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02-05-2007, 02:00 PM
HI everyone I hope this is a sensible question.
I have just read the post on Saturn in dignity/debility and I wondered if you can explain about my Saturn in Virgo
It is in the 5th house - my ascendant is Gemini - the 5th house cusp is Virgo 10 degrees and Saturn is 12 degrees - does this count as in 4th or 5th


02-05-2007, 02:46 PM
Hi Pixiequix
No I haven't tried Campanus but I will now. How has it affected you being in the 5th? I would like to compare notes if thats OK. Is it debilitated or not?
Has it dignity or not? What does it mean? Oh crikey I wish I knew more.


02-05-2007, 04:03 PM
Vedic Reading-Saturn in Vigro
The native will be beautiful, healthy and powerful. One's appetite
is strong, one's hunger sharp and one will eat a lot. When Saturn is in the sixth one will have sharp desires regarding food. Due to one's sturdy body, one will not bother about
anyone. The native will be a good speaker and skilled at arguments. One is therefore dangerous for opponents. The person is best among donors, appreciative of talents and will obey the advice of scholars. One will give shelter to many, appreciate good work and will test the talent of others. One will have friends and relatives and will even rear then.This person will have many servants and followers. One will be very strong and one's
enemies will be fearful of him. One will demolish their ego defeat one's enemies. One will destroy and defeat them. Enemies will respect the native. One might be fond of four legged animals like buffaloes, cow and horses and elephants. One may have the company of sages and may have good four legged animals at home. People may gain by growing up the native. One will not perform ill deeds. One may earn one's living by practicing law.One, therefore, does not fear the king or any punishment. One may not fear thieves. The native's fame may reach far and wide One will be capable of getting work done through disciplined servants. One will be fortunate and endowed with comforts, ornaments,vehicles and will be educated healthy and happy. The king will be favorable towards him.One will be as prosperous as a king but may be unhappy due to some problem. One will be endowed with spouse and sons. This person will be the composer of many literary and poetic works. The native may travel abroad. One may have to fight and struggle against odds and then ultimately progress. One may not get fame, wealth and power simultaneously. If one has fame then one lacks wealth and if one has wealth then one may not have authority. One may not enjoy good health before marriage. After marriage the health may improve.
The planets give auspicious results.
The enemies of the person are destroyed.
The native will be capable of becoming a high official.
Inauspicious Results : The native is adamant, arrogant, engrossed in worldly pleasure,independent natured and ill charactered. The planet causes troubles in one's early age.There may be obstacles at work, no help may be available and one may have to make great efforts in order to progress. One may have to face financial problems in old age. If one is in service, one may get pre mature relief from duties. This may be due to physical ailments. One may not attain happiness through migration. Transfer may not result in promotion. The native may always be ailing and lacking in strength. One's body may be ailing due to long lasting physical ailments. One may be unhealthy due to lack of food and clothes. The native may suffer pain the region round the waist. One may suffer, throat ailments and breathing problems. Also, one may suffer from secret diseases. According to
Narayan Bhatt, one may lose one's maternal uncle. One's maternal uncle may expire or enmity with him may hinder the bliss attained from him. It can be stated without any doubt there would be inauspicious resuts for maternal uncles and aunts. Their domestic life may not run smoothly, the native may not have children or children may not survive.There may be ailments of the stomach, chest and founts.The native may be poor, unsuccessful, and unstable, defamed and considered to be a fool, may be
under the domination of the enemy and may face long time imprisonment.
The native may suffer from diabetes and frequent urination.

02-10-2007, 02:30 PM
Hi astrobhadauria
What does Jupiter conjunct Moon in the 10th house in Aquarius mean for a Taurus ascendant (Vedic obviously).

Jupiter is now in my 7th - what does that mean for the next year?

I thank you for your replies,


Shining Ray
02-11-2007, 11:21 AM
Quoting Lyn Birkbeck:

You are learning to distinguish between the essentials and non essentials, between what is good and what is bad for you. Such tests, as this implies, can drive you to the extremes of self denial, and of self indulgence, by way of compensation. At times your conscious is like an alter at which all desires for earthly pleasures are sacrificed, at other times you busily set about desecrating it.

