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12-02-2006, 08:46 PM
About 4 months ago I lost feeling and power in four of my fingers, 2 in each hand - the little finger and the one next to it. With time, my arms have become somewhat swollen, I have neck and upper back pain and rigidity.
Last week I've had unspeakable headaches, with an immense amount of pressure inside my skull. I hardly got out of bed.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and realized the right side of my body is numb. This morning the numbness in my face has increased and is a bit swollen.

Doctors did a lot of tests on me. They all came back clean.

Anyway, I believe this medical issues are caused by Uranus sitting on the 6th house cusp. It was there when this first started, it was retrograde and left it for a while - but now it's direct again and it came back to the 6th house cusp.
Do you think this is what's causing these new developments?
I also think the fact my 6th house is Pisces is causing the unknown aspect of it.

If anyone could take a moment to look at my chart and tell me what he thinks about it regrading medical issues, recovery and transits, I'd be much obliged.

This is my map with the transits to the day I lost feeling in the right side of my body:


12-02-2006, 10:56 PM
hi rubella
you said the first symptoms were about 4 months ago,there were some nasty midpoint semi-squares to your uranus.a saturn/chiron and jupiter semi-square.recently there was a pluto/venus midpoint transitting your saturn /uranus midpoint.he symptoms of preassure in the skull fit the nature of saturn/uranus well.with the uranus,i think of energy or electrical imbalanced.i would suggest accupucture to try to balance your energies.as saturn rules the bones you might also try a chiropractor.

12-05-2006, 01:01 PM
Hi Rubella,
Your mention of losing all feeling and numbness caught my attention because I experienced the same in my toes when transiting Black Moon Lilith conjoined my natal Neptune (ruler of the feet!) in Libra. Feeling returned when the conjunction was out of orb.

Transiting Uranus crossed your Placidus 6th house cusp in mid-May of this year. Tansiting BML crossed the 12th house cusp on 1st June to exactly oppose Uranus a few days later. Did anything happen a few months earlier, when both squared natal Mars, that made you 'turn off feeling.' I ask because not only do we share Moon in Capricorn that tends to make us hold on to our feelings instead of expressing them, but you also have natal BML in Cancer as well, which could act to make you deny any sensation of feeling within you as if you didn't care, when really you do. (There *is* a difference if you think about it;) ). Tr. BML went on to oppose natal 6th house Venus in Pisces end September. Did anything occur to coincide with this period, in which a longing you nurtured didn't physically manifest and gave you a sense of worthlessness, or the senselessness of everything undertaken? Facial issues? What aren't you willing to admit to yourself and face?
Transiting Uranus is still within orb square natal Mars (ruler Aries of natal Sun) again. Lots of unexpressed anger at a sudden change still burning inside, causing headaches?
I strongly believe in psychomatic disorders, so if you're turning off feeling, you're also turning off the feeling sensations at work within your body, and the functions within you represented by the planets will begin to work inwards instead of outwards.

The back/neck/rigidity sounds all the world like the influence from the recent transiting grand cross in the fixed signs. Your sec. progr. Sun (back issues) is in Taurus (neck) and will have fallen prey to this grand cross. So you might ask yourself what you are keeping a 'stiff resistance' to. Transiting Neptune, ruler 6th house, is trining natal Chiron. You can let go of an inner pain if you really want to, and you'll be all the better for it.
You need to watch out how you treat your sacrifical Venus.....and especially allow it to be treated,...... as it is also ruler of your Ascending sign and paramount to your good health! There are more medically experienced persons on this board who can tell you what poisons and toxins can do to healthy kidneys and/or 'beautiful skin' ( ruled by Libra) and how this can be avoided. Don't forget to love yourself once in a while.;)


12-30-2006, 01:19 PM
Rubella, numbness in the 4th and 5th finger is connected to the ulnar nerve which comes from the neck and through the thoracic outlet. An EMG should show show this but may not in the early stages. I say this because I have an ongoing issue with both arms/hands. There is numbness and tingling in both but the EMG only shows problem with right. The problem may come from where the nerve passes through the thoracic area or can be impinged somewhere else, such as the elbow area. Leaning on the elbow can cause or aggrivate it. Ulnar means elbow, by the way. The median nerve feeds the inside of the 4th finger and the other 3. Problems here are usually diagnosed as carpel tunnel syndrome. The 4th and 5th finger are the 4th and 5th meridians. I need to learn more about this. I would look at the throat, heart or solar plexus chakra, depending on where the problem begins.

Mercury rules the nerves. Jupiter would expand and exagerate their sensitivity sensitivity. Jupiter rules your 3rd, arms, hands and nerves. I would look at this more as a 12th house issue with Uranus opposing what is causing a long term problem. Perhaps the work you do. Are you female? Women's bodies are not constructed to do a lot of forceful agressive physical labor with the upper body. We have a lot of weight put out front with the breasts that stress the neck and shoulders and thoracic outlet syndrome can occur because of this. I'm sure that is what is going on with me. I was working in a machine shop. One of my jobs involved using a WWII era manual lathe 10 hours a day that took over 50# of pressure to thrust the clutch toward the left into the locked position. I'm only 5'2" so that was a problem with the jobs they had me doing.

Mercury and Jupiter are in the area that corresponds to the kidney, lumbar area so chiropropractics may be beneficial if something is out of alignment.

Looking at the transits I think Uranus is going to take away what you no longer need in your daily routine or work environment as Pluto is doing a major overhaul job on Uranus in the 3rd.

With the face involved, I tend to think the problem is coming from the neck and not the elbow area. The 2nd cusp is at a critical degree. Mars is inconjunct in the sign of the nerves opposite the 3rd which would be the reflex point of your arms/hands. I have been noticing over the last year that my left cheek has become sunken while the right remains normal. It looks like I'm starving but I currently have a few extra pounds. The only time I've ever looked like this is when I was my thinnest many years ago. I put weight on and off evenly over my body.

I recently discovered this page http://www.astrologyweekly.com/astrology-articles/chakra-system-charts.php and according to this your node, Jupiter and Mercury are at the brow chakra. What do you make of that? Perhaps this is the key?