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If Pluto is not connected to the 6th house or its ruler by aspect,OR it finds expressional release through the Ascending sign, it may not even configure in disease problems. But IF it does, Pluto is generally considered to refer to degenerative disease, cell destruction, removal of physical matter of the body that 'dies', amputation and replacement of limbs. It also rules the final end of the secretion system, the colon. Some astrologers place the sexual reproductive organs under its rulership.

It is interesting at the square of Pluto to itself to see a development of disease in the region of the body assigned to the sign Pluto is in. It seems that lung diseases (Pluto in Gemini), breast/cervical Cancer (Pluto in Cancer), heart disease ( Pluto in Leo) are no longer top of the lists as medical science has improved sufficiently to eliminate their deathly toll. Skin diseases and cancers, intestinal cancer (Pluto in Virgo), now curable, are becoming more predominant.

To make sure Pluto never gets a hold on the body, use its function in the manner intended, according to sign and house.


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Do you think that somebody with Virgo Ascendant +Pluto square Asc has more chance to have sickness caused by Pluto even though 6th or ruler of 6th is not concerned at all? Jag

No, because Pluto, or any other planet for that matter, doesn't "cause" sickness. Pluto has much to do with our unconscious emotional attitudes, which must become conscious in order for us to deal with them. This often provides Pluto's greatest gift; the power of will to overcome.

For Pluto to square Virgo Ascendant, it has to be in Gemini or Sagittarius (or late Scorpio for an out of sign square if an early Asc. rising). The Pluto in Gemini generation are all over 80, so any degeneration at this time would most likely be the consequence of natural causes. So, I am wondering if you are concerned about the horoscope chart of a child born with Pluto in Sag. (or late Scorpio) square the Ascendant. This would place Pluto in the 3rd or 4th house, with Pluto possibly ruling the 3rd house. Mercury rules the Ascendant and Mercury is also associated with family relationships. Are you thinking in terms of inherited disease? Without more chart information to go on, it's all guesswork and very little can be said.


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I have Saturn, Pluto, and the Moon conjunct in my Leo 6th house, and have had tr. Saturn in my 6th house for a little while now, with it about to conjunct my Moon next week. We will be relocating to San Francisco next week, after 12 years in New Mexico. Over the course of my life, after being sick alot as a kid, esp. with chronic bronchitis that I am convinced had an emotional component to it, I have learned to eat healthily for my body type, fitness has been a regular part of my life since the age of 26(now 59), and I have gone through intensive emotional spiritual work. It was said somewhere that sometimes Pluto acts through the opposite house that it is situated in. In my case that is correct, as there were hidden, 12th house issues to be dealt with. I am currently very healthy, and will hopefully be catching up with some dental work not long after I move. With Pluto in 6th, it means that either work or health(or both)gets to be regenerated in some way, and also it can indicate a healing profession, or at the very least a strong orientation towards alternative medicine. Again, correct for me as I am highly sensitive to regular medications and de-natured food.
DOB if anyone cares to comment on this:
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here is the chart of the child that i am concerned. http://www.astro.com/cgi/showgif.cgi?lang=e&gif=achart_u6kfiletealSg-u1136326615.51982.27569.gif&res=63&va=

you are right that she has Pluto at IC square ascendant: but contrary to the inherited disease i tend to think of a natual manifestation against his young parents high-tentional conjungal problems: the child has high leucocyte rate since 6 months old and this continues when she is already more than 1 year old today. (Nothing has indicated her possibility of getting a leukemia though.) But is it possible that the plutonien power can be shown at this young age? i feel rather puzzled. if you can help to explain. thanks Jag:)

Hi again,
I saw your reply late yesterday evening but was too tired in thought to respond. Although the 24 hour image of the chart is no longer available through Astro.com., I remember some important positions.

There are various forms of leukemia. I was taught that Uranus has rulership over the disease. My Astrology and Health book agrees, adding that Aquarius configues in one type and a Moon-Neptune in the other. Another book adds the influence of Jupiter-Saturn in the over production of white blood cells against healthy red ones.
I remember that the chart places Aquarius on the 6th house cusp and Uranus is in the 6th house. Mercury rules the Ascending sign. There is also a Moon-Neptune conjunction in the 5th house ?
There are certain aspects that show a predisposition towards disease. 45 and 135 degr. are often stronger and more significant than a square, inconjunct and opposition that desire some sort of action taken. The minor aspects dither a bit ! However, it does NOT mean that the disease will manifest. Looking on the very bright side, with Uranus in Pisces it need not become a medical problem and could vanish into thin air ;).

I remember that Mercury-Uranus as well as Mercury- Pluto were adversely aspected. Astro.com added a sextile between Neptune and Pluto that seemed to take in too large an orb. There was a T-square in the CARDINAL signs, involving Mars and Jupiter ( in 1st?). Mars has rulership over the blood. It also rules the 8th house, associated with life/death situations, surgery, and 'other people's values' . Jupiter rules health in general and is also ruler of Sagittarius (and Pisces, traditionally) in which Pluto is placed. That is one big health pattern theme, don't you think ?

So, what is Pluto's role in this?
I agree totally with you that babies pick up on their mother's emotional attitudes in pregnancy and as youngsters. China is undergoing a cultural revolution that typifies Pluto's transit in Sagittarius. Obedience and servitude to an over-ruling power is being replaced by self individualisation and awareness of forming and living by one's own beliefs and opinions. What the mother may be trying to change in herself is actually 'IN' and part of the child. You could think of the Virgo Ascendant as the mirror of experiences that makes the child think, "Not for me" , whereby it needs to totally revolutionise its thought patterns ( Mercury-Pluto) that are influenced by the parental behaviour (and later others) going on around it.... the other people's values above?
If there are problems in the parental relationship, the child may inwardly feel unwanted ( I work with Black Moon Lilith. It is conjunct natal Sun), OR, at least that it isn't getting the attention it needs because its mother and/or parents are involved with other things considered of more importance (Moon -Neptune in 5th) than itself. Does it exist as a human being with feelings of its own to them ? How can it show it? A lot of inner anger that cannot be outwardly spoken except through action that, itself, seems a terrorisation of its parents? Its inner warriors (red blood cells) fighting against stronger white ones trying to take over control? ( Imagination helps a lot here:)).
Pluto is the willpower in the child to survive and overcome the effect of its 4th house heritage and surroundings, rather than succumb to it. It is something to praise, not to fear. It is the making of someone to be who they are.

Pluto in the 4th house can be indicative of being uprooted at some stage, to transplant elsewhere. In Sagittarius, this could be far from place of birth.

Hope this may offer some guidance.

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I have pluto in the 6th and had rather minimal health problems. I have only had one operation, to remove tonsils when I was 5, broke my hand at 15 and I have the ongoing problem eczema but that's about it for major problems.

Otherwise, the only other way that I can interpret my plutonic location is that I am able to fanatically concentrate on work when I need to and I am able to see through people at work.

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When I was 10 years old,trPluto squared my natal Moon.I was covered with warts:about 40 in my face around my lips,and a lot of them on my hands.It was cured in a natural way,there was a kind of plant and I used the juice out of the stem;within a week all the warts had gone...