The task before you therefore is one establishing a certain purity of being without it becoming so exacting as to be masochistic, of living without, and stripping yourself down to less than the bare essentials, may well be the circumstances you find yourself in with regard to a certain area of your life, most likely an emotional area, that is probably reflected in a certain sparseness domestically. In your industrious efforts to separate the wheat from the chaff, at some point you find yourself with only a husk. This is a critical stage because you are now able to see what you are stripped of the trappings and influences of society. But unless you grasp that this was your objective in the first place, the self denial can become so obsessive as to find you branding more and more things and people as impure, not good enough, stupid, improper, unhealthy etc.

Saturn is about control. When it is placed in Virgo you are controlling the impulse to purify through keeping a weather - eye upon that very impulse. So allowing yourself consciously to take a break from your 'duties', introducing playtime into your work schedule, and hanging loose occasionally, will prevent you from descending into a dark and self - justifying spiral of withdrawal and misanthropy. 'Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep, and you weep alone.

If you really feel that a cloistered life of study and self -abnegation is the one for you, then pursue it gladly as a necessary path, rather than allowing it to be suffered by yourself (and others) as an imposed punishment. But before doing either check back on your experience of authority figures in your life, in order too ascertain who was too strict or not strict enough, for this will be a clue to your own inclination to austerity, or your rakish reaction to it. The real objective of Saturn in Virgo is for you to be an example of living simply yet enjoyably.

Qouting D.K Foundation:

Saturn in the 5th house frustrates the creative expression and requires a person to be both industrious and self aware if he is to release his own powers. With Saturn in House 5, blocks can manifest variously, as insufficient confidence to express self , as a weak sense of individuality, as a delay in finding a suitable mode of expression: an existential doubt about the spiritual validity of the separated self is at the root of the problem

02-28-2007, 03:20 AM
Hi astrobhadauria
What does Jupiter conjunct Moon in the 10th house in Aquarius mean for a Taurus ascendant (Vedic obviously).

Jupiter is now in my 7th - what does that mean for the next year?

I thank you for your replies,

Jupiter in 7th
The following are to be investigated from the 7th house: (1) marriage (2) Unchastity (3) winning of a love (4) enmity with a debauched female (5) deviation from the right path (6) good perfume (7) music (8) flowers (9) taking of savory food and drinks (10) chewing betel leaves with areca (11) break in a journey (12) curd (13) loss of memory (14) acquisition of garments (15) semen virility (16) faithfulness of the husband or wife (17) a pair of partner (18) generative organs (19) Urine (20) the anus (21) trade (22) sweet drink (23) tasting of nectar, soup, ghee, etc. (24) gifts (25) loss of power and status (26) victory over enemy (27) money kept in another place (28) controversy (29) sexual union (30) adopted son (31) relishing food prepared in ghee (32) foreign place (33) wife (34) all secret pleasures due to sex (35) theft. [Jataka Parijata] Names for the seventh house: Jamithra, Kama (love), Gamana (cohabitation, travelling etc.). Kalathrasampat (Dower), Dyuna, Asta and Sapthama
Jupiter conjuct Moon
This is an unusually good aspect. This aspect encourages mutual confidence and respect. Jupiter stimulates Moon's imagination, ideas and self-confidence. Jupiter lends assistance to Moon, and will be patient, tolerant, protective and generous. If the association is not an especially happy one, Jupiter will never hold any lasting ill-will toward Moon. Moon, you will usually have favors granted when you appeal to Jupiter. Jupiter here is especially protective, generous and helpful, but can be too indulgent, as well. Moon will be generally adaptable and cooperative. In marriage, this aspect stimulates fertility, assuming the health and age of the wife are conducive to child-bearing. Jupiter, if you are religious or spiritually inclined, you can have a very inspiring and ennobling effect on Moon, bringing out the best facets of Moon's personality.

02-28-2007, 10:34 AM
Thank you for your reply.
Could you tell me what Saturn in the 4th for Taurus ascendant means and how this affects my Sun in 1st in Taurus.

