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01-20-2012, 02:00 AM
Any one of the 12 signs of the astrological zodiac have a ruling planet, then comes a co-ruler, next is a detriment (-al planet) followed by an exaltation or exalting planet, the fall or "falling" planet to hold minor influence, and being peregrine has the least influence.

For someone in Capricorn, the list of influential planets as follows:
RULING: :saturn:-Saturn , Co-Ruler: :uranus:- Uranus. Both shared by Aquarius.
Detriment: :moon:Moon, Exaltation: :mars: Mars, and Falling: :jupiter:- Jupiter.
Being peregrine: I sense the planet is Venus or Mercury, but unsure on the accuracy.

The next sign is Aquarius, courtesy of wikipedia and other reliable sources:
RULING: Uranus, Co-Ruler: Saturn. Detriment: :sun: Sun (the age of Aquarius),
Exalting: Mercury (as an air sign), and Falling: Neptune (shared with Leo).
I have no idea on peregrine, but Mars or Venus shared with that of Capricorn.

01-20-2012, 10:29 PM
Moog, I checked out the Altair Astrology web site and really liked reading in depth into astrology and astronomical nature, esp. about the fixed star in the constellation Aquila. One of 3 navigational stars of the "summer triangle" connects former north polar stars Deneb(ola) in Cygnus to the northwest and Vega in Lyra the northeast from Altair in its' southern tip.

According to a popular rumor yet questionable on where the sources are, there's a "new planet-oid" discovered by NASA known as Pax Salve in the farthest reaches of our solar system was found in the mid 2000s moving across the new 13th sign Ophiuchus and now in Aquila, a "parazodiac" right on the celestial equator thought to represent North America in mundane or geographical astrology.

To add more to the Pax Salve story, "alien" radio signals coming from Pax Salve were caught by NASA and radio telescope observatories. The planet as a celestial object could have a stronger radio-magnetic reading, just as our known planets (esp. Mars, Jupiter, sometimes Venus and Saturn, and of course the sun and our moon) impacted AM radio with "alien" signals.

To return on topic, a planet or nodes in the case of Gemini, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius have them as its' detriments or falls, will affect daily personal horoscopes for each sign and the position of an additional natal planetary influence:

If anyone with a sun and moon in Aquarius (or solar Capricorn), have the Mars-Jupiter-Saturn triplicity in Virgo-the 3rd house and co-ruler Uranus in Scorpio-the 5th house, the Moon as a detriment in Aquarius, but rules Capricorn where the sun is...and the ruling planet Saturn 18 degrees from the exalting of Mars clashes the Fall by Jupiter within Virgo near-opposite Aquarius-8th house, with the co-ruler Uranus also rules a lunar Aquarius; and the final "weak" peregrines of Mercury (Pis 9th) & Venus (Ari 10th) - may "weaken" one's love life, romantic bonds & socially, gender relations.