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03-27-2007, 04:05 PM
A medical report in 1998 from the AMA estimated that adverse reactions to prescription drugs are killing about 106,000 Americans each year. This report excluded drugs that were administered in error or taken in attempted suicides. I’m not sure what year the article listed below was written but it says that in the last 8 years prescriptions drug sales have doubled and the study included hospital reports from the last 32 years. I think it was written in 98 or 99. Google showed me that 2005 saw a 5.8% increase and 2006 showed an 8.3% increase so the rate is still climbing.


Looking at the relationship of Neptune and Uranus for the time period included in this study until present we see that between 1966 and 2007, it started out with Uranus being Rx in Virgo sextile Neptune in Scorpio. During Neptune’s trek through Sagittarius indiscriminate over prescribing antibiotics was the craze. Over use of pitocin became popular to induce birth resulting in the near death of my 3rd baby, contractions so severe, pulling his cord more tightly around his neck as he struggled to be born. By the mid 80’s, once Uranus moved into Sagittarius also, I was becoming very aware of this and began to find my own natural alternatives, having that same child develope slight allergies from antibiotics used for ear infections that kept being passed back and forth with his little friend, who ended up developing asthma as a result. He is the friend that was just killed after depression made worse by antidepressants prescribed by his doctor. Now I understand the Neptune connection.

Late in 88 they both were in Capricorn being conjunct at 20* in 1993. By this time I never needed to ask for a doctors help with ear infections or other minor problems as I developed and/or discovered my own cures. Not one of the next 4 children ever had discomfort in their ear that developed into a full blown infection because I knew how to stop it. It was during this conjunction that I and my unborn baby were exposed to residual radiation from a radioactive MRI they did on my mom which I took her for and had to wait with her. Fortunately, only his baby teeth were developing at the time. But everyone of those teeth had one or more cavity develop. None of my 7 kids, even the adult ones ever had cavities, and never in baby teeth. None of the medical “professionals” will believe me that this is the cause, but I know it is. Some day, they will too.

The AMA study was done once Uranus moved into Aquarius, Neptune ingressing by the end of 98. In 2004 they began their mutual reception. Looking at internet as an Aquarian domain I find that 2005 sales to the U.S. by Canadian internet pharmacies reached $420-million, but in 2006 sales declined almost 50 per cent, to $211-million. Medicare prescription coverage and the US trying to stop drugs not legal here are the cause, I believe. But still, prescription drug use is climbing.

As these two giants complete their time of mutual reception, how can we, as a whole, learn and benefit from the rising problems of treating the symptoms with synthetic chemicals (Neptune) while avoiding the cure and root cause? What would we be better off without (Uranus) so that we can truly be healed and whole (Neptune)? How does the US compare to other companies in how we deal with health? I can't even find a doctor that is more holistic minded.

Sag Moon
03-27-2007, 10:58 PM
look below!

Sag Moon
03-27-2007, 11:12 PM
Hey AQ
Interesting stuff!

I gave up on meds after trying Zoloft and Paxil. I really question anything now that a dr. prescribes unless I see it as proven with no side effects.

There is a very big problem with the pharmaceutical cos. That is ongoing In this country. It seems that they want to prescribe something for everything making the whole country junkies without knowing it.

In the past it was just deal with it. Now any feeling is dealt with using a med. They are more reluctant to prescribe pain meds then anything else. It seems that many won’t give you anything even if you have a gunshot wound and they will take a broken leg person in before someone profusely bleeding .

It is strange how things have progressed in medicine today.

Another thing I am seeing that I and my sister talked about yesterday is that those going to AA meetings are using prescription meds and thinking they are not under the influence of drugs and being clean. This is the case with Methadone which is one of the worst addictive drugs to rid oneself of. Only 3%,that’s 3%, of those that are put on it can rid themselves of the addiction once started.Those that try to get free from it are put on Suboxone in some cases or else are weaned off using various other methods.