Thank you Moonshine

02-28-2007, 03:38 PM
Saturn in 4th House
The native may be weak in physique due to gastric ailments and acidity. One's nails and body pores may be big. One may not be physically healthy. The person may have a wicked nature. One may be dirty, lazy, easily angered, quarrelsome wicked, ill charactered and fraudulent. One may be surrounded by and in the company of wicked people. The native may be a worried and mentally distressed person. One may not have a mother, a house or any status. One may be troublesome for the mother or opposed to her. The native may be the cause of pain for one's parents and may constantly trouble them. One may have a stepmother. This person may have 2 spouses. The spouse may expire in the 48th or 52nd year. The native may have two spouses in the following ways: 1. Leaving the first one, arrival of the second, having offspring from the first. 2. Having 2 spouses simultaneously in the same house. 3. Poor parents marrying off 2 daughters to one man. The planets will deprive the father of wealth. One may not inherit the property and wealth of the father. One may be deprived of natural inheritance. One may not inherit the house of one's father. In other words, one may be deprived of both moveable and unmovable property of one's father. One may destroy accumulated fixed wealth and unfixed wealth too. After the pre-accumulated wealth is destroyed one's fortunes may be favorable. The native may not have a good position and decent house to live in. One may have to move from one's native place. The native may migrate from one's native place to another place and be unhappy there also. The planetary position will destroy happiness and makes one worried and unhappy. A young son of the native may die. One may be ailing and unhappy due to gastric problems and acidity. One may have a unhappy childhood. Th native may suffer from heart ailments. One may suffer from physical ailments in the 8th, 18th, 22nd, 28th, 40th and 52nd year. One may face insult and depression in one's life. One's relatives and the community may unnecessarily defame one. People may criticize the native and this false gossip may cause intolerable mental agony for the native. Horses and animals may injure one. The native may fear animals. Friends and relatives may steal one's wealth. One may be inimical towards friends, one's relatives and community. The native may be fond of solitude and be saintly in nature in the latter part of one's life. One's last days may be very bad.The planets may give inauspicious results.The parents of the native may die early.The native may be homeless, lack domestic happiness and suffer losses in land, agricultural land and estate.The spouse, son and servant of the native may be destroyed.The father of the native may expire in childhood; there may be troubles due to a stepmother, no accumulation of wealth, no progress in one's native land and other inauspicious fruits are experienced.
Sun Effected by Saturn from 4th House
Power urge conflicts with security urge. Here Saturn's ideas of security, stability, duty, economy and responsibility will conflict with the optimism, ambition and confidence in Sun. Saturn restricts,delays or frustrates Sun. Saturn will worry, burden, limit,discipline, hinder, discourage or depress Sun, if not in words or action, then through the experiences of your association. Saturn pressures Sun. This square often produces setbacks or losses in business, as well as in marriage. Saturn can limit or will interfere with Sun in some way, bringing Sun numerous debts or burdens or problems to be solved. Saturn, you will sometimes disappoint Sun or cause Sun to become discouraged. Saturn, you may tear down Sun's hope and confidence. This may not be intentional, but due to experiences or to your own disposition. Sun's ambitions are delayed in realization because of problems or responsibilities which Saturn brings into the relationship.In marriage, Saturn brings or incurs a limitation or obligation which works some hardship on Sun. In summary, this is not a good aspect. It indicates that one of you makes the other feel insecure, while the other feels trapped by the relationship.

03-01-2007, 10:25 AM
Hi astrobhadauria

Thank you for your reply - in Vedic astrology does the ascendant make an aspect to the fifth house - I have Mars and Ketu in fifth, I also have Moon and Jupiter in 10th and Venus and Mercury in 12 house. How does this all go together.

