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12-04-2006, 06:00 PM
I and my husband are trying for last 4 years, but unsuccessful.Want to know when will i will conceive either by treatment or natural ever . Will be thankful for respose.
my date of birth: feb,07 1975
time of birth: 07:15 a.m
place of birth: rourkela, india

Planets' positions in the natal chart of priya

Sun - 17° 39' Aquarius
Moon - 2° 03' Capricorn
Mercury - 20° 28' Aquarius
Venus - 9° 45' Pisces
Mars - 11° 59' Capricorn
Jupiter - 20° 35' Pisces
Saturn - 13° 09' Cancer
Uranus - 2° 24' Scorpio
Neptune - 11° 23' Sagittarius
Pluto - 9° 00' Libra
North Node - 6° 37' Sagittarius (medium position)

12-05-2006, 04:01 AM
I came across this short article that gives hope for your situation coming up:


Hope the little one is on his/her way;)

02-15-2007, 06:15 AM
Hello to mrs priya and all respected members,

This is my first posting in the list.
I use vedic astrology for analysing charts. Please feel free
to question me.

This analysis refer to the infertility chart. Fifth house in the fundamental
chart and one of the harmonic called "saptamsa' - are specially meant
for analysis of children .

In your chart, mrs priya, the fifth house and eleventh axis contain saturn
and mars. This constitutes what is known as "unmatha " combination, one of very great difficulty.

Also to look at the fertiliy poing of view one has to see it from two angles.
One is of physical ability and the other is of the blessings from the "LORD".

In your chart, "A3" and "A94" called as the mirror image of the third lord
and ninth lord from the ascendant fall in the sixth and eigth house from
the position of Sun. This is bad.

my reading is that there is some physical shortcoming and you may
consult a doctor for medical intervention.

If you can provide details of your husband it would help further analysis .

Please send me an email in my address ..


Ofcourse I will be posting my analysis in this forum. I am suggesting
you to alert me through email since I go through this forum only once
in a week. your mail would help me to respond quickly.



02-15-2007, 01:38 PM

Thanks for posting your response. As I am waiting for long to know something, about my situation. Myself and my husband are going through medical treatment. and the medical problem is related to my husband. We were asked to proceed for some treatment, but chances depends on luck and we already had failed treatment. I know I will get positive result sometime. So, I am curious to know about some approx. year or month. My Husband, Sanjay,
dob: 11feb 1972,
time: 7.15 a.m
place: saharanpur, india.


02-15-2007, 06:26 PM

With regard to fertility, it is highly dependent upon many things. One of the most important factors, if not ‘the’ most important factor is timing. First off there is a natural human cycle, it is similar to the personal lunar cycle which is the second cycle, then there is the astrological lunar cycle, and finally there is your own hormonal cycle; these are all asynchronous to your basal temperature and luteal phase. Conception only takes place when these are all in sync within a given two hour period.

On immediate inspection of your chart it did appear that there would be difficulty in conceiving, it took me a couple of hours to see how and where this was heading. It was obvious there was some medical intervention and that with careful study I discovered your fertility, or ability to conceive and give birth to children. Just to be clear, I make all my calculations based upon what the natal chart promises. Having your partners chart can only confirm what is already present in the nativity. Also, as it is the female that gives birth, it should be, and is always present in the female’s natal chart. It is also possible to see that at this present time your partner needs hormone treatment but, even if your partner was fully functional your astrological time for conception and birth has not taken place just yet.

Unfortunately, other commitments prevent me from 2nd, 3rd & 4th level checks for times and dates for ideal conception, or for the desired sex, if there is one. I came to an unconfirmed conclusion that you will be astrologically ready for conception from January 08, and what I have done is highlight your conception phases from January 08 until September 08 below.

30th January – February 7th – Date to select the sex of the child - February 3rd.
28th February – March 7th – Date to select the sex of the child - March 4th.
29th March – April 5th - Date to select the sex of the child – April 2nd.
27th April – May 5th - Date to select the sex of the child – May 2nd.
28th May – June 3rd - Date to select the sex of the child – May 31st.
26th June – July 3rd - Date to select the sex of the child – June 29th.
26th July – August 3rd - Date to select the sex of the child – July 29th.
23rd August – August 30th - Date to select the sex of the child – August 27th.
22nd September – September 29th - Date to select the sex of the child – September 25th.

