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Lion o ness
08-05-2010, 06:52 PM
Composite Moon Conjunct Pluto:

The fate of this relationship will hinge upon how well the two of you can handle the depths of feeling
and the level of emotional intensity that you will evoke in one another. Powerful feelings of
attachment and neediness and dependency on one or both of your parts will arise, and you could
become incredibly close... or overwhelmed by such feelings. A strong desire for children (whether or
not such desires can be fulfilled in the context of your relationship and/or other life plans) is also a
significant issue.
This will not be a superficial encounter! A certain intensity, which at times may feel impulsive or
irresistible, infuses your bond. Along with this there is prone to be a lot of probing, soul searching,
and deep analysis going on. Many irrational, childish emotions and needs are stimulated between you,
which you'll have to delve deeply into in order to understand!
One of the purposes of your coming together is to dredge up unresolved emotional business and
psychic blockages, in order to understand, heal, and ultimately be free of them.

Composite Venus Opposition Pluto:

The two of you are compelled to come together by powerful and largely unconscious
forces. You may meet or become close under particularly fateful and difficult
circumstances, such as during a personal crisis or some mutual loss, which gives your
relationship an intensity and depth that few other relationships could compare to. The
emotions that will surface between you two will be extreme. You could easily become
obsessed, with one of you playing the pursuer and the other much more reluctant but unable
somehow to resist. The feeling is something like being under a spell, deeply and irresistibly attracted
but somewhat against your conscious will or better judgment.
One of the purposes of this relationship is to completely transform your attitudes toward love and
relationship. The fire between you can purify your motivations and your experience of love, but it can
also burn you badly. In either case, you will certainly learn deep truths about yourselves through
your interactions.

Moon Conjunct Pluto:

In this relationship expression of your feelings can change your life, as they run deep
and are very powerful. You must be aware of the emotional currents within this
relationship or they could be destructive. At times of stress it may be helpful to work
with a therapist or counselor to gain better understanding of yourselves. The person
who is the more receptive partner may identify much more with this intense
emotional component.

Moon Opposition Venus:

You like to express your love for each other and may care for others too, within your
personal relationship. You have so much love to give that everyone will definitely
benefit. You feel comfortable with those who share your taste in beauty and art. The
person who is the more receptive partner may identify much more with this love of

Venus Opposition Pluto:

You love each other very intensely and intimately. Your desire to be with each other
may be overwhelming at times and it is important to honor each other's individual
need for empowerment. This relationship will also change you both at a very core
level, so the power may tend to have you swinging between the extremes of intense
love and control issues. It would be helpful to maintain a focus on loving and letting
go whilst in this relationship and this will automatically support your partner in their
individual power.