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02-16-2007, 10:32 AM
Hi everyone,
Have been reading the posts on here to do with health. I am impressed by the replies and because of this I was wondering if you could help me with a problem I have.
I have done a horary for the question as above.
Time 16.43
Date 3rd Feb 2007
Place 52.0N 1.00 W
The ascendant is 13 degrees Leo and some minutes
My problem is I wake in the morning with fluid in my right ear (not painful just sore) not enough to spill out. My right cheek feels funny but not swollen and I get a funny taste in the morning. I have had problems with my ears for a few years now the doctor has treated them but not successfully. She has now prescribed antibiotics which I have not taken yet. On my last visit she looked in my ear and said she could see nothing and I suggested that perhaps my sinuses were infected hence the pills.The other thing that has been going on is that I had my front tooth capped about three years ago and it has never been comfortable. I have been back many times for little adjustments but he says thats all he can do and it is probably the nerve dying. It throbs after eating but not too painful just irritating. THe doc says I have to take the pills and if they don't work I will then and only then be referred to an ENT specialist. So really I don't know whether it is my sinuses, my tooth or my ears and both the doc and the dentist are well fed up with me.
Any light that anybody can shed on this problem will be so gratefully received. I have to see the dentist next week for general check up am not looking forward to moaning to him AGAIN.

My birth data is 6 June 1950 5.10am Oxford UK

02-17-2007, 01:52 PM
Hi everyone

Is there nobody out there!


02-17-2007, 11:43 PM
Hi Moonshine,
If you are seeking an answer to your query via an horary, you might do well to place the question again in the horary section. However, I think it is true to say that medication only relieves pain, it does not cure the complaint.

Neptune rules medication and is natally well aspected to your Gemini Sun on your Ascendant, which would suggest that you are not adverse to taking it for the relief it brings. However, right now transiting Jupiter is in its own sign transiting your 6th house and opposing natal Sun, as if you don't have complete trust in your doctor or dentist regarding your current complaints. Yet that same Jupiter sextiles Neptune, which would suggest improvement of health via medication.

Gemini can suffer from 'nerve problems' and neuralgia. There's a lot of activity to and from Mercury going on in your chart at this time, as well as to and from Venus. Taurus rules the ears (although drums and bone have associations with Saturn, labyrinth with Neptune) and your Venus is in Taurus and also rules Libra on your 6th house cusp. A question of instable balance affecting the ears?
You have a Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini in the 1st house. How do you feel about 'changing a habit' and taking homeopathic medication for your complaints? With Chiron transiting Aquarius as well and soon to enter a long term trine with natal Sun, alternative treatment could be helpful and is not harmful in any way. I am of the Uranus in Gemini generation myself with Aquarius on 6th house cusp, but also with a heavy Taurus content, yet my 'nervy' body takes to homeopathy very well.
The teeth are ruled by Saturn, which is currently in a transiting square with natal Mercury. Natal mercury squares Pluto, intercepted ruler of 6th house. Saturn rules 8th house. So your dentist saying 'the nerve may be dying' could well be true. With transiting Saturn retrograde until mid-April, it could be a question of your poor Gemini Self having to grin and bear it.

Hope you'll be feeling better very soon.


02-18-2007, 08:27 AM
Hello Frisiangal
Firstly may I say that I am glad you answered my post I was hoping you would. I have read many of your answers to questions on the medical section and have been mightily impressed. Secondly, no I don't have much faith or trust in either of them at the moment. My doctor especially because of the saga of the ear treatments given last year which in the end were not the cure. A visit to the local hospital for ear cleanse did but again reluctantly referred to by the doctor. The dentist in the past has been excellent and I so wanted this to work out so I suppose it is disappointment more than non trust. Yes, at the moment I do feel extremely anxious at this time as if something dreadful is going to happen any minute - my life now is very different to what it was a few years ago and much less enjoyable and satisfying - so perhaps thats what all this is about. Oh well!
Can you recommend any alternative treatments for me?

