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03-14-2011, 03:00 PM
With astro.com's simple chart delineation, Pluto and Saturn are my most dominant planets, which I don't disagree on. But it seems like the angles in a chart aren't taken into account, and I have Uranus and Neptune conjunct my ascendant.
According to astro.com, the Sun would be my third most dominant planet, but I feel that maybe Uranus is more apparent.

This is only important because I plan on getting a tattoo with the symbols of my 3 most dominant planets, and I'd like to hear opinions before I make a decision like this.

I'll point out some other Uranian influence:
Uranus conjunct Venus
Ruler of my asc in Aquarius and my 1st house (Aquarius is also intercepted)

Also, I'm not sure how significant Neptune's influence is in my chart. It's also conjunct Venus and is in my 12th house.

dr. farr
03-15-2011, 04:15 AM
Depends upon whether one is following the Modernist or traditionalist delineative approach:

-in Modernist, Uranus would be top planet because, although it is disposited by Saturn (ruler of Capricorn), Saturn is ultimately disposited by Uranus because it is posited in Aquarius (which is ruled by Uranus according to Modernist doctrine): close to Uranus would be Pluto, in its own (Modernist) rulership (of Scorpio) near the MC and dispositing Sun ; third would be Jupiter (high in chart, disposits Mercury which disposits Moon which disposits Mars)

-a quite different top 3 comes out in Traditionalist: Saturn is top planet (disposits Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Saturn being in its own=traditional- rulership of Aquarius); Jupiter comes in second spot; possibly Neptune (being on the ascendant) coming in third.

Which makes most sense to you? Then THAT is your answer!