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Shining Ray
11-29-2006, 07:13 PM
My baby and I have come down with a nasty stomach bug. I was wondering if this illness would show in my transits. The only thing I can see is Uranus opposed my Saturn. Uranus rules my 6th house, Saturn is in 1st/Virgo which relates to physical body and Health. My Saturn natally in my chart rules the 5th house of children and opposes Sun which also rules children. Do you think this is what has caused our stomach bug Virgo relates to the stomach I think. Or are there minor transits which can explain this bug I have been brought down with.

Here is my chart below with the transits:

http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/1791/nastystomachbugqr8.gif (http://imageshack.us)

11-29-2006, 08:20 PM
Hi Shining Ray!:)

I've been viewing your transits and saw several things:

- Node North over South Node and South Node over North Node, we can say this is a great indicator of punishment. Bieng over the Virgo - Pisces axis, show's in a medical point of view, as disorders related to virgo ( stomach, belly, intenstines, parasites, bugs, stomach bacteria etc ) and Pisces ( imunity system affected, strange diagnostic, bacteria etc ).
The Nodes also affects your Moon radix, which means the same affection you have is also shared by your child.
At this point that we reprezented above, we need to keep to note about Virgo/Pisces as we explian further.
Neptune radix is the apex of the T-Square which formed by the nodes in transits as well the ones on natal which are reversed, shows a strange weakness of the imunity system provoked by foreign speciment ( the bug, and foreign reprezented by Sagitaurrius ).

- In your Transits, Saturn in 12th house show's problems into unknown and unexpected circumstances, Saturn Radix bieng in Virgo, show's the type of it, that we said above. Chiron 5th squares Chiron 9th, shows something is wrong whit the child.
The problem could of came much more earlier then you expected, since Lilith transits the Virgo ( 22 january 2006 Black Moon Lilith enters Virgo), which is reputated to give bad things related to health, it was also your 1st house ( double indicating for you ). When I add Sesquiquadrates and semi-squares, I see in your transits some sort of configuration of an Malefic Kite ( explination is that is formed by 2 Sesquiquadrates, 2 semi-squares, 1 opposition and 1 square ), bieng involved by the Nodes ( radix and transits ), Chirons ( radix and transits ) and the moon... I say this configuration as bieng the most clear evidence that you share the same medical affection as your child ( still affected by Virgo/Pisces axis ).

The Malefic Kite configuration:

http://img161.imageshack.us/img161/7066/evilkitebewaresq6.png (http://imageshack.us)

As you can see this is your chart whit transits whit the strange kite configuration. Juno and Mercury is ivolved as well. Mercury the ruler of your ASC can show it's virgorian problems. Juno indicates problems similar to the one's Venus/Libra/Taurus has and can show stomach pains or affections to it. Moon bieng there triggers and activates it, while reprezentating when you became more aware of it's problems and how to solve it.

Shining Ray
11-30-2006, 09:08 AM
Thank you Betelguese :)

Thanks for looking at my transits. My child got the bug before me and then I caught it. With the Bug mostly upsetting my stomach, and all the afflictions over my Virgo/Pisces I can see in the chart how this was brought on. I didn't know my t.chiron was squaring my natal chiron this would explain my child getting ill as well as with the nodes affecting the Moon radix.

I am usually vulnerable to bugs and I really suffer when I get them and get really weak and it seems to take longer to recover. Probably doesn't help have Saturn in Virgo/1st all health related.