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05-01-2007, 06:12 PM
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I would not use Uranian Planets in any form of important analysis, especially medical. The Traditional Planets provide ALL of the information we need about EVERY diseases and diagnosis. The fact that one would need to look to other Planets to determine this shows they should not be using Astrology for medical purposes. That is quite dangerous and reckless.

05-02-2007, 12:49 AM
I haven't studied the Uranian planets in depth, to be honest. I am not against being creative and try to experiment with new concepts as one learns and sees if they work in practice, but personally I don't use them. I feel overwhelmed enough with all the information one has to learn about the traditional planets and their use in the different branches of Astrology.:o


05-02-2007, 05:20 AM
Hello Jagetoile,

I want to address a couple of issues concerning the rule of Uranus in Astrology.

These issue(s) involve not only Uranus, but ALL of the planets.

1. We are not Doctors and can not, therefore, "diagnose"

2. Because we are not Doctors we can not tell you that Saturn afflicts your, (e.g. Natal Moon), any more than Uranus afflicts your kneebone.

3. If you ever encounter an Astrologer that promises to diagnose you or to "cure what Ails you," .........

4. RUN.................

Legally\Morally, this is not allowed or even possible in our "realm" of education and qualifications. Would you ask your dentist to perform a triple bypass on you because you are having "chest pains?"

Absolutely not.

Your dentist may say that your left l2 molar is discolored and express concerns that , normally, point to a "left ventricle" heart relapse. Who do youi believe? Heart Specialist? Dentist? Heart Specialist.......? You get the point.

Getting back to Uranus..... Was your question in reference to Natal, Progression or Horary?

I know that this is somewhat confusing but I will try to explain:

Astrology normally attempts to encompass the "whole." This means ALL of the known planets in our solar system...and YES.....this includes Pluto as well.

The "traditional" Horary followers will tell you that only the "inner" planets should be used in their reading's\interpretations. They will argue that the "tradition rules" work because it is based on experience and results. Push forward.....tradition based on what?...whose rules? Whom? The answer will always follow.....LILLY.

Ask this......

Was Lilly's work based on traditon? Did he not, CONSISTENTLY, change or alter his "rules" to fit his desired outcome? He did, CONSISTENTLY.

So, I tell you this...Uranus IS a recognised planet that is used in Medical Astrology. Horary? NO. Should you use it in this branch? ABSOLUTELY...if you have seen its cause\effect and it WORKS FOR YOU.

God help Lilly if he ever came forth in this age.......he would be referred to the Arab's and reprimanded. The moon rises and the the moon sets......PERIOD!!! BLASPHEMY to all who DISAGREE!!

Uranus rules:

Nerves and Erratic Functioning
The bodies Electric Circuits "mis-firing" (e.g. Seizures)
Sudden events such as Ruptures or Haemorrhages

Continue on and learn.

05-02-2007, 05:28 AM
Uranian astrologers use them heavily in medical astrology, although I haven't tried such methods personally.

According to Eileen Nauman in her book "Medical Astrology"...

a) Hades, Admetos, Apollon, Zeus, and Vulkanus can be used for medical analysis.
b) Cupido, Poseidon, and Kronos have little effect on personal health
c) Cupido afflicted may indicate health issues not with the self, but rather with close family members
d) Uranian objects are used only on the 90-degree dial, their direct transits are not observed, and midpoint configurations are the most important to pay attention to when working with the Uranian objects on the 90-degree dial.
e) They can add extra information on top of the traditional planets.

Eileen goes into more detail and provides potential interpretations for a number of medical midpoint structures involving the Uranians, it's a most interesting read. Now if I could only find time to start attempting to apply it all!

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