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01-17-2012, 02:05 PM
I am completely new to astrology and have only been studying it for 2 weeks. I registered for the foundation course in medieval astrology by Robert Zoller.

This is my first attempt at delineating a chart/house. And I would greatly appreciate guidance, as the task has been a rather daunting one. I have tried to apply what I have learnt in the lessons so far.

I attempted to use a General Approach in examining the 7th house and attempted to draw conclusions based on my primitive understanding, on the Aristotelian considerations, as recommended by Zoller. I have used the Alchabitius system. I do not as of yet have knowledge of how to include aspects in the synthesis of a conclusion. Please see attached chart.

Some background with regards to relationships (don't know if this would prove helpful):
I am a 29 year old female, my relationships have been few and far between. I have only ever loved one person – an exceptionally wealthy farmer, who lives in my country of birth. We still care deeply for eachother but have been apart for the last 6 -7 years. We were initially introduced through our mothers.

Planets in the 7th house:
*The Moon is in Taurus (where it is exalted, in triplicity and face).
=So marriage does occur. It is a loving relationship.

*The Moon is also the ruler of the 10th house.
=Thus could indicate that native(myself) meets husband through occupation.
=(But I have also read that is is traditionally the house of the mother – can this mean that the meeting is brought about due to the influence of the native's mother?)

*The Moon is a malefic – it is waning. The Sun is trine the Moon. And the Moon in opposition of Mars.
=Is the trine aspect 'more powerful' than the opposition of Mars?
=The moon is fortunate in trine with Sun. Thus supporting the 'loving relationship' conclusion. (?)

There are two planets to consider. The moon, as the planet in the 7th house and Mars (as Aries is the Sign on the cusp).

- Mars is domicile in Scorpio (in the 2nd house – because it is within 5 degrees of the cusp).
- But the moon is in dignity. Thus it is the almuten of the 7th house.
- The significator of marriage in this chart is the moon.
- So to answer the question of “what” the marriage will be like – I repeat the conclusion that it is a loving relationship. (?)

Ruler of the house:
- The 7th is a 'bad' house with a malefic in it (waning moon) which signifies wretchedness.
- The ruler of the house, Mars is domicile in the 2nd house. Showing that wealth comes to the native from the spouse.
- This is also the 8th (derived) house of the 7th. Thus indicating that the death of the spouse is the cause of the wretchedness.
- How does Sun in sextile with Mars and Moon in opposition in Mars affect this/prevent this.

Almuten of the 7th house:
- As determined earlier, the almuten of the house is the moon.
- The moon is lord of the 10th house. Which is the 4th (derived) house of the 7th.
- The 4th house rules parents as well as land, farming and agriculture (or is this only in horary?)
- To determine the cause of death (if correct) could this be interpreted as the death of the spouse related to farming activites. Or have I lost my objectivity and I am reading things into the chart which are not there?!

Arabic Part:
- The Part of Marriage of the Female is at 18 Sag 02.
- Jupiter is the first planet in the 1st house but in a sad state in this chart. Being peregrine and of little influence.

- I don't have a clue how to interpret this Arabic part – or if it is even of any influence whatsoever.

I hesitate to write an overall conclusion as I am sure there are many mistakes above which first need to be corrected.

Any guidance which can be offered in my method of determining rulership, dignity and interpretation of the chart would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly.

04-08-2012, 01:10 AM
Hi Skyblu,

You are on very good path of learning true astrology. I'm glad that you have take the Zoller's course and by doing this delineation one can see that Zoller is doing very good thing with his courses ;)

I would recommend you to use the Morinus software it is free and you can find it on web.
It is perfect software for traditional delineation.

Here's your chart calculated in Morinus software:


As you have described, Moon in 7th is showing your partner. Having rulership by Exaltation and Decan, and being an Almuten of the place in which she relies, it shows that your partner would be someone who will take good care of you.
However, making opposition with that Mars in 2nd it shows that he (not you) will receive opposition, but the trine from the Sun and Venus shows that you marriage will receive the support from your friends (11).

As you have described, the part of marraige falls in Sagitarrius and the ruler Jupiter is in aversion of it (does not aspect it by sign).