There is much debate as to signatures in the chart which are most prevalent that signal that a person will have addiction problems. I have run into 24Sag ,my moon degree as having a high degree of addiction problems. I only get in trouble when I drink therefore I no longer do so.

I know a few people that are on Methadone and it is a really bad drug to be on. I think Heroin is easier to break free from. Now they have Oxycodone that has spread like wildfire through the drug community.

Yesterday I threw out my back and am taking an opiate for it. I shall not be using anything after Friday so I am going to be ok,but for those that use opiates long term their ordeal is a sad one when trying to break free from them.

I take Ambien for a sleep disorder and that is it with the exception of Levoxel(?) for a thyroid condition, but I do visit a Detox site to help others. I never wish to be addictive to any substance again after ridding myself of opiates a few months ago. I did not have a heavy addiction to them ,but I did not want to get addicted to them either.

Today people are unconscious what there daily intake of substnces that are prescribed to them from drs. And before they know it they unwittingly are in the grasp of addiction due to not being aware of their drs. Prescribed help.

Neptune 5th at 7degree,Moon 24 Degree of Sag and a few other indicators could contribute to an addiction to drugs for myself.. It is the one thing that I can say that astrology has helped make me aware of.

I am a water\Fire\earth person which is easily influenced to be lead into addiction IMO.

Sadly much of the rain forest is being destroyed to make way for development .The oceans are being polluted and the sky’s are also being polluted.

One hope is for R&D using ocean organisms .One recent voyage dragged the ocean botto and found 100’s of organisms that could lead to the discovery for many diseases.

IMO the wholistic approach should be used in conjunction with known meds. We should not discount either. I tried several OTC and mineral supplements to help with my sleeping disorder.
I am not for using anything that plays on the brain for depression. I also think that the med community being reluctant in some cases to prescribe mild opiates for certain people is not right as opium has been used from thee dawn of time and is a proven drug for those that suffer severe pain issues. It is being weaned out in favor of using lab developed pharmaceuticals which they know nothing about long range effects such as Suboxone which from what I have read can have a detrimental effect on the mind. That is why I endorse the use of opium for some people over these designer pain killers. And I would not endorse methadone for anyone. It was developed by the Nazi’s as one example as to it’s source. It was developed to keep soldiers on the Russian front from falling asleep and freezing to death as one use and a substitute for opiates which the Nazi’s had trouble attaining during the war..

I see that one of the warnings for taking erectal drugs is that they have an effect on eyesight. What they use to say about to much se might make you go blind,well it's being proven now,LOL. How can someone have a hard on for 4hrs.? That would make you go blind!

03-27-2007, 11:56 PM
Yes, I know several people using oxycotin. One person keeps claiming someone stole their whole months supply within a day or two of getting the refill. Pain meds are very hard to get off from if taken for a long time. My son had a long term back problem then surgery. He had to take himself off too quickly and had a really rough time of withdrawal.

I don't believe we need to "discover" the cures only in the rainforest or ocean bottom. Did you know that every country probably has a plant with similar chemicals as other countries? Take a look at Culpeper's herbal (http://www.med.yale.edu/library/historical/culpeper/culpeper.htm). He has a cure listed for everything, even with the planet that rules it.

I have been asking for a long time in Michigan if anyone knows of a more holistic doctor. No one does. Any I mention my experience to just scoff at me.

I had an interesting experience that shows that our bodies "know" and want to teach us. I had some bottles waiting for me to wash and recycle from my brother. They had Coptis tincture, or maybe a homeopathic, I don't recall. Anyway, I was going about my daily routine and suddenly began getting symptoms of a sty in my eye. Something told me this wasn't a real stye, that my body was trying to tell me something, make me see something. Then I saw those bottles and wondered if they could be connected and wondered how. I know the word Coptis is the same root as copulate, at least I assume so. I've often wondered about how the Coptic church and Egyptians ever got and chose that name. My brother had said he used this liquid for parasites. I remember asking him is someone parisitising him. Actually I should have asked him who he was parasitising, LOL. Anyway, I didn't think that was my answer so I got out trusty Hortis III and looked up the plant. Guess what. It has been used medicinally for styes and other eye problems. Immediately after my illumination, the itching and redness went away. How is that for cool? I read that is how Culpeper learned the use of plants. He sat with one in front of him, meditating on it until he developed the symptoms that it would cure.

