the third one:
idepoathic, it means "a reason that nobody nows because science must keep investigating".

My reason, as many doctors said. is the third. I went to many psicologysts, everyhing... but I can`t reach the reason... I don`t know if it is psicologhic, or even karmic!!! But sometimes I become desperate about this because I never now what will happen next. Of course I`m relieved it`s not tumorous... but I want to know where this begin, because it would have an inside cure I don`t know.

Could anybody have a look at my natal chart and tell me if you see a clue for this?
thank you so much (my natal chart is in my profile archives)

07-27-2007, 11:19 PM
Hello Circe,

As no one else has responded, maybe I can offer a few suggestions.

Medical astrology teaches that physical disorders are often a result of non-expressed emotional/psche processes.
From what you write, you were not born with this disorder but it developed later. This led me to look at the 6th house, associated with physical dis-ease. Cancer is on it's cusp which, being a water sign, has rulership over fluids. Its ruler, Moon, is in Libra, which is the sign that has rulership over the kidneys. Coincidence? Venus is ruler of Libra, which invariably has something to do with the reciprocation of affection.
Your Moon is conjunct Pluto in its ruling sign. This often refers to strong factors regarding the natural mother.
So, in answer to your question regarding origin, I would be inclined to think that this disorder is psychological of nature....the reason that science cannot find an answer! It could be a result of a traumatic experience that occured in childhood which you have have blocked from memory, a Saturn association, whilst Saturn also rules chronic conditions. Instead of feelings 'flowing', water does instead.

There are many possibilities WHY you feel the need to drink so much. An act of purification and cleansing? To 'wash away' that which you do not want to think about and/or be associated with. I work with a point called Black Moon Lilith that has often been found to be aspected to medical problems when it relates to a part of ourselves that has either found no outer expression OR of which for some inane reason we feel ashamed. I didn't find it surprising to see that this point is in Aries opposing your Moon and inconjunct (strenuous) your Saturn. It also heads the stellium in Aries. It could be suggestive of negative images you carry 'within your head' (Aries ruled), e.g. feelings of neglect and/or rejection, that need to find their way out. Once again, with the involvement of the Moon, there is often a lack of, or a feeling of 'non-bonding' with the natural mother, sometimes even 'a wicked stepmother/ stepfather'.
With Moon to Pluto in Scorpio, you might find professional psychological help/hypnosis/regression an excellent way to find the answers that will help you overcome your medical problem.


07-29-2007, 12:18 AM
thank you very much. first of all, I`ve seen cancer and it`s ruler Moon in libra as something indicative. But never thought about Lillith and aries in it. That`s quite interesting. also, I`ve never thought about the possibility of being my mother involved in the scene, which gives me much more clues. I do not have a bad relationship with her, but her way of expressing sometimes lacks of "sweetness" demostration , which always meant to me a path for wanting too much demostration from others, like a big need of it.
anyway, my boyfriend tells me that a traumathic experience must be hidden and I am negatting it, the problem is this kind of situations do not come to light by simple remembrance. I`ll need to go to a very good therapist or someone that has some kind of proficiency in hypnosis.

If anyboy else sees another clue in the chart, it is welcome!!!

Thank you so much Frisiangal for helping me!

08-03-2007, 02:41 PM
thats obvious with a weak/harmful jupiter in your chart
i was expecting diabetes when i saw your chart from other post, but now i'm not surprised to read this.
If you know how to cast annual charts, then you'll see that every year (between your date of births) saturn will rule for 57 days and chronic disease will trouble you a lot during this period.

last time it was between april-may 2006
and next will be between feb-mar 2008

08-03-2007, 02:43 PM
thank you, anyway... this is not a real diabetes, it`s called like that because of it synthoms, not really being one of them.

want to ask a question: why is this jupiter weak?

thank you

08-03-2007, 02:47 PM
ok..when i cast ur chart in vedic method, i see jupiter in capricorn ascendant.
(this can vary in western method)
JUP is debilated in capricorn and is viewed by retro saturn(again planetary aspects come from vedic)
when a weak jup is viewed by strong sat, it gives symptoms of jup related diseases like diabetes

also moon is conjucnt with south node, which will keep you detached from materialistc things as age grows

12-06-2007, 05:41 PM
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