The other tricky thing is that Mars is in aversion to its own house (aversion by signs). In a way, does not have control of the matters of the house.
The Almuten of the 7th house cusp - the Sun is also in aversion to it.

When a planet falls in one house by division and in some other house by sign (as your Moon) then the meaning of both houses are get mixed.
In your case it is the meaning of the 7th and 8th.

The last aspect Moon made was opposition to Jupiter in 1st, and the next application is with the Sun in 11th. I think that your partner would be someone with whom you are friends at first.

03-18-2017, 11:06 PM
How can I apply for the Zoller course?
Any ideas?

03-19-2017, 12:31 AM
How can I apply for the Zoller course?
Any ideas?

Curiouser and curiouser
http://www.virginastrology.com/libra...ogy-books-i-ii (http://www.virginastrology.com/library/shop/products/diploma-course-medieval-astrology-books-i-ii)
– so who is 'the real Zoller'??? :smile:

http://www.skyscript.co.uk/forums/vi...859555cf034248 (http://www.skyscript.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5453&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0&sid=e1a4c24f0e79c13a29859555cf034248) discusses Zoller's illness/health issues 20 June 2010
- seven years ago now
and the most recent post was made there approaching five years ago on 24 August 2012


Deborah Houlding:

'….based on my knowledge of a number of
astrological associations that were made with New Library
around the same period of time, my belief is that
Robert Zoller made a business deal with them,
and then later regretted it but was bound by the contract.

So I think it's a legitimate site,
with a legitimate right to sell his work,
but I'm pretty certain that Robert Zoller is no longer happy about the arrangement,
and so no longer endorses the product.
I'm speculating but its not hard for anyone involved
to give a more official clarification if I'm wrong.....'

Chris Brennan:

'….from talking to Zoller
the issue is he hasn't been paid for any of the products
that have been sold through New Library for years.

So, while they have legitimate right to sell his work
because he signed a contract,
Zoller himself is no longer involved and is not receiving any profits
from his courses or books.
I don't know New Library's story.

That being the case, anyone who signs up for the course through them
is being taught with Zoller's materials,
and they are basically learning from his course,
but they are not being taught by Robert Zoller himself.....'

Clelia Romano:

'....Robert Zoller wrote the CMA and DMA at request of New Library,
particularly Luke Andrews, they both corrected issues in Tools and Techniques.

Luke Andrews studied traditional astrology
but astrology is not his first interest, although he is skilful scholar -
he corrected my examination test
- writing important things besides all my answers,
and I have them in my mind still now.

Luke Andrews corrects the examination tests
and Zoller himself confirmed personally in 2007
that these were elaborated by Zoller.
I chose not to opt for tuition 2004,
because I heard that Zoller was not stable to give lessons
since that time....'

So then,
it seems that since 2004 Zoller himself has not given lessons

INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT ZOLLER http://www.skyscript.co.uk/zoller.html
provides an email address for Robert Zoller Email: robertezoller@hotmail.com

So, the virginastrology.com website is related to and endorsed by Zoller.
I found the Chris Brennan radio interview with Zoller
and he specifically mentions the virgin site as the place to go.
It seems it is Zoller's students that do the correspondence-tutoring.

If you go to robertzoller.com, it comes up in Chinese.
So, I didn't bother to email robertzoller@hotmail.com

Omnisphericus never replied to my pm
and there is no option to email him.

I hope your studies are going well mossadrai!
The only complaints I found about the New Library
were slow responses and rudeness in the tutoring.
I am planning to get started with the virgin site later this year
when time permits.
I hope you are still around.

In fairness to Zoller then
Keep in mind that Zoller is bound by a contract
he regrets he made with New Library
Zoller does not endorse the course New Library are using Zoller's name to sell
Issue is that
Zoller has not been paid for the products sold through New Library for years
Zoller has not taught since 2004
due to illness
Anyone doing the New Library course
is not being taught personally by Zoller
Zoller does not respond to questions asked by students
on the New Library course

Zoller has not updated the New Library course for at least ten years
so the New Library course does not reflect Zoller's current views

03-19-2017, 01:57 AM
That answers my question thank you
It is not updated so no longer available online
Any medieval courses with certification that you know of?