Please reply


03-01-2007, 04:26 PM
Here is for your knowledge:-
Mars in fifth House
Mars in fifth in feminine rashi gives auspicious results. When Mars is in the fifth bhava, the person's hunger becomes strong, digestion becomes strong and one's hunger is never satisfied. If Mars is in the fifth bhava then one's stomach's hunger increases or one eats a lot of food and digests it. One will profit in speculation. One will be blessed with a spouse. One will be wise, practical, worldly and with a sharp brain. One will attain wealth, children and faith. One will be pleasure loving and wealthy. One will be aggressive, lacking brains, energetic, cruel, wicked, with bad habits, ailing, suffering stomach ailments, ailing from cough, gastric problems, weakness and venereal diseases, lively and troubled by children, lacking happiness, wealth, sons, friends and spouse. One will be a wanderer and will adopt another's religion, be unjust, wicked and lowly.One will do well in races, lottery and speculation.There will be a son who will be lean and weak. Inauspicious Results : One may have an abortion. One may be deprived of the blessing of a son. Mars in the fifth bhava can alone destroy a child whether born or in the womb. The male child may not survive. If one survives one will be ailing. One will be deprived of the happiness of a son. Mars in the fifth bhava denotes that the children may not be good. If there is a child, he may die. There may be great unhappiness when a child dies immediately after birth. One's gastric problem may become acute. Inspite of eating a lot, one may not be robust in physique. Mars in the fifth bhava from birth lagna signifies agony due to cough and gas. There may be abdominal ailments. One may always be ailing. One may be assaulted by a weapon or from fire in the right leg. One will be very aggressive and aroused very easily. One may lose one's senses and perform ill deeds without any hesitation whenever one is aroused. One may be mentally destructive of the work of others. One's desires increase, there is no satisfaction and one burns internally like milk on a slow fire. One's mental agony and intelligence are both highs. One may not accumulate wealth, may always be poor and face a shortage of money. One may be deprived of spouse and friends. One may not be intelligent and will be a tell tale. One may be inimical towards friends and very poor. One will suffer on account of spouse, friends and enemies. According to Parashara, it might cause the death of the father. One might be poor, deprived of a son and object of state anger. One may have bad habits and addictions. Enemies will cause pain. One's mind may become unstable. One may acquire very little wealth but fame will be attained.Business of speculation will cause losses. One may deal in the business of wine. There will be unrest in the family. One will have an extravagant nature and migration may be there.
Ketu in fifth hou
The native is strong, physically and sexually. One will have few children, only one or two sons. One will have few sons and many daughters. One's friends will be fond of one's children. The person will possess many animals. One will go on pilgrimages or reside abroad. One will be very ambitions but will be in the service of someone else. One will be endowed with servants. One will gain from wickedness. The native's friends will be happy. The native will give good advises to other people. One will be desirous of travelling abroad. The planet will bring happiness and property to the native. Inauspicious Results : The native is wicked, fraudulent, weak, cowardly and impatient. One is wicked-minded, treads the wrong path and has a fraudulent nature. One may perform foolish deeds and regret them. One's brain may be tainted, causing him mental agony and physical pain. Due to one's confused knowledge and one's own fault one may cause physical pain and agony to oneself. The person might fear water and always be unhappy. One may be deprived of knowledge and education. The native's brothers may suffer gastric problems or assault from weapons. One may quarrel and have disputes with siblings. One's brothers and friends may trouble him and one may assault them on the strength black magic and sorcery. The native is childless or one's children do not survive. Due to constant disputes with one's son, The native may be deprived of the bliss of a son. The person may suffer the loss of sons. One will suffer gastric problems. The native may suffer physical pain due to falling from heights or assault from weapons on the body and stomach. One may suffer gastric pain in the abdomen. One may suffer stomach ailments and pain due to some devilish influence.
Venus in 12th House
The native performs pious deeds. One will respect elders. One will be enlightened and prosperous. One will not lack wealth and prosperity and will not spend money uselessly. The native will spend money for buying comforts. One will spend for pious deeds and get the satisfaction of having spent money for a good cause. The native may be skilled at sexual games. One will spend one's time in games and be happy. The person will have an early marriage. One will have a satisfactory sexual life. One will be endowed with wealth and comforts. Married people of the opposite sex will be infatuated towards the native who will keep all of them happy. There is no shortage of friends.The native may be inclined towards rearing animals and making gains from this venture. Inauspicious Results : The native is sinful, ill behaved, passionate and quarrelsome. One might eat a lot, be downtrodden, unsympathetic, tainted harsh, lacking faith and sympathy, wicked and untruthful. One may be weak and ailing in childhood and later on may be lazy and heavy bodied. The native may be angry, unintelligent and imprudent. One may be extravagant and expenditure may exceed income. One may be enimical to one's relatives and loving to one's enemies. One may quarrel with friends and elders. The person may have few talents and may oppose friends. One's talents and fame may be lost. One may sacrifice the path of pious deeds. One may be dominated by the opposite sex. One may be extremely engrossed and desirous of sexual interaction, all the time. One may always be involved in sexual activities. One may have illicit relations with the opposite sex and may try to attain worldly happiness secretively. The person may even suffer from sexual ailments. One may on many occasions leave the spouse and live with some other person. There is a possibility of two marriages. One may have disputes with one's spouse. The native may be poor. Financial conditions are ordinary. Debt prevails right up to death. The person is passionate and has bad character.
Mercury in 12th House
