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04-07-2007, 04:26 AM

i have a high school girlfriend (we were just close, good friends no romantic ties in the least) and i just get a sinking feeling she has passed over. she ALWAYS sends xmas cards and will write whenever she is down and it's been at least two years since i've heard from her. we always catch up no matter what and have just known it's a forever always friendship without having to be on each other's back doorstep 24/7. last time i talked with her she had to be raced back into surgery because they finally believed her that she was bleeding to death from putting coils in her veins for problems. was a totally botched up thing that shouldn't have happened but she made it. so where i feel this emptiness when i think of her and her old phone number and address aren't goo anymore, i figured i'd check with horary on this one.

has my friend died?
april 6, 2007
bradford, massachusetts (71w05, 42n46)
asc using regio houses is 14 scor, with moon at 4sag22

she's represented by the 11th and i know it's late in degree but if it's a case of do i already know (gut feeing said she's gone) but i'm double checking where i wasn't in touch with anyone else that knows her. so she's represented by mercury and does she get cosignificator of the moon as well. doesn't matter where it's last aspect is con pluto which is not friendly terms.

the turned 4th is her 6th house of surgery. not lots of positive here i'll tell you.

part of death is 21tau26 and that conj venus (teardrops of sadness cause i can only mean she died peacefully under anesthesia or something) it does sextile mercury so i'm assuming that if she did have surgery she was afraid of not making it out alive and it does also squ saturn, mean old cold hearted saturn so where it was a sq it can't be good. part of surgery is 27tauand it's not a tight asp to part of death but it does hit conj venus and sextiles mercury with a sqare to mars (darn it). doesn't mars rule surgery so having the planet ruling something be in a square aspect with an arabic part be solomn? this is not looking good and i've put it off for awhile but if she's gone she's gone and i wish her peace and happiness. she was a beautiful soul that would give you the shirt off her back.

there were no aspects really between a major significators. did find these four separating: mars sex pluto, mercu sq jup, this would have been a positive had it beenapplying but it's separating venus sex fortune. the only applying one is horrid one merc sq pluto i say all signs point to she has passed on and it was due to surgery complications. There arenít any applying aspects just all separating sorrowful one indicating what has happened to her, she's passed on way too early.

see now if it wasn't for horary i would just assume i'd be losing touch with a good friend frm severe life circumstances but now horary has shown me i can reach out and ask questions and that more than makes up for feeling iike i just gt run over by a mac tuck over and over. again. if she passed, i know she led a full life it's just a 12 year old daughter that i'm worried about beause neither of her boys are parenting material and there is such an age difference and she's now in the early stages of teeangership--her sisters are losers and hopefully she isn't in their custody that's why i wish she was alive and living wiht her boyfriend who made her so happy. he couldn't magically fix her medcal problems; athough i'm sure he wants to and has done his best to be supportive.
thanks to anyone who can confirm or deny my friend passing over into heaven.

04-07-2007, 03:47 PM
Using the method of William Lilly for the question concerning whether an absent person is alive or dead, your friend, the quesited in this chart is represented by Mercury the lord of house 11. The Moon is a secondary significator of the quesited. To indicate the passing of the quesited, Mercury must be in house 4 or 8 of either the main chart or turned chart. This is not the case.

Another indication would have the Moon and Mercury in the 12th from the 11th and afflicted by malefics. This also is not the case. The Sun is in the 6th but is otherwise not afflicted. Mercury has aspects with both Jupiter and Venus which is favorable for life. According to this, the quesited still lives. I hope this is helpful for you.