Sag Moon
03-28-2007, 02:17 AM
I knew many indians in the service and they know alot about medicinal herbs and thing. You might wan to move to the SW and learn from them.

I will send you info when I move there, right in the backyard of our other BB owner. He'll love to have me as a guest,huh?

I'll put in a good word for you with the spirits! They do hear my prayers and rants unlike those at some sites where they try their best to ignore my genius,LOL!

Have you noticed that those that are full of Air which makes them analyitcal do not think there is another dimension beyond themselves?

Regarding the lack of an element there is much I have found written about that. Those that lack air are suprising . One is Steven Speilberg which I found intresting. It is said they find another form to communicate through. For me it should be sign language. We find altrnatives like art to work through.

It is unusual that I was able to recover quickly this time through just the use of a heat pad and self massage(?). It was the worst I had ever experienced this time and am surprised it worrked so well. I am starting to think i have the ability to heal through touch.I know I have the ability to read others thoughts through touch. I wonder weather I can heal through the same technique. I can easily find out through my sister.

This morning I could not walk without gracing myself to get up almost crawling to the kitchen. By late this afternoon I could walk and made it to the supermalrket.More for the birds than myself.

I might try healing tomorrow when I see her.

Sag Moon
03-28-2007, 02:43 AM
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654
Yes,I had his chart and had read stuff before about him.

I would hate to think that others discount all medicine and just rely on the churches and herbal or natural meds only which some religious teachers ask .

There have been families that have allowed their children to die because they discounted one or the other in order to find a cure. Each should be used.

When my mother was dying I conferred online during my audio research and he tried to guide me in using alternatives to help her. The Drs. here killed her though due to their use of radiation.Nice lying chaps!

On the site you sent me under Venus's Herbs there is Cocks Head which I think I'll pass on to use!

What herbs are used for what I wonder.

SOme of these are not used or have been proven to be used.

There is a book about herbal meds that is a best seller. You need to do much research into the subject.

If I were to get into this I would need to charge a fee for my abilities to heal. I should have started a website for Stocks also which Heenry Weingarten suggest I do.

03-28-2007, 03:02 PM
Oh, but remember, before the phamacutical gods existed, herbs were here being used quite sucessfully. Even todays drugs are synthetic copies of the "active" ingredient in herbs used for thousands of years. The problem with the synthetic copy is they only copied one ingredient. There hundreds of chemicals that form a plant substance. Some are vital to help the body assimilate it safely, acting as a buffer. That's why the synthetic drugs have so many dangerous side affects. Take asprin as one example. They discovered that it is salycilic acid that blocks the pain and made willow and other herbs popular from releaving headaches. But they don't tear up the lining of your stomach. That's because of the other parts that make up the plant material.

As to where the line should be drawn with regards to receiving medical treatment, it is a fine line. What one person says is right here may not be right for another. Some can handle western medicine drugs and other's can't as shown by their constitution. It will be a dangerous thing to police everyone based on a small groups morality and perception. Apparantly Michigan judge has ruled on more than one occasion that an employee has no right to refuse carpal tunnel surgery. How dare they try and force their philosophical beliefs on me. My body and god-self tells me that if I modify my lifestyle and work to fit the requirements of my body, I do not need surgery which will only complicate the matter with scar tissue. Also, I know of no one (my attorney knows of one out of hundreds) that has had the surgery and hasn't had a recurrent problem when returning to the same or similar work. I would make the same decision for my child and I don't think it would be wise for anyone to stand in my way.

