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franklin taylor
11-17-2006, 06:15 PM
Hello All,
I have been going over my father's death and seeing how many congruities are present in his Natal/progressed Chart,combining with Solar Arcs as well. Using the Astrodeinst program, and the link to Arabic Parts questioning a parents death. I first compiled the Arabic information which for a "parent PM death". You used the degrees of Ascendant + Saturn - Jupiter. Using my father's data it came up with Libra 26 degrees 10 minutes.
Next I pulled up his chart using Astrodienst options for Natal, Progressed, and Solar Arc Chart progressed from birth to the date of death. In the Solar Arc part, his Solar Arc Vertex, a very sensitive point medically speaking, was at 26 degrees, 50 minutes Libra only 40 minutes off the Arabic Part. The solar arc of Neptune was at 29 38 of Libra as well. My father had been convinced by someone, decieved being a better word for it, that he no longer needed to take his insulin. He had not taken it for more than a month before dying suddenly from a diabetic stroke/ heart attack which caused almost sudden instant death.
Progressed Saturn and his Natal Saturn were in just under 10 seconds off perfect conjunction in 11 degrees Capricorn. Also, both being in the 'things hidden' 12th house. I feel this may have possibly set up the year for a marked increase of the risk for death maybe, but that is just my opinion. Progressed Neptune was in near perfect conjunction with Natal Neptune both being at only 39 minutes apart from that perfect conjunction at 1 degrees Virgo. Progressed and Solar Arc of the Moon were only 15 minutes apart at 20 degrees Aquarius. His Natal Vertex was in Leo, and he had had hypertension from a heart defect caused by having a severe case of Whooping Cough as a child. He had almost life long high blood pressure that wasn't under any sort of treatment until he was in his forties. He'd gotten "4-F 'ed" at the Korean War draft because of it. I don't know exactly what all this translates to, but seem really strange for it all in be conjuncting at such a critcal time of one's life.
I am sure there are others not so suspicious or obvious. He was having a terrible time facing up to his diabetes another Neptunian attitude. Needless to say avoiding blood pressure medecine for three quarters of his life. I feel that Neptune to a great extent, Saturn and those transiting Planets to a degree, and the Vertex point Solar Arc/ Natal chart location helped determine the death of my father. Transiting Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn were in fairly close conjunction of his Natal Saturn in Capricorn as well. He would have had Saturn transit his Natal Saturn point twice that year had he lived another month or two for it went Retrograde earlier that year (1989), after passing the point and had regressed, but now it was coming back. He was only 59.
He literally hated and feared Doctors for some reason. Might be the natal 12th house Saturn maybe. He didn't seem to fear anything else, but expressing tender feelings of any kind it seemed I guess, but I spoke of that on another thread. Just more inner tensions degrading his health further is a safe assumption.
Someone might want to pull up a Chart in this fashion and see how many, if any, similiarities of conjunctions surrounding the death of someone they would have interest in knowing about. Individual deaths probably have differing planets involve depending on the circumstances of the death, and the psyche of the deceased one.
Strange, I am talking about Neptune so much today but with it as my chart ruler, and natally in the Sign Scorpio, I am destined, supposedly, LOL, to be of a generation of people preoccupied with Sex and Death both of Scorpio concerns. We are the ones who made Horror movies a big to do. What's almost always on them ....Sex and certainly Death. LOL
Take Care