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dr. farr
06-20-2012, 07:03 AM

dr. farr
06-22-2012, 06:00 AM
This former listing (before I deleted it) should be in the dignities and debilities section (where I posted it originally)-and where my thread on elevated and pitted degrees, is still (and where it should be!)

I think that this Traditional forum has to do with the APPLICATIONS of concepts and methods in the Traditionalist fashion, and also with discussions of Traditionalist philosophy, but that specific subjects such as houses, house division, cusps, DIGNITIES and debilities, aspects and configurations, each are best discussed in their appropriate sections/forums under the overall Natal Astrology heading: at least this is my opinion!!

06-22-2012, 10:09 AM
I did not quite gather your definition of traditional or appplications;
but if I may say, traditional views normally means to me stuck, rigid,
and not in the here and now. progressive also can be too futuristic
and out of the practical vein, not understood. I take a view that both are
valid in their way, and asking if we need to define the forums they apply to, aspects, houses, etc. which are used in both traditional and progressive, then be very clear about the definition.

excuse my ignorance, but what are (or is) the bright, dark or mixed degrees?

thank you for good reply.

dr. farr
06-23-2012, 04:09 AM
They are special qualities of the degrees of the ecliptic, just as pitted and elevated degrees are special qualities: in my now deleted post I had explained the meanings of these special qualities, as well as giving a list (corrected for our modern sign numeration) of these degrees; I will repost both my explanation of these meanings and the list of these degrees, if I am allowed to do so in the forum in which they belong, ie, in the Dignities and Debilities section (where my post of the elevated and pitted degrees is posted)