When one child cut his foot badly I treated it myself. When another did the same I had it stitched, only because I needed to be sure nothing but muscle was cut. My child was in more danger of getting a staph infection than if I'd cared for it alone. But I completed the care so that wouldn't have happened, anyway. Should I have been considered an unfit mother for caring for the other's myself? One of my son's at 17 or so cut himself using a chainsaw carelessly. The doctor passed a word of judgement that I shouldn't allow a "child" to use dangerous tools. Should I still be cutting his food for him too? A century ago he would have been married having babies by that age, sheesh. We let them hunt at 12 or even earlier. No wonder kids are confused.

06-06-2007, 06:32 AM
Should I have been considered an unfit mother for caring for the other's myself? One of my son's at 17 or so cut himself using a chainsaw carelessly. The doctor passed a word of judgement that I shouldn't allow a "child" to use dangerous tools. Should I still be cutting his food for him too? A century ago he would have been married having babies by that age, sheesh. We let them hunt at 12 or even earlier. No wonder kids are confused.
Yeah, modern day society is pretty neurotic. Like were all suposed to be idiots
who cant do anything, scared of everything, thats stupid.
You overprotect people and they become too dependent, and well..... stupid.
Even sex and procreation like you say today is regarded as something evil.
Soon well have laws like they do in China where you can only have one kid and the second one you have to pay taxes for. I think they still do that I dont know, or I wasnt really paying attention in history class in high school.
Soon there will be a drug for "sexual urges" in teenagers, I wouldnt doubt some moron dreaming it up but it would never fly, then again we do have riddalin in our schools. I saw a test once done in schools where they put real whole food in a school system and test scores increased phenomonaly, and school violence dropped by something like 30% and this was in like a matter of 6 weeks, unbelievable when you think about it.
The program was cut because the school needed to be on some goverment program where the food was actually more expensive them the Whole food, but other stuff came with the deal.
Funny thing is the kids really liked the real food.
Fu$king A$sholes.
I saw it on the extras of that film super size me on DVD.
Im gonna have to buy it again cause there was alot of good stuff in the extras, and thefilm was cool too, Im suprised that the fast food industry is actually allowed to exist in this day in age.
Hopefully Saturn in Virgo slaps them in the face.
Kindly though so we dont starve or nothing.

06-06-2007, 02:48 PM
I think there are some travesties visited upon us by large corporations where no-one THINKS they have to take responsibility for their actions as it is not easily proven or ascribed.

I dont even take aspirin or paracetamol now. I look to other means, yes I have done homeopathics and I also am very careful with what types of food I eat, hardly any processed foods so NO chemicals preservatives flavourings etc etc. No-one I believe knows the accumulative effect of these food additives.

As I clean my eating habits and make sure I drink good water (pref filitered rain water or some spa mineral waters) my health has improved tremendously.

I do feel that one day it will be proved that these processed foods have a huge effect on behaviour and personality and not just physical health. It is a wonder people are so trusting.

There is a way to circumvent this is by taking control back within community groups with true democracy not party political games, where two choices given neither beneficial. We are possibly being conned into thinking we need things from government when collectively we can and do make changes.

I would like to see the true cost of products in environmental terms, and the effect on the body, the wages and conditions of the people that made the products on each item for sale, and the true profit made too. Then we would have a true choice in a free market with full accountability.

Truth is marketed within the system and not practiced. There is some great information on the web and there is much holistic health information which is growing rapidlu, people like deepak chopra, larry doesy, ayurvedic style medicine (indian holistic), TCM, wayne dyer, lousie hay, annette noontil just start looking and you find your own names that resonate.

Me too T-square, I think Saturn in Virgo will be a watershed for health, especially as the pluto/uranus in virgo generation is now in their forties and in a position to do something about it.

Love & Light