If you would like to seek a more detailed conception chart I would be happy to give you the contact details of a person who exclusively deals with conception, contraception and foetal health from a clinic I do some work for. I don’t think this service is cheap but it is incredibly detailed and accurate in respect to hereditary health problems which can sometimes be eradicated, at least for that generation. It does provide a very detailed chart which gives times, days and months to either abstain or copulate for the avoidance of some health issues or the promotion of the desired sex of the child. They do have an honourable 100% money back guarantee if they are wrong in regard to health or sex, though I have never known them to have been asked for a refund. They claim to give a 99.1% accuracy, and I have not known them to be wrong at all in the 4 years I have worked for them.

If you would like to let nature take its course then I would say that you will be a mother by the end of 2008.

Best wishes & Happy mothering


02-17-2007, 05:23 AM
Hello Priya and others,

My guess is that you need only little explantion on the astrological point of view but more on the exact timing of the child birth. It is quite natural.

Please be informed that both the charts do contain lot of negative factors for delay. Hence it becomes an herculean task indeed, for people like me. If our astrological knowledge is complete , stirictly speaking one should be able to tell the timing. Atleast I accept that my knowledge has to grow a long way.

I have in my possession of a little over 65 charts of perosns who have no children. I keep on going through them only to understand the hidden parts that cause delay or denial.

My suggestion to you is to follow the doctor's ( a genuine one )
advice on medicine, monthly periods , body temperature etc ., to enable conception. Within that time frame, you may choose the time ruled by planet Jupiter , who enables conception.

If you are really interested in learning that part alone you read the following. It is simple.

All you have to find out is that or those hours ruled by Jupiter in a day and unite with your husband during that hour.

Step 1: The 24 hours is divided into 24 parts. Each part is of one hour duration.

Step 2: All calculations start from Sunrise to next day's sunrise., ie 24 parts. Do not approximate sunrise. Use exact sunrise upto the minute level. There are many ways to find out the sunrise and the 'internet' will certainly help you. Some newspaper do give that. I do not know where you are living.

Step 3: The first part or hour of any weekday belongs to that planet. Since there are only seven days, the 24 parts are shared three times ( 7x3=21) and the extra three are shared by a few. The order is simply a cyclic one. But the cycle is not exactly weekly order.

Step 4: The cyclic order is

1) Sun 2)Venus 3)Mercury 4)Moon 5)Saturn 6)Jupiter 7)Mars

For example on a sunday, the first part is of the 'Sun' , second is that of
venus, the third is mercury, fourtth is moon, fiftth is saturn, sixth is Jupiter
seventh is mars and now the eigth is of ... SUN, ninth is venus and so on

After three such cycles, the remaining would also be in the cyclic order.
So on Sunday , the 22nd would be of the sun, 23 rd would of venus
and the last , that is , 24th hour or part would be mercury.

After this, the next day starts with a sunrise. In our example the next day is Monday. So the first hour belongs to that of Moon. If you carefully note
we ended with mercury and started from moon which is ofcourse the
cycle stated above.

By the way you please note the days and the planets association.

1. Sunday......... sun
2. Monday........ moon
3. Tuesday....... mars
4. Wednesday.. mercury
5. Thursday.... jupiter
6. Friday ... Venus
7. Saturday.. Saturn.

Step5: Once you have identified the hours that belong to the planet
jupiter ( you will get atlease three slots) in a day , choose the comfortable
one based on the daily routine. Unite with your husband during that
hour. That will be a favourable one.

Meanwhile , I will go through your charts further and keep writing to
you, as long as you tolerate. Can you please give the date of marriage ?

If you have any doubts, pl post.



02-25-2007, 12:25 PM
Priya, You have Saturn in the 5th House (children) in Cancer (its detriment) and Retrograde (holding back the formation of children). You also have the ruler of the 5th (the Moon) in Capricorn (its detriment). However both of these have mutal reception together so that is a positive. However I have to say, you will have a long struggle with pregancy. Your Saturn however is trined with your Jupiter in the 1st in Pisces (its home sign) therefore you will receive luck with this placement. Jupiter is the only Planet that has the ability to destroy the evil rays of Saturn. You will receive some luck after a long period of time. It will take you quite a while though so keep that in mind.