Thank you

02-18-2007, 10:46 AM
[QUOTE]my life now is very different to what it was a few years ago and much less enjoyable and satisfying - so perhaps thats what all this is about. Oh well!

I think it is.....and it is far from well!..... but didn't want to go into any psychosomatic explanations ( physical complaint as a result of non-expressed emotion) as you only asked whether the pills would cure.

I mentioned the strong activity in your chart going on now, effecting circumstances, but you also have a number of 'warning bells' aspects in your natal chart that could present a predisposition to a physical disorder if the planetary energy is not used in the manner it should be and, therefore, works inwardly through the body. The fact that it is the energy in the Taurus region that is now causing physical discomfort AND this energy is in the 12th house would seem to concur with your idea that 'life....is much less enjoyable than it was', as if you feel isolated from all the physical pleasure that Taurus enjoys. I always refer to the 12th house as 'the cupboard under the stairs' or 'the lost and found department'. It contains things in it that we put away and forget about but are always there if we want to utilise them again. We simply have to find them again amongst all the rubbish (e.g. thoughts, deeds, feelings, woes, grievances, irritations etc.) we have hung on to that, for Taurus, are no longer valuable and have no worth in the future.
You might like to ask yourself what is of value to you; a pocketful of gold or your health? Money in the bank or a wonderful sense of humour? A big but lonely house or evenings amongst friends in a small room? No one can bring back that enjoyment into your life except YOU, yourself, by changing particular attitudes that may have helped you before but no longer work now. Taurus, as a sign, is so resistant to change but only because it unsettles its desire for stability. But life is in constant motion, as are the planets, and things never stay the same. If Taurus is prepared to feel secure in what it personally possesses rather than looking outside itself for stability through its physical 'possessions', it can and does move on without any problem.
Saturn has a way of bringing things to an end. It shows us when we have reached the limit of our possibilities. Whilst it is transiting Leo I have seen so many people who have had to succumb to its restrictions upon themselves, but only because they ask more of/for themselves than is physically possible. Even Taurus has to reach a stage when it realises that it cannot HAVE everything and needs to make choices....Libra...than remain living with uncertainties that are seen as restraining to it.

Can you recommend any alternative treatments for me?

Taking yourself out of your doldrums would be a good start:D
Find new ways to enjoy yourself. Venus in Taurus is not only about l-o-v-e.
It's also about sweetness, pleasure and enjoyment. Treat yourself to some....although don't go overboard with too much physical cream and pastries! With your personal planet and chart ruler also in Taurus, use your voice to laugh, sing, speak, joke, relate to people. Find an (behind the scenes?) interest that brings you in contact with people....even through 12th house voluntary service of some kind or other. It DOES work! Use Saturn in Leo to discipline yourself and any creative side you possess that can be used in a way that can take you out of any isolation you feel encompassing you.
I noticed that your Gemini Ascendant has now sec. progr. to Leo and squares Venus. What about a change of style? A new wardrobe of clothes, or at least a new outfit and hair-do that will accentuate your attractiveness.

I work with astrological symbolism, so can offer no medical remedies that will do the work for you. Jupiter is the best medicine.....optimism and joy of life. Seeing and counting your blessings.;) However, if you go to a GOOD natural health shop (rather than local drugstore), the personnel should be able to advise you what would help relieve any physical symptons. Bach remedies (Taurus loves flowers!) also seem to work very well in relieving stress. Hopefully there are other members instructed in natural health disciplines who have read your post and can offer their ideas.

All the best to you.


02-18-2007, 02:08 PM
Dear Frisangel
Thank you so much - your kindness has overwhelmed me. Yes, I do need to pick myself up but I can't seem to get the momentum up to start. I have been filling my days with learning astrology (this has been ongoing for 20 years) and spending most of my days online. I am just so interested in the subject. Whether I would be any good or not is anybody's guess! By the way I don't mind you getting psychological on me!