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12-01-2006, 04:30 PM
Mars is Doctor and Saturn is Medicine
Mars in Kundali by the Vedic astrology,and also by the Lal-Kitab astrology having values of Doctor.If Mars in the 8th house or in the 6th house,that means Mars will genrate mind in the Medical and surgery line,If there are conectivity with Jupiter and good conectivity that means,it is 100% posible to genrate Doctor.By the Lal-Kitab astrology,Mars have two parts,1st is Good Mars,and 2nd is Bad Mars,When in the birth Chart if Sun and Saturn making conectivity that means there are the position arise like a bad Mars,and if there are sepertate position of both stars,Sun and Saturn,Mars have all the effects of good Mars.The conectivity of Mars by the Vedic astrology make four places,1,4,7,8,house,and full crual values we can read in 4th and 8th.Saturn also making conectivity with 1,3,7,10,Houses,crualty of Saturn is making very bad effects in 10th house.
If Mars genrate any desease,that belongs to from 1st house,related to blood,from 2nd related to physical health,and more and more operations,in 3rd house minor accedents,in 4th house operations and accedents by vehicals,5th stomch related operations,6th throught and neck,nose operations,7th sexual organs disturbed,8th bleedings from genrations organs,9th back bones operations,10th heart deseases,and operations,11th hands and feet,and 12th head enjoury.If there are making conectivity with Rahu or Ketu that means no chances to make good for the pecents.There are more than 1000's deseases genrated by the Combinations of Mars and Satrun,both are the Gods of Death.

Ramendra Singh Bhadauria

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