View Full Version : Last Summer eclipse 9 Cancer, Pluto now opposing and Mars soon squaring

Neptune Rising
05-15-2012, 11:50 AM
Bit worried about posting this on a void Moon....

However, I was wondering how people are finding the triggers to last summers eclipse?

For me, the eclipse last summer at 9 degrees Cancer was exactly square my natal 9th/10th house Pluto. It fell in my 7th house. It also trined my Moon. And transiting Pluto is now also opposing this point. Mars will be squaring this in July this summer, plus Uranus is nearly exactly square to that point too! That is some major change going on for planets at 9 degrees Cardinal signs!

I see this unfolding in my life through my teaching career undergoing a major shake up and change (as well as other parts of my life transforming)! I was wondering what that eclipse would bring to my career and I can finally see. I am taking part in a course that starts just as transiting Mars approaches square to the eclipse point, and conjunct to my natal Pluto. Uranus' energy is going to be felt as well, from the base of my chart, radically transforming my whole way of being!

05-15-2012, 01:34 PM
it fell right on my sun in my 5th house. i am not sure what its effects would have been, though... if any.

Neptune Rising
05-16-2012, 10:03 AM
Thanks bittermoon. I think the Sun is your self expression, so maybe not an external event manifests in that case?

For me, it was in my 7th and I've met a person last year who has really helped empower me in my career and my teaching and my general beliefs (square my 9th/10th house Pluto). He was the person who first showed me a new technique which I then got recommended by my physiotherapist to do as well to heal my imbalances, structurally (and emotionally). Now, I love it so much, I'm including it in my regular classes and doing the teacher training course in July - just as Mars comes to square the eclipse point, and conjunct my natal Pluto. Natal Pluto sits at the MC, in Libra and Libra rules my MC, 5th and 6th houses, so its all changing my career, my health (6th) and romance as well as self expression (5th house). I am sure, without a doubt, that that eclipse last summer triggered this all off. Plus loads of other transits I am going through help the story to play out and unravel. I love how it all links! :)

05-19-2012, 08:50 AM
In my life I somehow think this all has to do also with the eclipse of tomorrow and 4th june.

I just know from the degrees but no idea how it will manifest.

The eclipse of july last year was in my 8th house and there the most eclipses have taken place the past years. I did not reckon the degree was really anything special for me. I have uranus 9 libra, moon 8 pisces and mars 7 aqua. That eclipse changed my life.

Within two weeks from the eclipse I broke up with my dearest friend. It sort of came as a surprise. Later i also cleaned out some ppl in my life who really had been bothering me for a long time.

This birthday was the first one those ppl not remembering me. Not even on the wrong date :devil: Now I finally feel freed from my ex who haunted me for seven years, a woman I studied with almost 20 years ago with drinking and other problems and also from a female friend who only was expecting me to help her financially. To all of these I had tried to explain I cannot give them what they want from me. I could not be my exes friend althou I did not love him anymore, I could not be a drinking buddy and an eternal listener, neither did I have any money at all to "lend". But these ppl did not see or understand this. I realised from the eclipses in nov and dec I had to focus on my self.

But about the eclipse and the person i first broke up with - I īm not sure. A great part of me thinks about meeting that person again, that it was all just a misunderstanding but I had to do some soul searching. I was not mad at him really... So to the question. If itīs triggered, then it is that this feeling becomes stronger.

Even if it was sad last autumn and winter I saw breaking up from these ppl as one process. But now I guess the july eclipse was in another house and itīs not the same process. Althou it all has to do with how I and others see me.