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Amy Vir Sn Ari Mn Pis Ris
10-20-2010, 03:06 AM
I know a person who has broken every toe in their foot. They have Saturn in Pisces. Is it sometimes JUST that simple...what do you think?

Would Mars in Libra also mean somebody who actively pursues time with art?

I know a man with Mars in Cancer...and he operates on children.

Would Saturn in Libra be somebody who thinks relationships are the most important thing in their lives? Or worthy of predominant focus?

I'm talking about looking at the planets/luminaries and JUST their sign placements....not aspects...nothing else.

My Saturn is in Scorpio. Would that mean long lived? (My paternal grandmother lived to be 98.....living in her own home ALONE til 6 months before she died. My maternal great grandmother lived to be 102. So longevity does run on both sides of my family. I also realize that our lifestyles have drastically changed over the years with folks living sedentary lives to their detriments in many cases.) Or perhaps it could mean difficulty with bowel activity in later years? Thankfully I work in the medical field and know how to prevent those kinda difficulties. lol.

But I have a typically over curious, over thinking Mercury in Virgo. lol.
And sometimes I just want to simplify my thinking.

What's your imput?

10-21-2010, 05:55 AM
I think you're being too general with your interpretations.