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05-26-2010, 08:26 AM
I thought I might start a new thread regarding the solar eclipses in 2010.
One eclipse already took place on 15 January at 25 degrees Capricorn. This eclipse was in a tight conjunction with Venus and the North Node - it actually belongs to a North Node Saro Series. Bernadette Brady says about this series as "bringing opportunities by taking greater responsibilities". It is an annular eclipse and the longest in our millennium.
Another eclipse is going to happen on 11 July at 19 degrees Cancer and this eclipse is in a tight conjunct with Juno - the marriage asteroid.
Some astrologers say that if you're not in the area where the eclipse is visible it won't affect you. But I've noticed that during the years I was affected by all the solar eclipses regardless of where I was. Now, some people are more sensitive to eclipses and some are not even affected by them so I can't really tell.
Many even say that the effect of an eclipse is felt up to 6 months after it occurs but in my case I was affected even after 9 months after it happened. Of course the eclipse was more powerful when it conjuncted one of my natal planets or points.

Here are some notes I took about the solar eclipses which affected me in the past years:
- when my third and ninth houses were affected by eclipses, I emigrated to a country in which I spent 6 years and I had a deep shock to find out that I had 4 brothers whom I didn't know they existed. this was triggered by Jupiter's transit.
- when my fourth and tenth houses were affected, I changed my career and changed homes lots of times. no transit triggered the events.
- when my sixth house was affected by a solar eclipse, my health deteriorated a lot, I was even forced to lay in bed for 2 months without moving. no transit triggered the events.
- when my second and eight houses were affected by solar eclipses, I took very easily a loan from the bank in the time of economical crisis. One of the eclipses was conjunct my natal Jupiter in the eight house. Money came very easily and after I realized that maybe I took more than what I should have taken. was triggered by Jupiter's transit.

This year's solar eclipses are very meaningful to me since the January eclipse is in a tight conjunction with my natal Moon in the seventh house and opposing my natal ASC. The July eclipse is in a tight conjunction with my ASC. Till now nothing significant happened apart from the fact that my personality started to change. But will keep posted if something drastic happens :lol:.
With a lot of horror I noticed that many Cancer and Capricorn rising friends of mine either got married this year or started to plan to get married. I hope this is just a coincidence and is not triggered by the solar eclipses since I would like to start thinking about marriage maybe only after 5 years.

What were your experiences with solar eclipses this year or in the past years? I'm very interested if anyone of you experienced solar eclipses affecting the ASC or DSC, like in my case this year.

05-26-2010, 11:05 AM
More notes:
- one year when a solar eclipse was conjunct my natal Sun, Mercury, Chiron in the 12 house my life changed completely and I found a new path to follow. That year I had a lot of hidden issues which eventually lead me to a lot of success and gave me the new path I found.
- another year when a solar eclipse was conjunct my natal Vertex my life was completely transformed.
- another year when a solar eclipse was conjunct my natal Juno I got engaged.
- a friend of mine found a great love the year a solar eclipse fell in her 5th house.
- another friend of mine got a great job when a solar eclipse fell in her 6th house.

07-06-2010, 03:58 AM
this one will fall in my 7th house can't imagine what it will do. The lunar eclipse cut-off communication between me & my sis. I'm sure it is temporary.

07-11-2010, 06:06 AM
Anyone have any experiences with solar eclipse in their 8th house?