One is intelligent, thoughtful, prudent and religious. One may be interested in pilgrimages. One will be polite, knowledgeable about the shastras, vedas and be a religious soul. One would donate clothes. One will have a tendency to spend fruitfully through yagyas and other religious rituals. One will be skilled at one's work and one's party will succeed. The native may be a speaker, a scholar and true to one's word. One will be victorious and frank. The person will be scholarly and knowledgeable. One will be skilled at pious deeds, lacking in bad habits and benevolent. One will spend according to one's gains. One will be victorious over enemies. One will be happy with brothers and friends. One's paternal uncle will be happy. The person will own a lot of land. One will have authority. The native will be wealthy. The planetary positions give auspicious results according to the astrologers.Inauspicious Results : The person is lazy. One may be corrupt in the performance of one's own work. One may be abandoned by unsympathetic relatives and may be fraudulent and tainted. One will be extravagant, ailing, sinful, dependent and supporter of the opposition. One may keep away from the company of good people and from good deeds. One may be insulted, wicked and pitiable. One may be inimical towards friends and lack friends. One may be pitiable, uneducated and poor. One may not have a limb and may be greedy in the matter of other's wealth and other's money. One may visit prostitutes. One may not favor relatives. One may be unhappy due to public criticism and heated due to the king's anger. One may have a lively temperament and may enjoy the bliss of the king and the citizens and may not be a scholar.
Jupiter in 10th House
One is well mannered, of independent thinking, thoughtful, prudent, judicious and truthful. One performs pious deeds and is a pious soul, saintly, happy, knowledgeable about shastras and fond of astrology. One's fame will be unexcelled and others will not be as famous. One's valor and fame will exceed that of one's father and grand father. One will attain success in the beginning of one's work. One may recite the Gita, be capable, famous and respected by many persons. One will be devoted to one's parents and one's father's favorite. One will gain from land and one's house will be ornamented by jewels. One will have excellent vehicles. One will attain a lot of wealth. One will be prosperous, wealthy and happy. One will have beautiful clothes and ornaments. One will get wealth from one's brother. One will be blessed with a spouse and a son. One's health will be mediocre. Many people will eat in one's household. One will think about one's life after death. The native may be a tradesperson, judge or an exporter.The person will get honor, fame and fortune.One may perform yagyas. There are many children.Inaupicious Results : One may be deprived of plenty of happiness from children. One's sons may be wicked and thus cause unhappiness to one.
Moon in 10th House
One is pious and good charactered. One will be benevolent and sympathetic. One will be calm and contented. One is satisfied with one's gains. One will be educated, scholarly, clever and prudent. One will be sympathetic, religious, pious, dutiful, pleasant natured and unproblematic. One will be cultured and of a good character. One will be intelligent and thoughtful. One will honored in the family and society. One will be popular and one's fame may spread far and wide. One will be enthusiastic, benevolent and charitable. One may always be victorious, valiant and brave and famous. One will execute any work one will undertake. Whatever one takes up is successfully accomplished. One will perform pious deeds and will favor good and saintly people. One may be very wealthy and one's personality may be enlightened by this. One will be very wealthy and prosperous. One may become wealthy through wealth attained from one's in-laws. One may be recognized by the state and may get wealth and name from there. One may gain wealth from the state. One may gain from people as wealthy as the king. One will have good contacts with the government and may exercise one's influence over them. One will get benefit from ladies of high-class families. One will possess clothes and ornaments. One may become a famous businessman through one's own efforts inspite of being born in a poor household. One will get the help and support of one's father. Friends and others are helpful. One will be devoted to one's family and father. One will rear one's family. One will be pleased to see the respect, honor and wealth of a newly married lady. One may have affairs with different members of the opposite sex everyday. One may indulge in affairs with the opposite sex and may be skilled at all arts. One will be blessed with all comforts in youth. One will attain various comforts and will be blessed with a spouse and son. One will constantly be in conflict with one's elder son. One may gain through the trade of items of public welfare. One should recall that the Moon is considered to be Vaishya and one may prosper through prostitution. One's wealth will be fluctuating. One will succeed in good deeds. Inauspicious Results : One will have a weak body. One's childhood will be full of problems. One shirks one's duties. There will be ups and down in business. The combinations indicate heavy losses.One will perform ill deeds. There will be obstacles and hurdles at work. The parents may die in childhood. There may be fame in elections. One may become a leader.The entire life may be unstable. There may always be change of jobs.Planetary combinations may cause the loss of parents. If during this period, one of them survives then relations become strained.There will be more of masculine children. One will be loving towards them.
Fifth House is the Head office of Knowledge
By Vedic astrology fifth House is the main trikona,(Trine) from Asc.and and this house describes like The following are to be investigated through the fifth house: (1) progeny (2) father's virtuous acts (3) a king (4) a minister (5) good morals (6) mechanical art (7) mind (8) learning (9) pregnancy (10) discretion (11) umbrella (12) instructive stories (13) auspicious letters (14) garments (15) a great desirable action (16) paternal property (17) foresightedness (18) fortune through wife's luck (19) liasions with courtesans (20) profundity (21) firmness (22) secret (23) decorum (24) writing of news (25) well-being (26) friendship (27) a long literary production (28) engaging oneself in any business (29) belly (30) invocation through mantras ( 31) Uncountable wealth) (32) gift of cooked rice (33) discrimination between virtue and vice (34) chanting of Veda Mantras (35) Wisdom (36) ability for criticism (deep pondering) (37) ways of earning money (38) a festive occasion when drum or tabor is played (39) great contentment (40) profound learning (41) hereditary post of minister. [Jataka Parijata] Names for the fifth house: Dhi (intelligence), Deva (deity), Raja (king), Pitrunandana (father son), and Panchaka are the names of the fifth house.