Aaron Brody - Astro.Teacher
http://antiquus.50webs.com (http://antiquus.50webs.com/)
Antiquus Astrologia

02-26-2007, 11:05 PM
I have tried to examine your chart. Saturn always causes delay in matters that it influences in a chart. For children Jupiter is the primary planet. The V houses from the ascendant and Jupiter are also very important elements in this regard. Jupiter and Saturn are in very close relationship with each other in your chart and the V house from the ascendant is the same as that from Jupiter. Saturn is placed in this house. Delay in child birth is therefore a foregone conclusion. However, the chart does not show that you will not have children. You will have them after some delay.
The current major-period is that of the Moon.It is very strongly related to Jupiter and the two V houses. Therefore the major-period of the Moon which has started in 2003 and shall continue for ten years will definitely give you children.
You are born with good fortune and Jupiter is benign. Therefore if you pray to Lord Sai Baba of Shirdi there will be immediate favourable response. The mantra can be heard at www.saibaba.net (http://www.saibaba.net). Please go to this site and click sai mandirs in the top right hand corner. You will hear Om Sri Sainathaya Namah. Please recite this 108 times daily.

02-26-2007, 11:35 PM
The time of birth that you have given for your husband is 7:15 am. It is also your time of birth. Is it correct?

02-27-2007, 03:22 PM
Your Birth Chart by Indian Veidc Astrology,describing that Saturn in the fifth house and hiting by "Adra-Nakshtra",here is defination of Adra Ardra Nakshatra: In Mithun from after 6:40 to 20:. The presiding deity the Rudra, the wielder of the trident. Symbol- a tear-drop. The lord of Ardra is Budha, when Surya enters Ardra the earth is said to be starting its menstrual course, that is Ambobachi. Ardra means wet or surcharged with water, that is fat. Because the earth is running her menstrual course there are tear drops falling one after another. From Rudra comes all suffering, persecutions and oppressions, anger, ferocity of countenance or hideousness of noise. Rudra is another name of Shiva, the Five Faced (Panchanana). In knowledge, asceticism, renunciation, as also in enjoyment, he is the supreme consummation of all desires. He is a blue-throated one, the wielder of the most tremendous powers, what could not be attempted far less achieved by other Gods, when the churned Ocean at the time of Samudra Manthan exhaled poison Siva achieved quite simply by holding the exhalation in his throat. On one side he is the symbol of the most perfect placidity and serenity, on the other hand he is the symbol of all that is terrible. He holds the great serpent on his head and on his forehead crescent Chandra with his sweet-soft light. He is at the same time the most peaceful and also the most terrible. And in all these are to be traced the intrinsic characteristics of Ardra. Superficially, on the surface of it, Ardra stands for suffering, hardness, cruelty, murder, prison, theft, adultery etc. The root characteristic is oppression-in order to purify. All male kidney trouble and connected urethral disease comes within the jurisdiction of Ardra; so also uterine diseases of the female(Child troubles). The skull of kalapurush and hair on it.
Those born in the Ardra star are soft, stable minded, strong, earning by sacrifice, afflicted by sickness, fear and angry. They suffer due to hunger, hard bodied, lovable, forget the help rendered by others, experts in trade and commerce, cruel, having many relatives, ill advisers and hate all. Those born in Ardra are with pride, of lower levels and do jobs which are forbidden. They are bereft of money and corns. Such people are poets, little-learned, longlived, and little interested in things.
Those born in the fourth pada are great people, intelligent, enjoyers, monied, learned in the Vedas, religious, happy, long lived and endowed with many and children, loved by people and relatives, They are truthful and affectionate to their mothers.
Kindly make remedies,put one five mukhee rudraksha in milk at night and before morning tea drink that milk,it will continue up to 43 days.after removing from milk,wash that rudraksha by fresh water,any redry by the sun rays.
Second remedies is pick 10 nos.Baadaam,on Saturday and go to nearest Temple,put 10 Baadaam in the feet of image,in temple,then pick back five Baadam and put in white cloth,come back home,put that Baadaam in safe place for full life.