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04-08-2007, 11:03 PM

i've been down for a few months and have been on anti deps but it doesn't always take away the "Fear" i feel and frustration over having life events happen that have been life altering and in succession with no breaks. endo for 18 years, then hurt neck at work for 5 years for which workers comp wants me to go back to work and i'm not healed yet and then a near fatal car accident in july of last year. while recupping i fell and messed up my right eye so it now wanders. and i'm just so darn down and not knowing if i'll ever be normal or functionable again. i can't sleep and am up utnil all hours ofthe morning and i can't go for retraining if i have that. also have a few personal issues including family problems. so things are rampant.

march 6,1963
queens,ny 73w52 40n43
11:02p.m. (no DST)

ran transit chart and oh my god the mess. sun cn uran, mh sq mh, asc sq sat,uran con asc (duble whammy), sun sq jup so not much luck, sat opp sat oh my goodness, asc sq nep addictions to doing what i want is up, axc sq chiron, nep sq sat,ur sq mh, sat con nep, jup sq jup, jup sq pluto,chir con uran, uran sq ven

wow that seems like an awful lot to be hit with LONG TERM. i didn't really see too many short term and the long term seem to be the ones that are causing deep depression and catastrophe huh? anyone see when things might be taking a lighter turn to the best as all the above are applying aspects.

thanks for anyone's attempt onthe chart.
smiles and warmest spring wishes

04-09-2007, 07:51 AM
Hi Jag,

I have some experience of a long list of confronting experiences and the edges of depression. I relate to some hard difficult things. I remember one thing that helped me find a way out, which was to do things I love, however small, and make them part of my life. That meant art was not an option it was a necessity, I have not regretted once and it left me blessed. That does not mean rich, with a successful relationship and wonderful children. I have none of those things. But I found the beauty in the wilderness, I grew those flowers that survive in the deepest desert, and walked my way through the dark night of the soul.

Nothing that anyone can say to me is shocking. I can listen to whatever I need to, which means I accept whatever experience life gives. I also know that there are things in your life today that are beautiful and worthy of gratitude, all you have to do is acknowledge them, and make them more important than the other parts of your life. Concentrate on what you want more of..... Any transit is seen in both positive and negative terms, you have the power to chose. Believe in that power. Me, I am coming to my Uranus opp Uranus, sun square Uranus, transits. I thin k I will be tested, but I might just come out understanding more about life.....

I notice that the Pisces/Virgo 10/4 axis is intercepted. There are some good threads on interceptions here. Your Sun Jupiter and Pluto all fall here, tricky to find. But the doorway is through the sign on the cusp of the house that holds the intercepted sign. This may indicate that your bliss is hidden within somehow. Aries and Libra rule 4 houses between them, 5, 6, 11, and 12. Which can indicate a wealth of experience in these issues.

Finding your sun may open up your gifts. A scorpio neptune ascendent would indicate a very sensitive and perceptive individual. There is a beauty inside you, and a strength to follow your path. Become aware of the little things in life.

Love & Light

04-09-2007, 09:20 PM
I want to also add that any transits can be positive. Use this time of energy to make important changes both external and internal. Flea has very good advice, find the things you love and are passionate about and do them. I think every Pisces struggles with emotions and challenges. Sorry but i have little experience with transits to interpret when you may have better times.

Hope this helps...