03-02-2007, 09:22 AM
Hi Astrobhadauria

Thank you so much - its so informative. You have got me interested in Vedic astrology. I went to the library yesterday and got a book on it. It says in there something about dashas and these are supposed to be predictive.
Can you tell me about mine and what to expect in the next few years.
They say it can also tell you whether you will be unhappy or happy, wealthy or poor. Is this true. Could you tell me if I will have a healthy, wealthy, happy old age (after all I am getting on a bit now already!) .
This is really kind of you to take so much trouble over my questions - again thank you.


03-10-2007, 02:10 AM
Vedic astrology seems very archaic and non-appyable, not to mention deppressing and scary in the wrong hands.:confused: I think I will exclude this one out of my studies.

03-10-2007, 03:28 AM
Vedic astrology seems very archaic and non-appyable, not to mention deppressing and scary in the wrong hands.:confused: I think I will exclude this one out of my studies.

Your are first person,from past 2063 years,(King Vikrmadity Started,Vikrami Samatsar,Hindu-Vedic-Year),and Jyotisha (Light of God).Millions of person are accepting formulas and regulations in world.There are require more and more study,in Vedic Astrology.Kindly first start to read words and follow old words in the new words.

03-10-2007, 11:00 AM
Can you answer my questions from 2 March please
My birth day is 6 june 1950 Oxford England 5.10 am.
Could you also tell me about how do you know if the outcome of planets are auspicious or not. Also have I any yogas in my chart - I read your post on all those yogas and was just wondering about it. By the way I do not agree with the last post about Vedic Astrology.


03-27-2007, 09:40 PM
I also have Saturn in virgo and in the 5th house.

Do any of you have children?
If so how many? How are they (challenging, saturine, etc), or how have they been raised?
Did you marry late?
Does anyone work in education or with children?
Does anyone act, play a sport or create art for a living?

03-28-2007, 10:04 AM
I do not have children
I married when I was 19
I am very much into astrology,tarot cards, alternative medicine(acupuncture, homeopathy) I do not do this for a living however.
I have tried playing the piano, painting, and I have done Middle Eastern Dance and appeared on stage until a few years ago when my mentor moved abroad. I am a Gemini Sun and Gemini Ascendant so I get bored quite easily and what makes it worse is that I am always in a hurry to achieve and any critiscm makes me give up! I have never worked with children and I am quite uncomfortable around them not knowing what to say or do so instead I am rather condescending to them and they in turn don't know what to make of me so are wary. I do fast walking every day and swim when in season (I used to love riding my bike but sadly have not done this in awhile) but they are my only form of exercise - the only ones I enjoy anyway. I also find enjoying myself really hard work - when I was young I
had responsibilities and spent a good deal of time being there for my mum (although in my teen years I did have friends and we got up to normal teen stuff) but I rarely feel the same as I used to when enjoying myself then now if you understand what I mean.


03-28-2007, 10:15 AM
I wonder if Saturn in Mutable signs could indicate that the father was absent or could point out a superficial or non existing connection with the Dad

My brother has Saturn inn Virgo... His connection with our dad was less strong then mine (me having Saturn in Scorpio)
Now with Uranus opposing his natal Saturn, the connection begins to get stronger...

03-28-2007, 02:44 PM
Hi Belgianmoonguy

I think you are right - my dad wasn't there half the time and when he was we wished he wasn't. He was very overbearing when in a bad mood and very critical and yes I suppose you could say that he was an absent father. As I have said in other posts on this the funny thing was my father had Saturn in Virgo too but its too late to ask him about his father so I can't check it out.By the way in traditional astrology the 5th house is about who you fancy and with Saturn in the 5th I wonder if this affects whom you choose. I say this because my husband can be very, very serious and critical - very saturnian - has anyone else come across this?


03-29-2007, 03:23 AM

Moonshine, how long have you been married for? Do you want or plan on having children at some point? How many ideally?

I have a Gemini rising also...and can relate with getting bored easily and being in a hurry (for what? Im not sure yet).

I'm teaching at the moment, and have a history of working with children...I cant seem to get any other line of work. I get easily frustrated with them, want to change my line of work, but fate has me keep coming back to them. (Saturn is also conjunct NN).

I do want my own children one day though. Right now Im saying 4 ideally...that may change because I haven't had any right now to know how that's like.

When I was a child my parents never put me into any sports, or into anything extra-curricular. I only played with the kids on my street and very frequent at that. I used to run track, cross-country, play soccer, baseball, loved my bike,...enjoyed all sorts of games...manhunt was my favourite. Ive played a few sports in my adulthood...but nothing really consistent. I also like dancing...but don't really do that anymore.

My childhood was tough too. Im the oldest of six kids. Mother was sick for the majority of my chidhood. Father has anger management issues so I took alot of abuse from him. I do love my father and get along with him even though I'm angry at him on some issues...My venus conjuncts his sun, so that helped us get along fine otherwise. I did feel like I lacked my mother's love and care during my childhood years...my mother wasn't there for me emotionally, mentally, and physically. (Saturn opposite Moon?)

03-29-2007, 09:48 AM
Hi StarNur
I have been married a long time and cannot have children now so no is my answer to that. The question about whether I ever wanted any is debateable because I got tied up running a business as well as the fact my husband did not want any then!
As I got older I did get on with my dad but only because he got better to deal with as he got older - mellowed - somewhat. The frightening thing is I can see a lot of him in me and more worrying still I can see a lot of him in my husband as he has got older too(my husband I mean). My Moon is opposite my Saturn (My moon is at 29 degrees Aquarius (the opposition is out a bit though)
I always felt that she was more worried about him than us kids - she was quite timid and afraid of his rages so she used to step around him and be there at his beck and call. Nonetheless I loved my mum very, very much and I miss her (we became really close before she died - by the way he died before her)


03-30-2007, 02:29 AM
Hi again Moonshine,

My father mellowed out also...that comes with age. I'm definitely my father's daughter. But I love my mother the same, because she's my mother, gave birth to me, at times took care of me,.... and I understand the circumstances she had to go through.

Very neat that you also have Moon opposite Saturn. My mother I wouldnt call timid. She's a Taurus afterall. She was brainwashed into being the obedient wife. She was the baby in her family and was very sheltered. After she married my father she lived an even more sheltered and isolated life...stuck with us, her first 3 kids (3 air kids) and my father (a sag) before she really got into deep depression. I don't think she had any friends or anyone to confide in because she grew up in another country and didn't really adapt to her surroundings.

Sorry to hear about both your parents passing :(

My mother is a different woman now...after her next three kids grew up (virgo & scorpio with taurus moons, and another virgo) I guess you could say she finally got kids she was compatible with. Shes still dependent as ever on meds, but she has life to her and doesnt entirely sleep her days away. I also have Neptune squaring both my Moon and Saturn.